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January 29, 2011

Nokia Mobile Phone Prices in Pakistan January 2011

Nokia Logo
Here are the prices of latest Nokia Mobile Phones available in Pakistan. You might find a 3 % differance between actual market prices. These prices might give you an idea of the Pakistan mobile phone market. market.

I hope you will find these mobile prices useful. I am thankful for my friend Faheem for getting these prices for me.

NOKIA 1280
Rs  2200
NOKIA 1616
Rs  2300
NOKIA 1800
Rs  2550
NOKIA 2220
Rs  4550
NOKIA 2330
Rs  4400
NOKIA 2690
Rs  5200
NOKIA 2700
Rs  6900
NOKIA 2710
Rs  9900
NOKIA 5030
Rs  3150
NOKIA 5230
Rs  13600
NOKIA 5233
Rs  11800
NOKIA 5250
Rs  10900

January 25, 2011

iPhone 4 vs HTC Desire HD Comparison Chart

I am not a mobile review writer by the way. But on 2 of my blog reader's request I am going to write a specification comparison of HTC Desire HD and iPhone 4. As I wrote a comparison post for HTC HD2 and HTC Desire few months ago on my other blog, a lot of people asking me to review latest smartphones. So here it is.

Apple is a famous legendray brand specially in Europe, Candada and USA. It has thousands of users, But what I feel is every apple products got a lot of short comings that they fix in their every new release.

HTC is a leader in Mobile Phone/ Smart Phone manufacturing. I didn't use too many HTC models but still I feel it is lot batter than other brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and even Apple. HTC Smartphones are not cheaper, they are highly expensive and considerd to be a product for VIP only.

HTC Desire HD
 iPhone 4

January 12, 2011

Smartphones Prices in Saudi Arabia

Please note the latest prices from Nasa Smart Devices.

HTC: Windows Phone Operating System

#Smartphone ModelPrice in Saudi Riyals
1HTC HD73299 SR
2HTC 7 Mozart2999 SR
3HTC HD22490 SR
4HTC HD mini1599 SR
5HTC Viva850 SR


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