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August 4, 2010

iPhone 4 High Resolution Images for Designers

I needed iPhone 4 High resolution images for a design work. But I didn't find any ready made high resolution iPhone pictures on the internet, even at Apple website, So I google it and find few images from here, here and here, then I imported these images into Photoshop and did a little re-touch and completed my task. Then I thought these HR images might be usefull for other designers too, so I am presenting it here. These pictures are in PNG format with a transparent background and absolutely no watermark at all. Apple's latest logo is also provided.

Another source is also providing iPhone HR images in Vector format but it didn't helped me, may be it becomes useful for you. It is available here. If you like this work please comment below.
iPhone 4 - 1465 x 2160 pixels

iPhone 4 Side by Side - 1502 x 1908

iPhone 4 Front only - 1106 x 1930
You can get even more Higher Quality iPhone images from Apple's website.

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