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August 20, 2010

How to Transfer STC Qitaf points to your loved ones

Qitaf is a free service from STC (Saudi Telecom Company) which offers several benifits on using your mobile phone.

Transfer STC Qitaf points to your loved ones

Transfer points from your Qitaf account to your loved ones today, by calling 902/907. After that you will be able to redeem the points for one of STC’s services. If your balance reaches 500 or more points, you will be eligible for one Qitaf voucher. You will be able to enjoy shopping and other benefits from STC Qitaf points.

Transferring Rules

  • Maximum 100 points per month can be transferred to another Qitaf member
  • Transfers can be made in increments of 20 points
  • Recipients may receive from other Qitaf subscribers, up to 300 transfer points per month

General Terms

In order to transfer points, you must be the primary account holder. STC may at any time and without prior notice
  1. Terminate the points transfer service in its entirety
  2. Change, limit or terminate any aspect of the service
More details may be seen at STC Website


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