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July 31, 2010

STC Qitaf Program and its Benifits

What is Qitaf?

Qitaf is a free point based loyalty program, where points are collected based on:
  • Subscription to ALJAWAL and ALHATIF services
  • Usage
  • Timely payment of service bills
  • Subscription to other services

What can I do with my points?

You can redeem your points for services from STC or for vouchers that can be used with many Qitaf program partners.

Redeeming for services from STC:

You can exchange earned points for several services, such as free ALHATIF minutes or free SMS messages and many more.

Redeeming points for vouchers:

You can also exchange 500 points for a SR100 voucher (limit 3 per month). This voucher can be used at 22 partners with more than 1900 stores throughout the Kingdom.

How can I make use of my points?

The free STC services and vouchers can be ordered by calling 902/907, visiting a customer service office or visit Khadamati (STC Online) www.stc.com.sa

July 29, 2010

New Mobily Postpaid offer includes 3 months of free Internet

Mobily announced a new promotion offer for new postpaid subscribers. Which will relax them from monthly fees up to 3 non-consecutive months. This offer also includes a free 1 GB internet package on same criteria. Mobily website didn't clarify this so I called Mobily customer service at 1100.

To avail this offer new postpaid subscriber must have to pay 165 Saudi Riyals initially (100 SR: 1GB bundle fee, 45SR: postpaid activation fee, 20SR: monthly fee for postpaid). The next month subscriber can enjoy benefits provided in this offer and similarly he have to pay for 3rd month and 4th month he can enjoy this offer, then 5th month again paid and 6th month is free.

This offer is good for the people who are serious to use Mobily postpaid subscription. Mobily Khatti and Khatti plus subscribers are eligible for this offer.

Offer Details

New subscribers to postpaid bundles from Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) will get three months free of monthly fees, a vanity number, and 1 gigabyte of internet connectivity for three nonconsecutive months, the company announced on Monday.

The new promotion covers subscribers to the standard postpaid bundles of Khatti and Khatti Plus, as well as the location-based Mada and Dirati, lady’s bundle Nejmah, and Blue Wave, the bundle aimed at Alhilal Club fans.

July 25, 2010


Mother is a great gift of god, the gift which is already there for us even before we exist. It starts when we are piece of flush, she starts caring us, and she starts feeding us, protecting us from dangers and troubles. That time we are senseless and we never know if she don't keep us insider her we can't survive. If she refuses us to keep we have no place to go, no place to live.

She makes us grow by providing us blood from insider her body and other needs. She gives us a peaceful place to sleep and eat. At the same time she face troubles in all her daily routines , in walking, in sitting, in eating but still she feels happy to serve us. She faces all these troubles till 9 months for us and also makes kind prayers to God that we remain healthy without any request. Finally she gets hell of pain to make us the part of this world from no existence to existence.

Still her job didn't end, she has to feed us again, and she has to care us more until we can stand up. Again day and night she starts another hard work. Cleaning us, dressing us up, and taking care of our rest and everything we need she do for us without a single penny.

Another period ends and we start walking, that day she become that happy as no one else in this world. After growing us physically now she starts growing us up mentally. She teaches us, she send us to school, she helps us learn things. Again hard work. She listens our stupid things we encounter in the day, she tells us stories so that we can have some entertainment then she makes us sleep in her lap.

Then we start going to school, she take us to school, she brings us back and with the passing time, we feel we have our own identity, who is mother ? She is just a kind servant whose duty is to take care of us. With the time when we finish school and go to college, now mother becomes second priority. We can decide in our matters ourselves, we can go anywhere we want. But she doesn't mind that and keeps giving us same love and care as still we are a kid.

Finally we start our life race, we start earning good money, and we got our own family with a loving life partner and a beautiful house. Mother is now gone far away from our priorities. We become busy and we have to earn, but still she is there for us making prayers. But we are still busy.

July 24, 2010

Business Development Manager required

One of my personal references told me there is a vacancy available in a firm having mobile and smartphone business, The company needs a Business Development Manager on permanent bases.The firm is not providing a visa but requires a candidate who is present in Saudi Arabia. Additionally a Saudi Transferable Iqama is required.
  • Candidate can speak/write English and Arabic.
  • Must have a university degree.
  • Minimum 2 years experience in respective field.

if you or any of your friend / relative are eligible please forward c.v (resume) to the email cv@htc-care.net

July 23, 2010

Another exciting offer from Jazz "Bonus on Usage"

Mobilink jazz offering another great on usage promotion. “Bonus on Usage Offer” where all subscribers will be able to enjoy a low On-net call rate. Now, all subscribers will be able to call all Mobilink numbers for Rs. 0.45/30 sec for 24 hours after a daily usage of Rs. 20.

Jazz Bonus on Usage - Details
Eligibility – Daily Usage of
Rs. 20 (inclusive of taxes)
Rs. 0.45+tax/30sec
24 Hours

Mobily raised its profit to 40 % for 2010

I have discussed a little about Mobily here, it is a company that has a good start then it has faced a bad time and now it is growing again. As compared to Zain Saudi Arabia mobily is doing not good enough who got raised his profit to 107 % for last three months period but still it is better from last years.

Mobily announced the 40 % growth in first quarter of the year 2010. These results were announced on June 30, 2010, in which the net profit for the first half of the year amounted to SAR 1,615 million as compared to SAR 1,155 million for the same period of last year.

The net profit for Q2 2010 amounted to SAR 901 million against SAR 675 million for the same quarter of last year, presenting a growth of 33% and compared to a net profit of SAR 714 million for Q1 2010.

The revenues for Q2 2010 amounted to SAR 3,972 million presenting a growth of 24% over the same period of last year. The operating profit for Q2 2010 amounted to SAR 940 against SAR 728 million for the same quarter of last year, presenting an increase of 29%. Earnings per share (EPS) for the first six months of the year amounted to SAR 2.31 compared to SAR 1.65 for the same period of last year.

Mobily’s Chairman, Eng. Abdulaziz Alsaghyir said: “The growth of our Q2 revenues is due to the increase in broadband revenues and attracting more postpaid customers, in addition to the increase in the international interconnection margin, all of which have led to an increase in EBITDA to reach SAR 1,388 million for Q2 2010 as compared to SAR 1,180 million for the first quarter of this year. Our EBITDA for Q2 2009 was SAR 1,130 million. Besides an increase in usage levels and the success of Mobily’s customer loyalty program, Neqaty.”

July 21, 2010

How to Transfer Credit in Mobily

Mobily is the second largest Mobile Network in the Kingdom, from its start to today's date it has provided great services and benifits to customer. When Mobily started its services only STC was operating Mobile Networks in KSA. That time call rates were so higher compared to International standards, International call rates, sms rates and Internet data rates. Mobily has started a the trend of promotion offers and low-call rate packages to mobile users in Saudi Arabia that was never done before, in the result using mobile phone became easier for a lot of middle-class community and a big number of expatriates. Now calling outside the Kingdom is not an expensive deal. Expatriates from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philpines, Indonesia, Gulf and other arab countries are major mobile users.

Mobily is offering so many services that I can't desribe them all here. Here I would like to show the process of transfering credit from one mobily number to another. Please note that credit transfer is not possible among different operators, however it is possible internationally among different operators (this is because they have signed aggrements)

Transfer credit

All Mobily prepaid active subscribers can independently transfer credit from their mobile to another prepaid customer. Why would someone use a credit transfer?

July 20, 2010

Get One free month BlackBerry Internet Solution with Ufone

Ufone offering 1 free month subscription for customer who are activating till 31st July 2010.BlackBerry® Internet Solution is specially designed to provide ultimate mobility while catering to individual email requirements. It provides you access to your POP3 email accounts including the most popular email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and even your local ISP email accounts. You get all of the functionality of a mobile phone as well as integrated email, instant messaging, internet browsing, contacts and calendar features. You can go from one feature to another with just an easy click of a button and you can even multi-task if you want to.

BlackBerry Internet Solution is a recommended solution for sole proprietors or individuals on the go as it allows you to keep in touch with your friends, family and work simultaneously.

A Free Website Template for Business Company

Template Monster is an online resource that provides a huge collection of Web Templates. These templates have price range of 40 US $ to 120 US $. In this small price you can get a professional designed web template.

Recently Template Monster has released a very nice Free Website Template for Business Company. The success of a project can be attributed to the good starting point – catchy website template that can present the idea of the project in the clear and comprehensible way. It is quite obvious that a good website template is half the way in this case. This Free Website Template for Business Company suggests thought-out design and professional layout and can be of the immense value for the online business project that you are going to start.

All of the source files are included into this free website template for you to be able to fine tune the final result.
Also please note there are 3D model images included as a clipart in this free template. They are part of the design so you may keep them.

July 18, 2010

How to Subscribe for Internet from your Mobile in KSA

Currently there are three mobile operators in Saudi Arabia.STC (Saudi Telecom Company), that was incorporated in 1998, which is government owned and biggest Telecom company, Mobily (Etihad Etisalat) that was established in 2004 by a consortium led by Etisalat, the UAE based telecom conglomerate and Zain that is the newest player in the mobile telecommunication market of Saudi Arabia. Building on the expertise of the Zain Group of UAE.

All these 3 providing Voice services, SMS and MMS services, Latest data services like 3G and 3.5G services in their own style. I personally rate STC best, because they have the most wide network with less Network problems. Rest 2 Mobily and Zain are quite fine with their performance. I am using Mobile internet from more than 3 years and I tested all of these Network operators. Here I am going to provide more details on Data packages.

STC (Aljawal and Sawa) Data Packages

STC provides its data services with the name of JAWALNet. It provides customers with high-speed wireless Internet connection using ALJAWAL SIM cards, which allows internet browsing through ALJAWAL devices or any other devices compatible with 3.5G/3G/ EDGE/GPRS technologies. It keeps you connected to the Internet using high speed wherever you are. These is applicable for Packages for ALJAWAL 45/35/25, Zero, Zero+

To activate any internet package send an SMS to the number 902 containing the service activating code according to the table below:

Package Monthly Fee Included Free MB Additional Fee per MB ** Activation Code ***
Easy Net Free 0 2 SR 2000
Internet 30 MB 10 SR 30 MB 2 SR 2030
Internet 120 MB 30 SR 120 MB 2 SR 2120
Internet 250 MB 50 SR 250 MB 2 SR 2250
Internet 500 MB 70 SR 500 MB 2 SR 2500
Internet 1 GB 100 SR 1 GB 2 SR 21000
Internet 5 GB 200 SR 5 GB 2 SR 25000
Internet Unlimited 350 SR Unlimited N.A 29999
** Use fees base on 1 KB

July 17, 2010

HTC Desire Smartphone is launched in Saudi Arabian Market

The Android 2.1 Powered Smartphone from HTC has been launched in Saudi Arabian Market yesterday after long wait. It is an amazing charming device which carries all the latest features of Android Operating system. I have already covered a review on HTC Desire in one of my previous posts and also I drawn a comparison on HTC HD2 and HTC Desire smartphones. Nasa Smart Devices is first retailer who have released it.

The device is currently available in 3290 SR which is about 878 US $. This price is very close to other Windows Mobile device from HTC HD2. If we take a look at the specification we'll find both devices very similar, The main difference is OS.

There has been a lot of demand of this device in Saudi Arabia, It is expected to be available at Nasa Shops very soon.

July 16, 2010

How to make your Nokia phone a wireless access point

In HTC smartphones HTC HD2 was probabally first Smartphone that works as a Wireless access point. Using your 3G connection it enabales you to use Internet on your laptop or desktop PC. HTC HD2 is an expensive phone. To get this facility not everyone can buy HD2. Now it is possible for Nokia S60 (Symbian OS) phones users to turn their Nokia phones into a Wireless access point. It is only possible for Nokia phones that have Wi-Fi hardware buil-in on their motherboards.

Internet connection sharing from GSM/3G/Edge was possible already on many Nokia phones via Bluetooth connections and USB cable connections. But Wireless Tethering really makes a difference.

Just install JoikuSpot Light FREE Hotspot on your Nokia S60 handset. This application is available free and has some limitiations too. It shares your phone's 3G internet connection over WiFi (WLAN) to a single laptop or other WiFi device. The Light version supports basic internet browsing only. However Premium version that  comes in about 7.5 US $ has following additional features.

HTC HD2 - Is it the Best Smartphone ever

For many years Windows Mobile users have been disappointed every time a new handset was announced because this or that feature was missing. Not long ago it was screen resolutions, people wanted VGA screens, before that it was Wi-Fi or GPS, 3D acceleration or camera flashes etc. This year HTC finally announced what everybody’s been wishing and waiting for. A Windows Mobile Smartphone that has every single feature imaginable (besides a QWERTY keyboard), the HTC HD2. Will this device be enough for the power user?

The Hardware

First we are going to look at what we’ve got here. With its 4.3inch WVGA display the HTC HD2 has the biggest capacitive touch screen on a phone ever and is the first capacitive Windows Mobile device. Made popular by the iPhone (followed by Android devices) capacitive touch panels enable multi-touch/point input unlike commonly used resistive touch-panels and a smoother finger interaction thanks to the glass screen. Another advantage of this technology is that there is no air gap between the touch-panel and the LCD display so optical clarity and contrast is improved reducing the need for heavy backlighting making power draw lower. Unfortunately traditional stylus (or any other conventional object, finger nail) can no longer be used.

Other than that, the huge screen is the first thing that will feast your eyes when you see the HD2, and the device’s second most important component is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset (QSD8250) which is composed of a 1ghz CPU and 600Mhz DSP. The CPU is a derivative of the ARMv9 Cortex8 architecture and includes an AMD Z430 GPU featuring a unified pixel & vertex shader pipeline (based on the Xbox 360 Xenos GPU) and is OpenGL-ES 2.0 compatible. To make it simple, it’s the fastest mobile SoC out now (nVidia’s Tegra APX is close but the ARM11 CPU currently used is holding it back). Besides those two important features the HD2 packs a 5Mpix camera with autofocus, dual LED flash, 448Mb of Ram, 512Mb of Rom, Micros USB port, 3.5mm jack; FM radio, aGPS, Digital Compass , and a lot more.

July 15, 2010

Pakistan or Pornistan? What's the truth

I have a great appreciation for the guy who has revealed the true facts by simply looking at the issue published by fox news and making some research himself to find the truth. Rest of Pakistani media is a lazy sleeping media who even can't do a small research to figure out the truth (I have seen fox news story copy/paste by an Urdu Newspaper, they even didn't give it a minute to find the true facts) Instead they make Sania-Shoaib wedding their lead story. It should be our (Bloggers) duty to start trends for positive and truthful reporting. A big hand for Koolmuzone.com guy.

The following is An Article by: Guitar_freaK at Koolmuzone.com
Disclaimer: This article might not be suitable for all audiences. Readers discretion is advised.

Today Fox News published a report on Pakistan and refereed to it as Pornistan claiming that it is “No. 1 Nation in Sexy Web Searches”. Whatever keywords Fox News has mentioned are factual and not made-up. I don’t deny the fact that Pakistan ranks 1st on these keywords. I also don’t deny the fact that porn is popular in Pakistan. However, I deny that Pakistan is “No. 1 Nation in Sexy Web Searches” as claimed by Fox News.

Pakistan is top dog in searches per-person for “horse sex” since 2004, “donkey sex” since 2007, “rape pictures” between 2004 and 2009, “rape sex” since 2004, “child sex” between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, “animal sex” since 2004 and “dog sex” since 2005, according to Google Trends and Google Insights, features of Google that generate data based on popular search terms.

It’s funny how the mentioned keywords are few of the least popular keywords when it comes to pornography. Below is the image of comparison of these keywords along with other major keywords related to pornography like “sex”, “porn”, “big tits”

If you have a look at the image, the search volume for keyword “sex” is FAAAR more than other keywords. Keyword “Porn” has the 2nd highest search volume. Followed by “big tits” and then there is this little search volume for “rape sex” and “horse sex” which you might spot with a magnifying glass.

5 Beautiful Hadees

Beautiful Hadess (Islamic teachings) with Graphic design.

July 12, 2010

4 Yahoo services that can help your blog grow

1.Yahoo buzz

Yahoo! Buzz is a community-based news article website, similar to Digg, that combines the features of social bookmarking and syndication through a user interface that allows editorial control. A big number of Internet users are connected to Yahoo Buzz. While you submit a URL into it. It is sure your URL will become more visible to Search Engines and will be exposed to a lot of Yahoo buzz visitors. I suggest visit Yahoo buzz daily and post your every blog post into it. It will increase visitors to your blogs or websites.

2.Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer site launched by Yahoo. It allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. The site gives members the chance to earn points as a way to encourage participation. A big community daily uses Yahoo Answers service daily. When we search in search engine, many times it happens a Yahoo Answer is returned which may lead to our problem's solution. I encourage you to participate in Yahoo Answers and search for similar topics as you post in your blog. Users are wondering for solutions to their issues. Reply the question and redirect users to your blog or website if you have already discussed that issue at your blog. This tip worked for me, give it a try.

July 11, 2010

How to Arabize your Smartphone for free

Arabize is a term means enabling Arabic support for your Smartphone. By enabling arabic support into your device you can read / write SMS messages in Arabic language. You can handle Arabic in documents like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also you can write calender entries in Arabic.

Arabizing your device opens a world of Arabic softwares like Quran, Prayer Times, Hijri Calender and many more for your device. To Arabize your device you need to install a new version of operating system to your device that comes with Arabic support. This version of Software is released by device manufacturer and doing this will not cause any harm to your device or its warranty. It is called ROM

July 10, 2010

All new Digg is just about to arrive - Digg V4 Alpha

Digg.com has introduced new Digg V4 alpha. Digg team is inviting a few group of users, publishers and advertisers to new version of Digg. There are about 20,000 invitations send by Digg.

However still they have found troubles in Digg alpha. I have just started using it yesterday and it looks like not a lot of people are using it. Next to it I searched it in the google and I didn't find good result on that. Here I am quoting what Digg team is saying...

As we set out to redesign Digg, our first priority has been to improve the user experience by focusing on 3 areas: Speed, Personalization, Diversity of Content.
Speed:All product features, from submitting a story, to digging to commenting, are now done under a second. We hope this makes using the new Digg a pleasant experience.
Personalization:"My News" is the custom news page we build for you based on the people and/or sources of news you follow. Only stories that have been dugg or submitted by these sources will show up in My News. You can make My News relevant to you by choosing to follow people and sources that you consider tastemakers for your particular interests.
Diversity of Content:In addition to user submitted stories, we now feature stories submitted via RSS by large and small publishers. You can also add any RSS feed yourself. We want to make sure that if an important news story develops from any source, you get to read it on Digg
In addition to these enhancements, we have kept the familiar top stories home page showing you the most popular stories on Digg, as dugg by all users - this feature is now referred to as Top News.
Additional information for Publishers is here and for Advertisers is here.
That's it for now, we hope you enjoy this new version. We plan to iterate continuously so if you have any feedback or questions we'd love to hear them. You can use the links at the bottom of any page to submit your input.

10 Beautiful Habits of Muhammad (PBUH) in urdu

Here are few graphics consisting of Urdu writing. 10 Beautiful habits of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I recieved these by email, thought to share it with you.

Mobile phone connections reached 5 Billion mark world-wide

BBC news reported more than 5 billion mobile phone connections have been registered during last 18 months. This tally was conducted by an organization "Wireless Intelligence". There are many countries where mobile phone subscriptions reaches more than hundred percent. That means more than one subscriber got two connections at a time. Big mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, Apple and HTC got huge profits. Search engine Google has also taking part in this business by sponsoring android phone developments.

I have seen a mobile first time in 2001 when my brother purchased it from Saudi Arabia. It was first color screen device from Nokia and I showed it to my class mates and all of them got huge interest in it. Later on Mobile phone cameras developed, then WAP support mobile sets launched, 3G and 4G technologies introduced and now Mobile phone is need of everyone. From a 5 years child to an old man. This is an invention which is benifiting everyone. Huge Business has been generated and communication become so easy.

July 9, 2010

16 Basic Internet Definitions for Kids

Back in 2008 I have written this booklet for my employer's children. I have also given them a few lectures using multimedia projector. The purpose of this booklet was to introduce basic Internet terminologies and Resources. It is very easy to know about Yahoo, Microsoft and Google for an adult. But for children it becomes little difficult to explain them What is Internet and Why is Internet. That time I googled a lot to find similer stuff free from some online resource but I have found everyone is asking for registrations, course fees and paid lectures. Even basic education books for children are very expensive. So that I decided to solve this issue myself and I spent a week writing all this. Also I put visual aids for childern to understand easily. Here is the booklet index.

Another buddy at Common Craft is also doing stuff like this as I have mentioned in an earlier post.


If you like to download this book. Just click here to get it.

Gulf of Mexico Continues to Leak

Based on recently revised estimates, BP's ruptured oil well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico continues to leak 25,000 to 30,000 barrels of oil a day. The new figures suggest that an amount of oil equivalent to the Exxon Valdez disaster could still be flowing into the Gulf of Mexico every 8 to 10 days. Despite apparent efforts to restrict journalists from accessing affected areas, stories, video and photographs continue to emerge. Collected here are recent photographs of oil-affected wildlife, people and shorelines around the Gulf of Mexico on this, the 51st day after the initial explosion.

Oil covered brown pelicans found off the Louisiana coast and affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico wait in a holding pen for cleaning at the Fort Jackson Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Buras, Louisiana, June 9, 2010. An American Egret takes flight from an oil-impacted marsh along the Louisiana coast Monday, June, 7, 2010.
Sheila Clark, widow of Donald Clark who was killed in the April 20 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, listens as U.S. Senator Charles Schumer speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill June 10, 2010 in Washington, DC. Family members of the 11 victims of the explosion called on the Senate to ensure that the oil and drilling companies are held responsible for the tragedy.

July 7, 2010

Promotion on Smart Devices in Saudi Arabia

Although this offer came before 15 days around I am still publishing it as it will be active even after Footbal World cup. Nasa Smart Devices offering special discounts on most demanding HTC Smartphones.

worldcup-2010-offer-team-flags-arabic15 % Discount on HTC HD

  • Old Price 3300 SR
  • New Price: 2800 SR

45 % Discount on HTC Cruise2

  • Old Price 2400 SR
  • New Price 1300 SR

47 % Discount on HTC P3300

  • Old Price: 1500 SR
  • New Price: 800 SR

57 % Discount on HTC Diamond

  • Old Price 2800 SR
  • New Price 1200 SR

July 5, 2010

HTC HD2 vs HTC Desire (Comparison)

HTC is my favorite Smartphone brand, they are introducing some very great phones of today's age. Here I have compared 2 great smart devices HTC HD2 and HTC Desire, both of them are amazing phones with different Operating system. HTC HD2 is based on Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional while HTC Desire smartphone is based of Google's android operating system with latest version Android 2.1 (Eclair).

HTC Desire

Free co.cc Domains

Having a top level domain name like (www.yourname.com) is a little expensive for a lot of people. However www.co.cc is providing sub domain (second level) domain for personal uses absolutly free of cost. Visit here. You will find a facility to create and manage absolutely free sub domain of your choice. This service is free as long as you are using it for personal websites or blogs.

July 4, 2010

Another Exciting offer from Mobilink - Zabardast Recharge

Promotion Offer from Jazz

Mobilink is a great Mobile service provider in Pakistan. They always win the hearts of their customers by giving great offers. One of the latest offers Zabardast Recharge gives free mins and free SMS when a subscriber recharge Rs. 100 or more.

Also, any recharge of Rs. 500 and above will entitle the customer to enter into a lucky draw to win 3 1800cc cars and return tickets to the destination of their choice anywhere in the world.

Zabardast Recharge Offer
Recharge Amount
Free Minutes / SMS
Rs. 100 - 299
30 Minutes
30 SMS
Rs. 300 - 599
100 Minutes
100 SMS
Rs. 600 - 999
300 Minutes
300 SMS
Rs. 1000 and above
1000 Minutes
1000 SMS

Why Did Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) marry many wifes?

When people hear that the prophet had many wives they conclude without much thought that the prophet was a sensuous man. However, a quick historical review of his marriages, proves otherwise.
When he was twenty-five years old he married for the first time. His wife, Khadijah, was fifteen years older than he. She remained the only wife of the prophet for the next twenty-five years, until she died (may Allah be pleased with her).

Only after her death, did the prophet marry other women. Now, it is obvious that if the prophet was after physical pleasure he did not have to wait until he was more than fifty years old to start marrying more wives. He lived in a society in which it was quite acceptable to have many wives. But the prophet remained devoted to his only wife for twenty-five years. When she died she was sixty-five years old.

His later marriages were for various reasons. Some marriages were with the view to help the women whose husbands had been killed while they were defending their faith. Others were with a view to cement relationships with devoted followers like Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him. Yet others were to build bridges with various tribes who were otherwise at war with the Muslims. When the prophet became their relative through marriage, their hostilities calmed down, and much bloodshed was averted.

July 3, 2010

Preaching Islam on Electronic Media is our responsibility

There are thousands of websites who are publishing hateful literature for Islam and Muslims, recently I saw a blog publishing poor articles about our holy prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Immediately I submitted a complain about that blog at WordPress team as the blog was hosted with them.

But it is hard for any online community site to take an action against anyone on a single complaint. Internet and Community sites are a very strong media these days and we have to accept this fact. Also it is possible now for everyone that he/she can express himself to the world through online media sites.

Media has grown very strong in Pakistan in last few years and there are a lot of T.V Channels are working, but unfortunately their purpose is not that what non-Muslim community is using for their media for. Non-Muslim community is widely using their media to develop hate against Muslim world. Unfortunately Muslim media is not taking their responsibilities as serious and unable to develop a true image of Muslims and Islamic world.

How to store your files online

Thanks to a growing range of services, it’s now possible to keep all your personal digital information in the Internet “cloud”, as they’re calling it these days. Everything from documents and e-mails to photos and music can be stored — often for free.

The benefits of storing your digital life this way are considerable. You’re no longer tied to a particular computer or location, and you can access your data from any Internet-connected device.
There are a vast number of Internet-based storage services available and growing user demand is leading to some of the world’s biggest IT companies offering more. Interest surged recently when Microsoft launched its SkyDrive service (see below) in more than 30 countries around the world, including Australia. Meanwhile there are strong rumours that Google is planning a similar service, likely to be called GDrive, that will offer masses of online storage space to anyone who wants it.
The Internet storage services we’ve chosen for this round-up can be divided into two categories: those intended primarily for storing and sharing files, and those designed specifically for backups. While some can be used for both, a quick check of their features will determine what they’re best at delivering.
Microsoft SkyDrive
Storage capacity: 5GB | Cost: Free
SkyDrive is part of the growing range of services that form Microsoft’s Live portfolio. Having been in beta for around 12 months, it was released to the public earlier this month.

Install Urdu Phonetic Keyboard on Windows XP

Here is another keyboard installation procedure. Please proceed as follows:

Installation Procedure
  • Unzip the attached file and install Phonetic.msi
  • After confirmation message “Phonetic has been successfully installed” go to control panel
  • Double click “Regional and Language options” icon.
  • Press “Language” tab.
  • Press “Detail” button.
  • Press “Add” button
  • Select “Input Language:” Urdu, and “Keyboard layout/IME:” Phonetic

Create A Powerful CV - Resume

Tips and tools to creating a winning CV that will get you noticed.
Your CV is your gateway to the universe of career opportunities and investing in the right focus, structure, phrasing and syntax at this early stage of the job search process will reap tremendous rewards in opening doors to the next critical stage: the Interview. Below we have identified some of the key factors that differentiate a successful CV from those that never make it through the search.

A good CV shows clarity of vision. The jobseeker knows what it is they are looking for and has clearly highlighted what attributes/ skills/ experience they have that will enable them to succeed in that direction. You will win the interview primarily on the strength of your skills/experience and their direct relevance to the job at hand. Vague/ fuzzy statements in the Title, Objectives or Experience sections will detract from the impact of your CV and raise questions rather than opening doors.

Exaggerated claims on CVs are easily detected, if not immediately, then upon reference checks at a later date in the process. To avoid embarrassment, you should be as factual and accurate as possible. Ommit details that don’t make you look good at the CV stage (eg. a less than attractive GPA or the fact that you were terminated from a job) but do not present facts that cannot be substantiated. Do highlight your areas of strength in the best possible light (hobbies/ interests/ skills can be embellished); however, do not provide glaring misrepresentations.

July 2, 2010

Send Free SMS - ProPakistani

Your messages will only deliver if receiver’s mobile number is white-listed in our records. To white list a number, simply send a blank message from receiver’s mobile number to 0333-310-3337. This is one time activity – once white-listed, they will keep getting messages for ever.

Please note, we want SMS from receiver’s number, not the sender’s number. So before sending Free SMS to your FnF, ask them to send us a blank message to 0333-310-3337

Otherwise, no recipient will receive your SMS.

Note: Addition in white-list may take 24 hours, at most. As this is one time process, please bear with us – for highly efficient and absolutely SPAM less service. For any issues/feedback: aamir [at] propakistani dot com"

Wateen Offers Student Discount Package in Selected Cities

Thanks to USF, Wateen telecom is offering WiMAX broadband services at discounted rates for students in selected cities. This discount is offered exclusively for students in following cities:

  • Okara
  • Sargodha
  • Abbottabad
  • Gujrat
  • Sialkot
  • Sheikhupura
  • Sahiwal

Student of these cities can get discount on Wateen services by simply presenting their School, college, University identity at Wateen Franchises. Discounted Wateen Rates for Students are as following:

  • 256 Kbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 839
  • 512 Kbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 909
  • 1 Mbps – 1 GB Limit for Rs. 299
  • 1 Mbps – Unlimited Volume for Rs. 979

امربالمعروف،نہی عن المنکر

حضرت انس رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ فرماتے ہیں کہ حضور صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے فرمایا: کیا میں تمہیں ایسے لوگ نہ بتلاؤں جو نہ نبی ہوں گے اور نہ شہید لیکن ان کو اللہ کے ہاں اتنا اونچا مقام ملے گا کہ قیامت کے دن نبی اور شہید بھی اُنہیں دیکھ کرخوش ہوں گے اور وہ نور کے خاص منبروں پر ہوں گے اور پہچانے جائیں گے، صحابہ کرام رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہم نے پوچھا یا رسول اللہ ( صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) وہ کون لوگ ہیں؟
آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے فرمایا: یہ وہ لوگ ہیں جو اللہ تعالیٰ کے بندوں کو اللہ کامحبوب بناتے ہیں اوراللہ تعالیٰ کو اس کے بندوں کا محبوب بناتے ہیں اور لوگوں کے خیرخواہ بن کر زمین پر پھرتے ہیں، میں نے عرض کیا یہ بات تو سمجھ میں آتی ہے کہ وہ اللہ کو اس کے بندوں کا محبوب بنائیں،لیکن یہ سمجھ میں نہیں آرہا ہے کہ وہ اللہ کے بندوں کو اللہ کا محبوب کیسے بنائیں گے؟
آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے فرمایا: یہ لوگ اللہ کے بندوں کو ان کاموں کا حکم دیں گے جو کام اللہ کو محبوب اور پسند ہیں اور ان کاموں سے روکیں گے جو اللہ کو پسند نہیں ہیں۔ وہ بندے جب ان کی بات مان کر اللہ کے پسندیدہ کام کرنے لگ جائیں تو یہ بندے اللہ کے محبوب بن جائیں گے۔

Do You Need A Website?

Using the Internet as a marketing tool is a wise business decision no matter the size of your company. Here is something to ponder if you are sitting on the fence about getting your business online.
Consider what kind of information a potential customer gets when he enters your office (showroom, restaurant or store). Perhaps your customer can.

· Read the sign stating the hours of operation (or holiday hours)
· Pick up a business card with your full business name, mailing address, fax and phone numbers
· Read a brochure about your company’s history, products/services, mission statement
· Look at photos of the owners/employees at promotional and staff events
· Read notices on a bulletin board
· Get Information about affiliates, partners or suppliers
· Admire award plaques, trophies, team photos, and “Thank You” certificates
· See how staff interacts with customers
· Learn methods of payment
· Pick up a catalogue, schedule an appointment, ask questions, meet staff
· Feel the spirit and energy of your company

July 1, 2010

Telenor Mala-maal Offer for Retailers

Telenor is incentivizing its retailers with cash prizes and motorbikes if they make extra sales (for easyload) in the month of July 2010.

Campaign starting today will enable those retailers to enter into the lucky draw who will earn 5 percent additional sales than of their targets.

  • Motorbikes – 12 prizes
  • Rs. 10,000 Cash – 30 prizes
  • Rs. 5,000 Cash – 60 prizes
  • Rs. 2,100 Cash – 2100 prizes


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