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June 27, 2012

iPhone 4S Price in Saudi Arabia 2012 (July)

iPhone 4S is one of the loving smartphones in Saudi Arabia. People love its amazing features, soft touch screen, high resolution color pictures and amazing display.

iPhone 4S basically available in 2 types. One with Facetime software installed that is used to make Video calls and the other is without Facetime installed. Most retailers in Saudi Arabia are selling iPhone 4S with mobily warranty with a little bit variation in prices (50-80SR). However not all retailers are selling first type of iPhone 4S (Facetime). Only a few retailers are offering that and its price is slightly higher than non-facetime version of iPhone.

iPhone 4S 16GB: 2557 SR
iPhone 4S 32GB: 2899 SR
iPhone 4S 16GB: 3249 SR

There is Full one year warranty with this iPhone 4S. It is available in Black color or White color.

Specification of iPhone 4S

  • CPU: Dual-Core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
  • OS (Operating System): iOS 5
  • Display Technology: LED-backlit LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Screen Size: 3.5 inch
  • Internal Memory: 16/32/64 GB
  • Camera Resolution: 8 Megapixels
  • Battery Standby: 200 to 399 hours
  • Battery Talk Time: 8 to 9.9 hours
  • Available Color: Black / White
  • Memory Card Slot: No
  • Dual SIM Card: No
  • TV output: Yes
  • GPRS: Yes
  • Built-in Flash: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes

BlackBerry Bold 9900 is now at Discounted Price (Saudi Arabia)

BlackBerry Bold 9900 is now available at discounted price 1899 Saudi Riyal. That will save 250 SR of yours. This amazing offer can be availed at eXtra Stores. eXtra is also offering free Home Delivery if you buy online from eXtra's website. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is available in Black Color or White Color.

Update: BlackBerry Bold9900 is available in 1890 SR at Nasa Smart Devices

Specification of BlackBerry Bold 9900

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz QC 8655
  • Screen Size (inch): 2.8"
  • Battery Standby (hours): 200 to 399 hrs
  • Battery Talk Time (hours): 5.9 hrs or Less
  • Memory (internal): 8 GB storage
  • Color: Black
  • OS (Operating System): BlackBerry OS 7
  • Memory Card Slot: MicroSD,up to 32GB
  • TV output: No
  • Dual SIM Card: No
  • Secondary Camera (video call): No
  • Video Call: No
  • Display Technology: TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Camera Resolution: Up to 5.9 MP
  • GPRS: Yes
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

June 26, 2012

Mizado Offers Special Discount at Samsung Galaxy Note

Middle East's favorite online store Mizado.com is now offering Samsung Galaxy note at special price with a 23% discount on original price (2651 SR). Now you can get Samsung Galaxy Note in Saudi Arabia only in 1939 Saudi Riyal with free home delivery exclusively from Mizado.

Galaxy Note comes with Android OS v2.3.5 and it has amazing camera of 8 Megapixel Camera with huge 5.3" Touchscreen and 16 GB Internal Memory. Samsung Galaxy note also supports HTML 5 and Adobe Flash in its browser. A lot of people love Galaxy Note because of its huge screen that makes it something in middle of a Smart Phone and a Tablet PC. It has ability to make and receive calls like a phone and its Touch screen gives you an exciting experience of Movies and Games downloaded from Android Market, Google Play Store.

To buy Galaxy Note from Mizado visit their website now and buy this device with Free home delivery anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

Learn More about Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 at Lowest Price in Kingdom

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S2 are now available at lowest price in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is an exclusive offer from Nasa Smart Devices. Samsung Galaxy S3 with 16GB built-in memory is now available in 2490 Saudi Riyal. Which is cheapest rate of Galaxy S3 in Saudi Arabia. The price also includes 1 year warranty.

Galaxy S2 is available in 1700 Saudi Riyal which is also the lowest price and exclusively offered by Nasa Smart Devices.

You can buy Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S2 from Nasa's online shop or visit nearest Nasa Store to buy one. Nasa Smart Devices has more than 9 branches that are located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, Makkah and Madina cities. Nasa is also offering Leather Cases, Silicon Cases, Travel Charges, Car Chargers, USB cables, connectors and adapters, TPU Cases and Screen protectors for a wide variety of smartphones including HTC, BlackBerry and Samsung.

For your comfort I am adding Nasa's retail shop and Main office addresses below.

Nasa Smart Devices Al- Riyadh

  1. Al-Mursalat BranchIntersection of King Abdulaziz Road with Hisham bin Abdul Malak StreetTel: (01) 2693456
  2. Al-Sulemaniya BranchPrince Mamdouh bin Abdulaziz (30th) StreetTel: (01) 4643766
  3. Al-Olya BranchOlya Street, Aqaria Mall 2, Ground Floor, Shop No. 130ATel: (01) 2883838 / (01) 2883939

Nasa Smart Devices Jeddah

  1. Al-Roudah BranchAl-Roudah Branch - Front of New Municipality Office Jeddah - Opposite of Al-Takhsisi HospitalTel: (02) 6616070
  2. Al-Sharfiyah BranchKhalid Bin Al-Waleed street. Beside Al-Baraq Hotel Tel : (02)6533344
  3. Red Sea Mall BranchGround Floor Red Sea Mall King RoadTel: (02)2151030

Nasa Smart Devices Al-Khober Branch

Intersection of King Fahad Street with 17th Street
Tel: (03) 8672288

Nasa Smart Devices Makkah Branch

In front of Al-Nuzzeha Telecom
Tel: (02)5444328

Nasa Smart Devices Madina Branch

Al-Rashid Mega Mall, Shop No.B52
Tel: (04)8358228

Nasa Smart Devices Head office, Service Center and Wholesale

Alsayedah Zaynab Street -15
Alsharfia distt, Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
P.O.Box: 20738 Jeddah 21465
Tel: 966-2-6684849 | 966-2-6684868
Fax: 966-2-6684774

June 24, 2012

Sony Tablet S Price in Saudi Arabia 2012

Sony Tablet S 9.4 Inch Specification and Prices

Saudi Arabia and Middle East

  • 1 GHz Dual Core NVIDIA Tegra 2
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 9.4 Inch (1280 x 800)
  • Capacity Touch Panel
  • 10-points Detection
  • Front Camera : Face focus VGA camera
  • Rear Camera : 5.0 Megapixel camera
  • Weight : 598 g
  • Android Honeycomb 3.2 Operating System
  • 1 Year Warranty

Sony Tablet PC 16 GB Wi-Fi

Price:  SR 1799

Sony Tablet PC 32 GB Wi-Fi

Price: SR 1999
Many retailers in Saudi Arabia offering free Sony Tablet Cradle + Sony Tablet Pouch Free when you buy a Sony Tablet from them.

MSI Enjoy Tablet PC Prices in Saudi Arabia July 2012

MSI is a big name in hardware manufacturing. I remember my first Desktop computer has MSI motherboard and Intel processor. Now with the changing smart devices trend and increasing sales of Tablet computers forces hardware manufacturers to develop such smart devices which are up to today's standard. That's make MSI developing tablet computers.

msi Enjoy tablet pc is available in 7 Inch and 10 Inch screen sizes. It is Most Affordable Tablet PC in Saudi Arabia. It can easily connected with all multimedia devices and brings maximum multimedia enjoyment. It Allows you to easily scroll, drag and re size or rotate pictures with your fingers. It can be easily expanded the memory capacity. It gives you Full HD play and impressive video website browsing.

MSI 7 Inch Tablet PC Price in Saudi Arabia + Specification

  • ARM cortex A8@ 1GHz upto 1.2 GHz
  • 8GB Built-in Memory
  • 2.0MP rear/front camera
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
  • Mini HDMI
  • Mini USB
  • Micro SD Card reader
  • 512MB DDR3 RAM
  • Free Micro SD Card 8GB
  • Free 10GB Internet For 1 Month (Data Sim)

Price: 899 SR

MSI 10 Inch Tablet PC Price in Saudi Arabia + Specification

  • ARM cortex A8@ 1GHz upto 1.2 GHz
  • 8GB Built-in Memory
  • 2.0MP rear/front camera
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
  • Mini HDMI
  • Mini USB
  • Micro SD Card reader
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM

Price: 1199 SR

June 23, 2012

How to Force HP Laser Printers to Print even Cartridge is empty

In many HP Laser printer models the Cartridge / toner has a small electric chip (circut) which keeps track of number-of-prints done by that specific toner / cartridge. This helps maintain quality of print because the toner manufecturer knows approximately how many prints can be done with the amount of Ink powder that exist inside the toner. Upon reaching that number the chip on toner tells printer to stop printing. At that stage printer start showing an error message on printer display LCD panel to indicate that print limit is reached and now toner must be replaced. This is a good feature by printer manufacturer because it also shows that how much further printing could be possible with current toners. The printer LCD always shows Ink levels. This help you identify when you should purchase a new toner to avoid emergency breakdowns in printing.

However this feature sometimes becomes annoying when Ink poweder inside toner is not fully consumed but the number of print-outs in toner chip ends. This happens often because everytime you send a print to printer doesn't include all color shades. Sometime you are printing a page with most part of the page with red content, but a very little amount of yellow or meganta. Similar happens with other color shades. A very few print-outs are that who are using average quantity of ink from all toners at the same time. But every-time you print, the chip on cartridge considers that this print-out consumed average amount of Ink powder and it subtract 1 from total allowed print-outs.

Finally sometime Yellow toner ends first, sometime Magenta, sometime Cyan, sometimes Black toner ends first. Then immediately printer stops printing and asks you to Replace a Cartridge / Toner. However the ink powder inside still has capacity to print few more pages. At this stage you can Force your printer to print and ignore / override the error message.

I tried it with HP Color Laser Jet CP2025 printer and HP Color Laser jet 3600 printer but believer me, most HP printers have this capability.

Force HP LaserJet CP2025 to Print upon Cartridge Ends

  1. In HP LaserJet CP2025 click on the OK button, it will show up the Setup Menu.
  2. Press Right Arrow or Left Arrow to navigate between options and choose System Setup. Click OK button to choose.
  3. Navigate again with arrow key and Choose Print Quality with OK button.
  4. Navigate again with arrow key and Choose Replace Supplies with OK button.
  5. Navigate again with arrow key and Choose Override out with OK button.
  6. LCD panel will show the message To Accept press OK.
  7. Press the OK button and then Return (arrow with a bend) button few times to exit from menu.

Now printer will show Ready message on LCD but also keep blinking the cartridge level indicator that is ended.

Force HP LaserJet 3600 to Print upon Cartridge Ends

  1. In HP LaserJet 3600 click on the MENU button.
  2. Navigate in the menu with UP or DOWN arrow buttons and choose Diagnostics.
  3. Navigate further with UP or DOWN arrow buttons and choose Disable Cartridge check.
  4. Press Return (arrow with a bend) button few times to exit from menu.
Now printer will keep printing and ignore Error message that is coming via Cartridge chip. For any troubles, drop me a comment below and I will try to help you out. You may read my further Tips and Tricks articles at my blog Saudi Telecom News.

June 20, 2012

LG SmartPhones Prices Saudi Arabia 2012

LG Optimus L7 Specification and Price (KSA)

  • Greter Readability, Sparkling Details, Perfectly sized
  • PROCESSOR 1 Ghz msm 7227m
  • SCREEN 4.3 Inch Touchscreen
  • CAMERA 5 MP Rear Camera
  • 2 MP Front Camera
  • MEMORY 4 GB Internal Memory

Price: 1199 SR

LG Optimus L3 (E400) Specification and Price (KSA)

  • PROCESSOR 800 Mhz
  • SCREEN 3.2 Inch Touchscreen
  • CAMERA 3.15 MP Camera
  • MEMORY 1 GB Internal Memory

Price: 499 SR

LG Optimus 3D Max (P725) Specification and Price (KSA)

  • PROCESSOR 1.0 Ghz
  • SCREEN 4.3 InchTouchscreen
  • CAMERA 5 MP Rear Camera Front Camera
  • MEMORY 8 GB Internal Memory
Price: 2099 SR

LG Optimus Net Dual P698 Specification and Price (KSA)

  • PROCESSOR 800 Mhz
  • SCREEN 3.2 Inch Touchscreen
  • CAMERA 3.15 MP Camera
  • MEMORY 4 GB Internal Memory
  • Bluetooth + 3G + Wi-Fi
  • Dual Sim

Price: 599 SR

LG Optimus 3D P920 Specification and Price (KSA)

  • PROCESSOR 1.0 Ghz
  • SCREEN 4.3 Inch Touchscreen
  • CAMERA 5 MP Camera
  • Bluetooth + 3G + Wi-Fi

Price: 1599 SR

LG Optimus Black P970 Specification and Price (KSA)

The Optimus Black with revolutionary NOVA display that gives you twice as much as brightness than other smart phones

  • PROCESSOR 1.0 Ghz
  • SCREEN 4 Inch Touchscreen
  • CAMERA 5 MP Camera
  • Bluetooth + 3G + Wi-Fi

Price: 999 SR

June 19, 2012

Save 600 Riyals on Samsung Galaxy Nexus in KSA

eXtra stores is giving another special offer on Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Now you can save 600 Saudi Riyals on Galaxy Nexus and you can buy this device only in special discounted price of 1599 Saudi Riyal. When you buy this device from eXtra's online store you will get Free Home delivery inside Saudi Arabia. If you prefer not to buy it online, you may visit any nearest eXtra Store and purchase it yourself in same amazing price.

Update (26-06-2012): Galaxy Nexus is now available in SR 1499 at Souq.com, but hurry up because limited quantity is available.

Further Specification and Features

  • OS (Operating System): Android OS v4.0
  • CPU: Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9
  • Camera: Up to 5.9 MP
  • Dual SIM Card Support
  • Display: Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Internal Memory: 16 GB
  • Screen Size: 4.65 inch
  • Battery Standby Time: 200 to 399 hrs
  • Battery Talk Time: 8 to 9.9 hrs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Built-in LED Flash
  • No Additional Memory Card Slot
You can avail this offer by visiting eXtra website.

June 17, 2012

Sony SmartPhones Prices in Saudi Arabia June 2012

Following are Sony's top mobile phones and smartphones prices in Saud Arabia. These prices are collected from local mobile market and online stores. The prices are in Saudi Arabian currency "Saudi Riyal" I hope you will find this useful

Sony Xperia S Specification and Price

1.5 GHz Dual Core Processor
4.3 Inch Touchscreen
12 MP Camera
32 GB Internal Memory
Bluetooth, 3G + Wi-Fi

Price: 2199 SR

Sony Xperia P Specification and Price

1.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
4.0 Inch Touchscreen
8 MP Rear Camera, Front Camera
16 GB Internal Memory
Free Gifts: Car Charger + HDMI Cable + Screen Protector

Price: 1899 SR

Sony Xperia Ray Specification and Price

1.0 GHz Processor
3.3 Inch Touchscreen
8 MP Camera
Bluetooth, 3G + Wi-Fi

Price: 849 SR

Sony Xperia Arc S Specification and Price

1.4 GHz Processor
4.2 Inch Touchscreen
8 MP Camera
Bluetooth, 3G + Wi-Fi, Gps

Price: 1399 SR

Sony Xperia Sola Specification and Price

1.0 GHz Processor
3.7 Inch Touchscreen
5 MP Camera
16 GB Memory
Bluetooth, 3G + Wi-Fi
8 GB SD Card + 4 NFC Tags Free

Price: 1399 SR

Sony Xperia U Specification and Price

1.0 GHz Processor
3.5 Inch Touchscreen
5 MP Camera
Bluetooth, 3G + Wi-Fi, GPS

Price: 1199 SR

June 11, 2012

HTC One X at lowest price ever with Free Home Delivery in Kingdom

Souq.com is offering HTC One X with a special 12% discount and at a lowest price ever on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The famous HTC devices is now available in 2199 Saudi Riyal.That is the lowest prices as per local mobile market and cheapest among all other retailers in Saudi Arabia who are offering HTC products. Right now only the black color device is available with 32GB built-in memory. This offer can be availed by visiting Souq.com website. This offer includes 1 year mobily warranty and Free Home Delivery anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You got two options for payment when you purchase from Souq.com

  1. Cash on Delivery
  2. Pay via Electronic Transfer
As promised Souq.com will not charge delivery charges, in some cases they charge a minor handling charges (up to 10SR). Souq.com is a verified website for online purchases in Saudi Arabia so you should go for this offer without any hesitation.

You may read further about HTC One X or Special offers in Saudi Arabia at Saudi Telecom News.

June 9, 2012

Updated Nokia Mobile Phone Prices June 2012 Saudi Arabia

Again I bring you the latest Nokia Mobile Phone Prices for June 2012 in Saudi Arabia market. These prices have been collected from local mobile market in Jeddah city. The prices are in Saudi Riyals which is a stable currency. You may find these nokia phones at minor different prices in other middle eastern countries like UAE, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Egypt. Please note when I find multiple prices of Nokia phones I choose the lowest price.

This month the launch of Nokia 808 Pure View mobile phone in Saudi Arabia brought back Nokia in to smartphone competition. People having great interest in Nokia 808 Pure View because of its out standing 41 Megapixel camera. I hope with the launch of Nokia 808, the sales of Nokia will grow up again in the market. If you don't know where to buy Nokia mobile phones in Saudi Arabia and where are the cheapest Nokia deals available just drop me a line below in comment box and I will answer your query as per my capacity. Thank you.

Nokia 100 Color Screen mobile phone: 94 SR
Nokia Mobile Basic Phone 101: 99 SR
Nokia 202 Arabic mobile phone: 250 SR
Nokia 200 Arabic mobile phone: 269 SR
Nokia 7230 mobile phone: 339 SR
Nokia Asha 300 mobile phone: 349 SR
Nokia Asha 302 mobile phone: 399 SR
Nokia Asha303 Touch screen: 469 SR
Nokia Mobile Phone 500 Touch screen: 609 SR
Nokia 603 Touch screen mobile phone: 699 SR
Nokia 700 Touch screen mobile phone: 879 SR
Nokia 710 Lumia mobile phone: 1199 SR
Nokia Lumia 800 mobile phone: 1479 SR
Nokia 1616 mobile phone: 95 SR
Nokia 1280 mobile phone: 75 SR
Nokia 5130 mobile phone: 279 SR

Nokia X1-01 Blue mobile phone: 129 SR
Nokia X1-01 Red mobile phone: 136 SR
Nokia X2-05 Color Screen mobile phone: 215 SR
Nokia X2-02 mobile phone: 244 SR
Nokia X2-01 mobile phone: 259 SR
Nokia X2-01 QWERTY Keyboard mobile phone: 259 SR
Nokia X2 Color Screen mobile phone: 309 SR
Nokia X3-02 Touch And Type mobile phone: 519 SR
Nokia X7 mobile phone: 1060 SR

Nokia C2-06 mobile phone: 399 SR
Nokia C2-05 Slide mobile phone: 225
Nokia C2-01 mobile phone: 265 SR
Nokia C2 mobile phone: 218 SR
Nokia C3 mobile phone : 372 SR
Nokia C2-03 mobile phone: 299 SR
Nokia C5-06 Touch screen mobile phone: 529 SR
Nokia C5-03 mobile phone: 579 SR
Nokia C5 mobile phone: 599 SR
Nokia C3-01 Touch And Type mobile phone: 549 SR
Nokia C6-01 mobile phone: 899 SR

Nokia E5 Dark Gray mobile phone : 631 SR
Nokia E72 mobile phone: 899 SR
Nokia E7 mobile phone: 1399 SR
Nokia E6 mobile phone: 899 SR
Nokia N9 mobile phone: 1699 SR
Nokia N8 mobile phone: 1239 SR
Nokia N300 mobile phone: 379 SR
Nokia N200 mobile phone: 279 SR
Nokia N100 mobile phone: 109 SR

June 7, 2012

Save 100SR on iPhone 4S at Extra Saudi Arabia

Get Apple iPhone 4S 16GB in 2557 Saudi Riyal

Amazing discount at eXtra Stores. Also you will get a USB power adapter and a Case free for iPhone4S

Offer Details

Apple I phone 4S 16GB
Black Color + USB Power Adapter + Extra Pink Case Free
Warranty 1 Year
Price: 2557 Saudi Riyal

You can place an online order for Free Home Delivery in Saudi Arabia at this link.

June 6, 2012

Apple iPod Touch 4 Price June 2012 Saudi Arabia

Apple i-Pod Touch The Best Gets Better

  • Face Time
  • Games,Music,Video,Photos,iTunes
  • Available in Black and White
  • Warranty: 18 Months

Apple i-Pod Touch 4 8GB: 869 SR
Apple i-Pod Touch 4 32GB: 1299 SR
Apple i-Pod Touch 4 64GB: 1699 SR

June 5, 2012

Comparison of iPad 3 Prices in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia June 2012

iPad3 is the 3rd one from Apple's tablet series. After a lot of changes it becomes one of the best tablet computer world wide. Its elegant design, sleek look, ease of use, support to thousands of applications and long battery life inspire people all over the world to buy it. Because of its magical features it is called Resolutionary iPad. iPad3 comes with retina display screen that makes everything look crisper. iPad 3 comes with a 5 MP iSight camera which has backslide illumination sensor, auto white balance and face detection features. It enables you to record Full HD 1080p videos. You can download and install from more than 200,000 apps on Apple iPad3 from App store. Apple's new iLife, iWork, iMovie and iPhoto. To run these apps in smooth manner it has Ultrafast A5X Chip.

Below I am making a comparison of iPad3 prices country-wide. Prices from Pakistan and Prices from Saudi Arabia. For your ease you use I will convert prices from Pakistani Rupees to Saudi Riyals with latest conversion rate. As per today (04/06/2012)

1 Pakistan Rupee(s) = 0.0408155 Saudi Riyal(s)
If you belong to or living in Saudi Arabia and you are visiting Pakistan, the information below can be helpful to decide whether you should buy an iPad from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

iPad 3 Price Comparison in Saudi Riyals

Product Price in Saudi Arabia
(Saudi Riyals)
Price in Pakistan
(Converted-Saudi Riyals)
iPad 3 Wifi 16GB SAR 2199 SAR 2020
iPad 3 Wifi 32GB SAR 2549 SAR 2530
iPad 3 Wifi 64GB SAR 3099 SAR 2939
iPad 3 4G 16GB SAR 2649 SAR 2530
iPad 3 4G 32GB SAR 3199 SAR 2939
iPad 3 4G 64GB SAR 3599 SAR 3388
You may see from the above table that Prices of iPad3 in Pakistan are less than prices in Saudi Arabia, only iPad3 16GB Wi-Fi has a minor difference, rest all models has huge price difference ranging from 120-180 Saudi Riyals. Remember I am quoting these prices from Karachi area. However Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore markets are not having huge difference. Only in the small cities of Pakistan you will find higher prices.

1 Saudi Riyal(s) = 24.5005 Pakistan Rupee(s)
If you belong to or living in Pakistan and you are planning to buy an iPad from Saudi Arabia, yourself, or via any of your family members. Please consider these prices as well and instead buy an iPad from Pakistan because of cheap prices than Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

iPad 3 Price Comparison in Pakistani Rupees

Product Price in Saudi Arabia
(Pak Rupees-Converted)
Price in Pakistan
(Pak Rupees)
iPad 3 Wifi 16GB PKR 53877 PKR 49500
iPad 3 Wifi 32GB PKR 62452 PKR 62000
iPad 3 Wifi 64GB PKR 75927 PKR 72000
iPad 3 4G 16GB PKR 64902 PKR 62000
iPad 3 4G 32GB PKR 78377 PKR 72000
iPad 3 4G 64GB PKR 88177 PKR 83000

June 4, 2012

Hot BlackBerry 9900 Offer for Smartphone Lovers KSA

Save 250 Saudi Riyal on Blackberry Bold 9900

When you buy it from eXtra Stores

CPU: 1.2 GHz QC 8655
Screen Size:  2.8 (inch)
Battery Standby (hours): 200 to 399 hrs
Battery Talk Time (hours): 5.9 hrs or less
Memory (internal): 8 GB storage
Color: Black
OS (Operating System): BlackBerry OS 7
Memory Card Slot: MicroSD, up to 32GB
Display Technology: TFT capacitive touch screen, 16M colors
Camera Resolution: Up to 5.9 MP
Dual SIM Card
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: 2149 SR

The Actual price was 2399 SR

By taking advantage from this offer you can save 250 SR

If you are not sure where eXtra Stores are located in KSA, visit this page to see all locations addresses and telephone numbers.

June 3, 2012

Nokia 808 Pure View Just arrived in KSA

The remarkable Nokia phone Nokia 808 Pure View just arrived in Saudi Arabia. Jarir Bookstore probably the first one who launched this super phone from Nokia. Most exciting feature in this powerful smartphone is its super strong 41 Mega Pixel Camera with Nokia Pureview Pro imaging technology and Carl Zeiss optics. Powerful 1.3Ghz process with a graphic accelerator makes this phone a faster machine. It is biggest Nokia screen 4 inch AMOLED with 16M colors support. However not like iPhone or HTC Smartphones it has a medium screen resolution. Only 640 x 360 with 184ppi pixel density. It also support multitouch and comes with Gorilla Glass Corning protection.

Nokia 808 Pure View has 16GB Internal storage and 1GB Rom, it has 512MB Ram and microSD support too.

Nokia 808 Pure View can download 14.4 MBPS (HSDPA) data and HSUPA 5.76MBPS.

Nokia's camera comes with Xenon Flash, Geo Tagging, Face Detection and Autofocus features. It has support for Full HD 1080p video recording with 30 frames per second.

It has Nokia Belle (previously called Symbian) Operating system which makes it an outstanding Nokia Phone. The battery power is 1400mAh which is sufficient enough to provide 11 hours talk time.

Price of Nokia 808 Pure View (Saudi Arabia): 1999 Saudi Riyal

For more Nokia Prices in Saudi Arabia Visit Nokia Prices Category.

June 2, 2012

Update: Samsung Galaxy S 3 Price in Saudi Srabia

I recently published price and availability post on Samsung Galaxy S 3 in Saudi Arabia. However I have found an update in Price of Galaxy S3. eXtra store has published new promotion offers in which they set best price of this device in Saudi Arabia.

Samsug Galaxy S 3 i9300: 2499 Saudi Riyal

The offer is valid till 12 June 2012. This price was only mentioned in the publication and after browsing eXtra's website for a while I didn't find the device available for selling online. Personally I would like to go there and check the availability myself. As per my knowledge this is exclusive offer from eXtra Saudi Arabia. Take a look at publication below.

Where to buy Galaxy S3 in Saudi Arabia (locations of eXtra Stores)

Tabuk City

King AbdulAziz Road.
Tel: 04-4292367

Yanbu City

Omar Ibn Alkhattab St. After Yanbu governorate Signal, beside Yanbu hospital

Madina City

Alatiyah Al Madina Mall Quaba Road
Tel: 04-8493000

Jeddah City

Jeddah - Old Airport. Abdullah Sulaiman Street Old Airport Area
Tel: 02-6313075

Jeddah - Tahliah Street, Beside IKEA, Al - Azizeyyah Dist. /6
Tel: 02-2895336

Jeddah - Prince Sultan Street, Prince Sultan Mall
Tel: 02-2759000

Taif City

Obeikan Mall, Abu Bakr Al Seddik st P.O Box -1274 Taif - 21944
Tel:  02-7380505

Abha City

Alkhamis Road, Aasir Mall P.O Box - 1152 Abha - 61321
Tel: 07-2253322

Jizan City

Jizan - Riyadh Street 
Tel: 800-124-0900

Najran City

Khaldiah - King Abdul Aziz Street
Tel: 07-5439930

Al Kharj City

King Abdullah Road
Tel: 800-124-0900

Riyadh City

Riyadh - Badiya. Western Ring Road - Between Exit 27 - 28 
Tel: 01-4311146

Riyadh - Suwaidy. King Fahad Street Cross Swaidi Street Beside Edtaga Market
Tel: 01-4595968

Riyadh - Rimal Exit # 16 East Belt Highway Al-Rimal Mall Before IKEA Store

Riyadh - Al Raed King Abdullah Road, In front of King Saud University, Beside McDonalds
Tel: 01-2815250

Riyadh - Worood King AbdulAziz Street P.O. Box - 8311 Riyadh - 11482
Tel: 01-4196677

Riyadh - Khurais Khurais road EXIT 28
Tel:  01-2306722

Riyadh - Ghurnata Inside Garnada Mall Riyadh -11482
Tel: 01-2534833

Qassim City

King Khalid Street Near Court Al-Qassim P.O Box - 8311 Buraidah - 11482
Tel: 06-3263540

Hafr Al Batin City

Mohammadia District, Near Mohammadia Round About, King Faisal Street
Tel: 800-124-0900

Al Jubail City

Jalmoudah, Street 6,
Tel:  800-124-0900

Dammam City

Dammam - Al Khaleej Road, Dammam Cornich, Alkhaleej Road
Tel: 03-8171313

Dammam - Al Faisaleyah 
Tel: 800-124-0900

Khobar City

Corniche, King Faisal Road, P.O. Box #76688 Alkhobar - 31952
Tel: 03-8477777

Al Hassa City

Althoriyat Street, Beside Panda
Tel: 03-5863888

Hot Offer on Fuji Finepix HS30 DSLR Camera in Saudi Arabia

Fujifilm is one of the favorite brand for Photographers and it is a brand which gives you best value for money. eXtra stores is giving a special offer on Fujifilm Finepix HS30 DSLR camera. This camera makes taking photographs easier with its comfortable grip. It is 16 Megapixel camera having 30x optical zoom, face detection, 3.9 inch LCD screen, full HD video recording and it enables you to take photographs in Panorama mode. Promotional price for Fujifilm Finepix HS30 at eXtra stores is 2199 Saudi Riyal. Furthermore when you buy Finepix HS30 from eXtra you can get 100 Saudi Riyal free gift voucher and a camera bag. The only negative point in this camera I found is it don't have a built-in battery but it operates on 2 AA batteries. Because of high power consumption normal batteries may not be sufficient for this camera and you need to replace them again and again. It has a simple solution, buy any good brand rechargeable batteries + their charger. Both things normally come under 100 Saudi Riyal. You can avail this offer at this link.

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