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September 25, 2012

Saudis take to mobile repairing in Riyadh

A Saudi customer is served in a mobile shop at a market in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - AP Photo

Expatriates have for many years been the ones running mobile phone repair shops in Saudi Arabia, but now in Riyadh one can find Saudis managing many shops and reaping a portion of the business’s massive profits.

These service shops do not include extensive repairs, but services like helping customers with installing programs, opening accounts online — such as Google, iTunes and others — as well as upgrading mobile phone’s software, transferring mobile data (contacts, multimedia messages and other files) and downloading and installing games.

According to them, they earn an average SR 7,000 per month or more. These young Saudis do not have qualifications, but have acquired their skills by experience.

There is a strong demand for smartphone applications and maintenance. Most customers request services related to smartphone applications, especially chat and music apps.

“Workers in this field have to be honest and have integrity to preserve costumer’s information and privacy,” said Ali Al-Kuraidis, who owns and works in one of the shops. “Currently expatriates constitute 70 percent of those working in the field.”

Sami Al-Ashqar, an 18-year-old who works in one of the shops, said he entered the field because of his childhood passion for technology, as well as the field’s profitability.

“Since I was 16, I have supported myself completely without my father’s support,” he said. When he started out, he worked in a mobile shop making SR 1,500 a month.

Report by Arabnews

September 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 with Free 10GB Internet

eXtra is now offering Samsung Galaxy S3 with 10GB Free Internet. 10GB Data Bundle can be activated via STC's Sim card that is valid for 3 Months from start of activation date.

eXtra is also offering Samsung Galaxy S3 in 3 Available colors that are White, Blue and Ceramic White. Galaxy S3 is available in just 2199 Saudi Riyals in any of available colors. You can avail this offer from any of eXtra's branches in Saudi Arabia from below cities.

Abha, Buraida, Jeddah, Riyadh, Makkah, Madina,  Taif, Tabuk, Jizzan, Jubail, Sakaka, Yanbu, Al-Khirj, Hafr al batin and Najran.

So Hurry up and get benefit from this hot offer. For more offers keep visiting Saudi Telecom News.

September 21, 2012

Saudi National Day 23 September Car Make Over

Now all the people who love Saudi Arabia if you want to get your car decorated with a beautiful Saudi Arabian National day message or Saudi Flag, you can do it easily. A local car decorator is offering the below make over in Just 150 Saudi Riyal, it is a plastic cover that can be fixed on Car Hood, Car Mirrors, Patrol cover and two flags that will be installed at the back side of car. Later on after the celebration day you can easily remove it, because it is not a spray, not a sticker or paint. It can be easily remove without doing any harm to car paint. Its installation is very quick and it will hardly take few minutes. Below is a picture showing how it will look like on your car. So hurry up, install this cover and show your love with Saudi Arabia on the streets.

New iPad Prices in Saudi Arabia September 2012

The new iPad3 is one of the favorite Tablet PC in Saudi Arabia these days because of its so many features, amazing touchscreen and bright display. There are huge sales recorded everyday at shopping malls and electronic super stores in Saudi Arabia. There are many stores offering Apple's products including iPhone 4S and iPad3.

iPad3 4G Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad3 4G 16GB: SAR 2349
  • iPad3 4G 32GB: SAR 2999
  • iPad3 4G 64GB: SAR 3399

iPad3 Wi-Fi Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad3 WiFi 16GB: SAR 1999
  • iPad3 WiFi 32GB: SAR 2499
  • iPad3 WiFi 64GB: SAR 2899

iPad2 3G Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad2 3G 16GB: SAR 2099
  • iPad2 3G 32GB: SAR  will be updated soon.
  • iPad2 3G 64GB: SAR 1900

iPad2 Wi-Fi Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad2 WiFi 16GB: SAR 1599
  • iPad2 WiFi 32GB: SAR 2229
  • iPad2 WiFi 64GB: will be updated soon.

September 18, 2012

Samsung Attack on iPhone 5 and Reply from Apple Fans

Recently in a Print Advertisment Samsung targeted Apple's iPhone 5 Features and compared it with there best player Galaxy S3. The advertisement was published in a USA's newspapers few days ago. The purpose of this ad was probabally to show weak points of iPhone 5 and raise the powerful points of Galaxy S3. The ad says "It doesn't take a geniuos" and “The next big thing is already here.” Actually it was a bold move from samsung against apple to directly comparing their product with Samsung's product.

Advertisement from Samsung

September 17, 2012

15 Best Features of iPhone 5 that can beat Galaxy S3

No doubt Apple's recently launched iPhone 5 is one of the best smartphone with outstanding features and amazing sleek design that no Smartphone manufacture could think of. iPhone 5 is a package of outstanding hardware and software that beats most of today's best smartphones. Earlier with the launch of Galaxy SIII, its manufacturer Samsung claimed that "The next big Thing is already here". However this statement is not as much convincing as it should be. There are a lot of things which Samsung still has to improve in their best player S3.

For instance iPhone 5 has much better pixel density than Galaxy S3. iPhone 5 is lighter and can be carried easily as compared to S3. It has higher download speed, it has more internal storage, it has dedicated camera button, it has less start-up delay and it is equipped with 3 microphones for better voice reception. And what I really love about iPhone 5 is that it has better body construction that uses aluminium instead of Cheap plastic of Galaxy S3. Take a look at the detailed comparison chart of iPhone5 vs GalaxyS3 below.

Features iPhone 5 Galaxy S3
Higher Pixel Density 326 ppi pixel density 306 ppi pixel density
Light Weight 114g 133g
Higher Download Speed Up to 100MBPS over LTE Up to 21MBPS over HSDPA
More Internal Storage Up to 64GB Up to 32GB
Wide Aperture f/2.4 f/2.6
Dedicated Camera Button Yes No
Less Startup Delay 0.84 0.99
Shorter in Size 123.8mm 136.6mm
Less in Volume 55.1 cm3 82.9 cm3
Thinner 7.6mm 8.6mm
Narrower 58.6mm 70.6mm
3 Microphones Yes No
Direct OS updates by vendor Yes No
More Apps Available 425,000 apps 400,000 apps
Better Body Construction Almunium Body Plastic Body

For more comparison of iPhone 5 keep visiting Saudi Telecom News.

September 16, 2012

Mobile Trend Arabic Magazine September 2012 Issue Free Download

Mobile Trend is best Arabic Magazine in Middle East for Telecom News and Smartphones. I already posted few issues of this magazine free to download at Saudi Telecom News. Here I brought for you Issue of September 2012.

Mobile Trend September 2012 has following special articles

  • Nokia's Lumia Mobiles with Windows 8
  • Toshiba's clever Ultrabook reached Middle East
  • LG Manufactured LCD Screens for iPhone 5
  • Sony Xperia SL
  • Vertu Gaming Device
  • Samsung Introduced Big Screen Tablet like iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy Camera

September 15, 2012

iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S3 Features Comparison

iPhone 5 is recently introduced by Apple with best features in today's smartphone world. I published a review of prominent features of iPhone 5 earlier, where you can see a detailed overview of iPhone 5. Here I am gonna show you a short comparison of iPhone 5 Features with Galaxy S3 Features.

You may also find another post on Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S at Saudi Telecom News. The main big differance is iPhone 5's download speed that is up to 100MBPS over LTE. iPhone 5 is light weight than Galaxy S3, it has less body volume and less size than Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple iPhone 5 High Resolution Images

Contact Numbers of Recruiting Agencies in Jeddah

You might think that this post no way relates to the topic of my blog however this is post based on request of one of the friends. It might be a useful post for job seekers as well. This list is posted by Alwarbah International - Overseas Employment Promoters. Which is a Pakistan based recruiting agency helping people in Pakistan to find jobs in overseas. Most favorite countries for Pakistani people these days are Saudi Arabia, UAE, other Gulf countries, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain and USA.

However the list below is only recruiting companies in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. I didn't confirm the telephone numbers and rest of the contact details personally, because it will be a huge mess to call so many recruiting agencies when actually I am not seeking a job. If you try any of the contact details and you got a good service or bad service please comment in the comment box below, Upon your feedback I will update the post accordingly. Soon I will try to publish recruting agency numbers in other cities as well, like Riyadh, Dammam, Khobar, Makkah, Madina, Hail, Yanbu etc.

September 12, 2012

First Look of iPhone 5 and its Specification

Apple's iPhone which is one of the world's favorite smartphone has launched its new model iPhone 5 today which is one of the biggest innovation happened with iPhone devices as Apple claimed. It is thinner, lighter and so much more than previous versions of the iPhone. It has most biggest screen among all previous smartphones of its series. A 4 inch Retina Display. The 4 inch Retina screen has a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels with 326 pixels per inch density. Apple didn't join the trend of biggest smartphone screen contest like Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Galaxy Note. They say it is not just bigger but it is just the right screen size a human needs and remain comfortable with that seems eventually true. My personal experience says that smartphones with too big Display size makes them difficult to carry and uncomfortable to use. Although it is more fun to play games and watch movies on bigger screens, but that is a seprate issue.

Another improvement in iPhone 5 is its ultrafast wireless connectivity, data upload and download which is; as per my knowledge fastest download in any available device yet. Apple also added 4G LTE connectivity which doesn't exist in any previous version of the iPhone. The figures are just awesome.

Short Comparison of Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S

22 Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy S3 that are making it better than Apple iPhone 4S

Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S both are brilliant smartphones of today's time. Galaxy S3 has huge fans and lovers as well as iPhone 4S has. There are a lot of people who love brand, not the specification or price. For example Apple lovers would love to buy Apple product without considering how much money they are paying for it, While Samsung lovers will not consider better features of iPhone 4S, rather they will buy a Samsung product.

There are some customers who strictly follow Features and Specification of smart devices, they are not worried about manufacturer and brand, their only consideration is to get best available device in best value. Such type of people love comparisons and read reviews before actually buying the device. This post is for the same type of people.

I got a lot of help from versusio.com in making this post, because they had done a simple, short and to the point comparison of iPhone4S and GalaxyS3.

September 5, 2012

Black Berry Mobile Phones Great Offers September 2012 Saudi Arabia

Black Berry is one of the most Favorite Mobile Phone of Saudi Youth. It has many Features Better than other Mobile Phones. Here is the Great Bundle Offer of Black Berry Mobile Phones, Presented by Jarir Book Store. This Offer is Valid in Saudi Arabia and Valid till Stock Lasts. Here is the more Detail of this Offer. You may also see other Updated Mobile Prices and Special Offers on Mobile Phones at Saudi Telecom News.

Black Berry Curve 9790

Price: 1799 SR + 300 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Curve 9360

Price: 1199 SR + 200 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Curve 8520

Price: 599 SR + 50 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Curve 9320

Price: 899 SR + 100 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Torch 9860

Price: 1099 SR + 100 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Torch 9220

Price: 699 SR + 50 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

September 4, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB Best Low Price Saudi Arabia

The Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB offers enhanced performance, a lovely new display and very good improved design. It also adds many of sorely needed features, both by itself and through the iOS 5 update. Here I Presenting the Best Deal of Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB. This Best Offer is Available at Extra Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia. Extra is also Offering the Free Home Delivery. You may also see Best Samsung Galaxy S3 offer in KSA Yet ,  Apple Tablet PC Prices and other Apple Prices at Saudi Telecom News.

Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB 

Model No : MD235AE-A-TRK
Warranty 1 Year
Memory (internal) 16 GB
Battery Standby 200 to 399 hrs
Screen Size 3.5 inch
Battery Talk Time (hours) 8 to 10 hrs
Camera Resolution 8 to 9.9 MP
CPU Dual-Core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
OS (Operating System) iOS 5
Display Technology LED-backlit LCD,
Touchscreen, 16M colors
TV output, GPRS
Built-in Flash
Bluetooth, USB
Built-in Camera, Wifi, 3G
Games, GPS Navigation
Secondary Camera (video call)
Price: 2399 SR
Before 2699 SR
Now You can Save 258 SR

September 1, 2012

Saudi Arabia LG Optimus Mobile Prices and Specification

Smartphone market is getting wider and wider and opening opportunities for more and more manufacturers to build devices and offer in the market for selling. LG is a remarkable name in electronics products and manufacturing TVs, LCDs, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners and other electronics products. Manufacturing smartphones that are up to current standards is not an easy job, however LG is doing this job in a great way. LG developing many Android smartphone based mobile phones and smartphones. From long time I am publishing mobile prices in saudi arabia. A lot of my blog readers like to see latest mobile with price regularly. Mobile Prices is one of active category at my blog. Basically I am attached to a mobile shop so that it is very easy for me to post recent mobile prices on the internet. Few days ago I posted prices of Samsung galaxy in Saudi Arabia and my audience really loved that post. However obtaining mobiles prices from the local mobile market is not easy because no one likes to reveal his retail rates to his competitors. That is one of market tactics when you are involved in sales of mobiles.


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