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December 8, 2012

HTC One X Vs Galaxy S3 – Which one is better

HTC One X VS Samsung Galaxy S3

At first glance the two models are very similar, both offering a premium smart phone experience, packing big screens, quad-core processors and Google's latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. However once you spend some time with devices, these similarities melt away and it becomes very clear that the two are very different, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Design and build

The Galaxy S3 houses one of the biggest screens seen on any Android handset, save for the Galaxy Note and Dell Streak, featuring a massive 4.8in Super Amoled display. However, the One X also packs its own fairly sizeable 4.7in capacitive touch-screen. The two devices are closely matched in size, with the S3 measuring in at 137x71x8.6mm and the One X is 134x70x8.9mm. The same is true in the weight stakes, with the S3 weighing 133g and the One X a slightly lighter 130g.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X V3

Despite being very similar in size, the two devices are quite different visually. While the One X has curved corners, it features significantly harder edges and lines than the S3, which has a much softer feel. Additionally the One X has a unibody design, while the S3 features a removable back plate. While having access to the device's battery is useful, letting you swap the phone's battery if necessary, we really aren't a fan of it on the S3.This is because the S3's back plate feels incredibly flimsy - to the point that we actually winced every time we removed it, concerned it was going to break.

Samsung Galaxy S3 back plate

The One X by comparison feels reassuringly sturdy, despite being made of polycarbonate as opposed to the metal in the S3. Beyond this, the most noticeable design differences between the two are the S3's use of a physical home button and metal trim.
The metal trimming surrounds the device's sides and acts as a barrier between its front face and detachable back plate, while the home button sits at the front of the device between the S3's capacitive back and menu buttons. Overall while the touches make the device look fairly nice they do give it a distinct iPhone like feel - something we don't like, preferring the One X's unmistakably HTC Android design.


When it comes to performance, both the One X and S3 are powerhouses packing powerful quad-core processors. On paper the One X looks slightly faster featuring a 1.5GHz quad-core processor backed up by 1GB of RAM, while the S3 has a 1.4GHz quad-core chip.
However, when tested with benchmarking tool AnTuTu the S3 scored 12,127 beating the One X which managed a still impressive 10,829. While this is interesting on paper, being blunt, we really didn't notice any differences between the two when it comes to speed. Using either device we managed to stream video, browse the internet on multiple tabs and play even the most power-hungry gaming apps available on the Play Store with no lag.
This is mainly because there really isn't that much demand for quad-core technology in a Smartphone at the moment. There are next to no apps in the Play Store that call for quad-core performance. This means that while quad-core is nice, its only real selling point at the moment is it future proofs the device, theoretically meaning that a quad-core handset has the extra power available if and when apps and the Android platform itself are able to take greater advantage of it.
The S3's 4.8in HD Super Amoled screen uses the same display technology seen in Samsung's Nexus and Note smart phones. The One X by comparison features a 4.7in 1,280x720 HD display. One factor that differentiates the two is the fact that the S3's display doesn't offer as high a pixel density as the One X's 312ppi display, running at a slightly lower 306ppi.
But again, when looking at the two next to each other, we really struggled to tell which was better, with both being very clear and crisp even in the most unflattering light conditions.

Operating system and software

While both devices run using Google's latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, their user interfaces (UIs) and features are noticeably different. This is mainly because both Samsung and HTC have loaded the devices with their custom Touchwiz and Sense software, respectively.
We're not a fan of either custom environment, as we feel that the basic Ice Cream Sandwich experience seen on the Galaxy Nexus is cleaner and more intuitive.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X operating system

That said, HTC's Sense 4.0 is the lesser of the two evils, packing fewer uninstallable custom apps and widgets. While Samsung has tweaked Touchwiz for the S3, removing several of the annoying widgets and graphical flourishes that plagued the S2, the UI still feels cluttered and is full of things you will never need or want to use. A particularly good example is its S Voice service. This aims to offer the same voice recognition and command capabilities seen with the Apple iPhone 4S's Siri.
However, we have found it unrelentingly tiresome to use, with it regularly taking multiple attempts to understand what you're asking it and then often taking several seconds to respond. It's usually quicker and less aggravating to just launch the service using physical commands.
The only saving grace we noticed regarding the S3 is that a select number of its features, like S Beam and Pop up Play, are pretty useful.

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Beam

S Beam builds on the basic Android Beam technology seen in the One X, letting users share everything from contacts, to movies and audio files using NFC. Samsung claims the S3 can send 1GB movies in three minutes and 10MB music files in two seconds using the technology. The application launches automatically when you touch two S3s together, but the devices must be back-to-back for it to work, simply touching the handsets' tops together will not work.
Pop up Play on the other hand lets you create a mini version of any video you're playing that can be placed anywhere on the UI. This means that you can keep watching a video while replying to a text or scanning Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, though these features are at times useful, they aren't enough to overcome the fact that Touchwiz isn't very user friendly. The UI is so full that it can confuse non-Samsung Android Smartphone users.
HTC's Sense 4.0 UI by comparison, though also a little too full of HTC's custom widgets, is significantly less cluttered and much easier to navigate.

Overall Winner: The HTC One X

Samsung and HTC's latest handsets are among the finest Android smart phones ever made, both boasting and showcasing the best technology currently on the market in the UK. HTC One x packs Ice Cream Sandwich and a quad core processor photo of the Phone's hub page. Anyone who picks up either device will enjoy a great user experience and won't regret choosing either device.
However, picking the rivals apart, the Samsung Galaxy S3 does have slightly more flaws than the One X, which itself isn't perfect. Chief among these is its bloat ware infestation and slightly cheap feeling chassis. While the device does look beautiful, albeit a little too iPhone-like, it doesn't feel sturdy enough, and we aren't convinced it would survive a drop or accidental spill unscathed.
Additionally, the sheer number of custom Samsung apps and widgets installed on the device can make it daunting to use for anyone unfamiliar with Samsung's Touch wiz, even for a veteran smart phone user. This adds up to our conclusion that while the S3 does beat the One X when it comes to battery, we have to give the title of best Android smart phone on the market to HTC.

Author Bio
Esme Craig a content writer and an entrepreneur write for House Removals london that provide suitable solutions and amazing services for man and van London also.

November 15, 2012

Full Mobile Price List Saudi Arabia 2012 - HTC BlackBerry Apple and Samsung

Dear All

Below are the recent prices of all brands mobile phones and smartphones in Saudi Arabia. These devices are offered by Nasa Smart Devices in Various Saudi Arabian cities including Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh, Khobar and Madina.

Take a look at Mobile Prices Flyer below. You may click on the picture to enlarge it.

October 11, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hot Offers October 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of most amazing smartphones from Samsung which is widely soled and liked in Saudi Arabia. This smartphone is kept selling at a price range of 2200 to 2400 Saudi Riyals for long time by various retailers including eXtra, Nasa Smart Devices, Jarir Book Store, Hyper Panda, Axiom Telecom and few others as well.

However this week (October 9 onward) might be considered best one for buyers because Saudi Arabian Mobile Market has seen huge an unbelievable offers on Samsung Galaxy S3. Below I would like to explain about all these offers.

I start from eXtra Stores offer on Galaxy S3 which is as per me one of the best offer yet. eXtra has started MEGASALE from 10 to 14 October 2012 in which up to 50% discount was offered at various electronics items, including LCDs, LEDs, iPhone, iPad, other tablets like Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab2, BlackBerry device, DSLR camera, Laptops, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners etc. eXtra Store is offering Samsung Galaxy S3 in 1899 SR with a 14% discount, its previous prices was 2199. This device is available in Blue and White color and 1 Year Golden Warranty. When you will buy this device you will get a 15GB Internet Sim Card for free.

The Next great offer on Galaxy S III is from Axiom Telecom Saudi Arabia, which is well known for best repairing and after sales service. Axiom Telecom is offering Galaxy S3 in 2299 Saudi Riyals with Free Samsung Digital Camera, the model of Digital camera was not mentioned however the picture given in the brochure makes me assume that it is a Samsung Camera with dual LCD, LCD on back and front, and it must be a prominent Camera models from Samsung. Axiom has exclusively offer 4 New colors of Galaxy S3 which are

  1. Garnet red
  2. Amber brown
  3. Titanium silver
  4. Sapphire black
Note: The image has been taken from Axiom Middle Eastern Site. I am not sure when these colors will be available in Saudi Arabia Stores of Axiom Telecom
Here is the snapshot from Axiom Telecom Publication, which has been released on 6th October, 2012. But I couldn't find if there is an ending date for this offer. This offer is about Samsung Galaxy S3 with Free Digital Camera.

The third and last offer as per my knowledge is offered by Jarir Book Store. Which is offering Samsung Galaxy S3 in 2199 SR after 200 SR discount. Jarir is also offering Gifts like 15GB Internet for 3 Months, a 16GB microSD Card and Belkin Accessories Kit, that includes a Premium Home and Car Charger, Set of Screen Protectors and Back Cover. The value of Belkin Accessories Kit is 269 SR, which is offered free with every purchase. However a little trouble I find at Jarir when I went there for purchasing, so many people were there to buy this and it was a long queue line in Front of the desk which was offering Free Sim Card.

For more offers on Telecom, Mobiles and Smartphones keep visiting Saudi Telecom News

Great Price Slash Apple iPhone 4S 64GB only in 2499 SR

Super Dhamaka Offer, Extra Shopping Mall is Offering a Great Price Slash of Apple iPhone 4S 64GB. it is only in 2499 SR, before it was 2999 SR. It is an Amazing offer by Extra. The model No of this Apple iPhone 4S 64GB is  MD258AE/A. See below to know the charctaristics of Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB.
Warranty 1 Year
Battery Talk Time (hours) 10 hrs & More
Battery Standby (hours) 200 to 399 hrs
Screen Size (inch) 3.5
Memory (internal) 64 GB
CPU Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9
OS (Operating System) iOS 5
Display Technology LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Its also Include TV outputs, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and Games. It has High Camera Resolution up to 8.9 MP. Superb Phone and Superb Offer by Extra. This Offer is Valid only during the Mega Sale in Extra, so hurry up otherwise you Lost the Chance. To see more Special offers and Smart Phone Prices Visit Saudi Telecom News.

October 1, 2012

iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S Prices in Saudi Arabia October 2012

iPhone 5 Prices

Finally iPhone 5 is now available at eXtra stores branches in Saudi Arabia, eXtra stores sells iPhone 5 16GB in White Color and Black Color at a price  of 4500 Saudi Riyals, the starting prices was set to 4999SR however later on the prices is reduced by 500 Saudi Riyals, I hope it will soon come down more as soon as more retialers start selling iPhone 5.

iPhone 4S Prices

With the launch of iPhone 5 in Saudi Arabia, the prices for previous version of iPhone (iPhone4S) are also decreased. Now you can buy an iPhone 4S 64GB with 300 Saudi Riyals discount that is only in 2699 SR. Before same retailers were selling little expansive at 2999SR.

iPhone 4S 32GB also decreased by 100 SR and now it is available only in 2499 SR in both white and black color. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB is available at its new price 2299 SR in white color as well as black color.
So that was a small review of Apple Prices in Saudi Arabia for October 2012. Soon I will bring more recent prices. Thank you.

Keep visiting Saudi Telecom News

September 25, 2012

Saudis take to mobile repairing in Riyadh

A Saudi customer is served in a mobile shop at a market in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - AP Photo

Expatriates have for many years been the ones running mobile phone repair shops in Saudi Arabia, but now in Riyadh one can find Saudis managing many shops and reaping a portion of the business’s massive profits.

These service shops do not include extensive repairs, but services like helping customers with installing programs, opening accounts online — such as Google, iTunes and others — as well as upgrading mobile phone’s software, transferring mobile data (contacts, multimedia messages and other files) and downloading and installing games.

According to them, they earn an average SR 7,000 per month or more. These young Saudis do not have qualifications, but have acquired their skills by experience.

There is a strong demand for smartphone applications and maintenance. Most customers request services related to smartphone applications, especially chat and music apps.

“Workers in this field have to be honest and have integrity to preserve costumer’s information and privacy,” said Ali Al-Kuraidis, who owns and works in one of the shops. “Currently expatriates constitute 70 percent of those working in the field.”

Sami Al-Ashqar, an 18-year-old who works in one of the shops, said he entered the field because of his childhood passion for technology, as well as the field’s profitability.

“Since I was 16, I have supported myself completely without my father’s support,” he said. When he started out, he worked in a mobile shop making SR 1,500 a month.

Report by Arabnews

September 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 with Free 10GB Internet

eXtra is now offering Samsung Galaxy S3 with 10GB Free Internet. 10GB Data Bundle can be activated via STC's Sim card that is valid for 3 Months from start of activation date.

eXtra is also offering Samsung Galaxy S3 in 3 Available colors that are White, Blue and Ceramic White. Galaxy S3 is available in just 2199 Saudi Riyals in any of available colors. You can avail this offer from any of eXtra's branches in Saudi Arabia from below cities.

Abha, Buraida, Jeddah, Riyadh, Makkah, Madina,  Taif, Tabuk, Jizzan, Jubail, Sakaka, Yanbu, Al-Khirj, Hafr al batin and Najran.

So Hurry up and get benefit from this hot offer. For more offers keep visiting Saudi Telecom News.

September 21, 2012

Saudi National Day 23 September Car Make Over

Now all the people who love Saudi Arabia if you want to get your car decorated with a beautiful Saudi Arabian National day message or Saudi Flag, you can do it easily. A local car decorator is offering the below make over in Just 150 Saudi Riyal, it is a plastic cover that can be fixed on Car Hood, Car Mirrors, Patrol cover and two flags that will be installed at the back side of car. Later on after the celebration day you can easily remove it, because it is not a spray, not a sticker or paint. It can be easily remove without doing any harm to car paint. Its installation is very quick and it will hardly take few minutes. Below is a picture showing how it will look like on your car. So hurry up, install this cover and show your love with Saudi Arabia on the streets.

New iPad Prices in Saudi Arabia September 2012

The new iPad3 is one of the favorite Tablet PC in Saudi Arabia these days because of its so many features, amazing touchscreen and bright display. There are huge sales recorded everyday at shopping malls and electronic super stores in Saudi Arabia. There are many stores offering Apple's products including iPhone 4S and iPad3.

iPad3 4G Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad3 4G 16GB: SAR 2349
  • iPad3 4G 32GB: SAR 2999
  • iPad3 4G 64GB: SAR 3399

iPad3 Wi-Fi Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad3 WiFi 16GB: SAR 1999
  • iPad3 WiFi 32GB: SAR 2499
  • iPad3 WiFi 64GB: SAR 2899

iPad2 3G Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad2 3G 16GB: SAR 2099
  • iPad2 3G 32GB: SAR  will be updated soon.
  • iPad2 3G 64GB: SAR 1900

iPad2 Wi-Fi Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad2 WiFi 16GB: SAR 1599
  • iPad2 WiFi 32GB: SAR 2229
  • iPad2 WiFi 64GB: will be updated soon.

September 18, 2012

Samsung Attack on iPhone 5 and Reply from Apple Fans

Recently in a Print Advertisment Samsung targeted Apple's iPhone 5 Features and compared it with there best player Galaxy S3. The advertisement was published in a USA's newspapers few days ago. The purpose of this ad was probabally to show weak points of iPhone 5 and raise the powerful points of Galaxy S3. The ad says "It doesn't take a geniuos" and “The next big thing is already here.” Actually it was a bold move from samsung against apple to directly comparing their product with Samsung's product.

Advertisement from Samsung

September 17, 2012

15 Best Features of iPhone 5 that can beat Galaxy S3

No doubt Apple's recently launched iPhone 5 is one of the best smartphone with outstanding features and amazing sleek design that no Smartphone manufacture could think of. iPhone 5 is a package of outstanding hardware and software that beats most of today's best smartphones. Earlier with the launch of Galaxy SIII, its manufacturer Samsung claimed that "The next big Thing is already here". However this statement is not as much convincing as it should be. There are a lot of things which Samsung still has to improve in their best player S3.

For instance iPhone 5 has much better pixel density than Galaxy S3. iPhone 5 is lighter and can be carried easily as compared to S3. It has higher download speed, it has more internal storage, it has dedicated camera button, it has less start-up delay and it is equipped with 3 microphones for better voice reception. And what I really love about iPhone 5 is that it has better body construction that uses aluminium instead of Cheap plastic of Galaxy S3. Take a look at the detailed comparison chart of iPhone5 vs GalaxyS3 below.

Features iPhone 5 Galaxy S3
Higher Pixel Density 326 ppi pixel density 306 ppi pixel density
Light Weight 114g 133g
Higher Download Speed Up to 100MBPS over LTE Up to 21MBPS over HSDPA
More Internal Storage Up to 64GB Up to 32GB
Wide Aperture f/2.4 f/2.6
Dedicated Camera Button Yes No
Less Startup Delay 0.84 0.99
Shorter in Size 123.8mm 136.6mm
Less in Volume 55.1 cm3 82.9 cm3
Thinner 7.6mm 8.6mm
Narrower 58.6mm 70.6mm
3 Microphones Yes No
Direct OS updates by vendor Yes No
More Apps Available 425,000 apps 400,000 apps
Better Body Construction Almunium Body Plastic Body

For more comparison of iPhone 5 keep visiting Saudi Telecom News.

September 16, 2012

Mobile Trend Arabic Magazine September 2012 Issue Free Download

Mobile Trend is best Arabic Magazine in Middle East for Telecom News and Smartphones. I already posted few issues of this magazine free to download at Saudi Telecom News. Here I brought for you Issue of September 2012.

Mobile Trend September 2012 has following special articles

  • Nokia's Lumia Mobiles with Windows 8
  • Toshiba's clever Ultrabook reached Middle East
  • LG Manufactured LCD Screens for iPhone 5
  • Sony Xperia SL
  • Vertu Gaming Device
  • Samsung Introduced Big Screen Tablet like iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy Camera

September 15, 2012

iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S3 Features Comparison

iPhone 5 is recently introduced by Apple with best features in today's smartphone world. I published a review of prominent features of iPhone 5 earlier, where you can see a detailed overview of iPhone 5. Here I am gonna show you a short comparison of iPhone 5 Features with Galaxy S3 Features.

You may also find another post on Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S at Saudi Telecom News. The main big differance is iPhone 5's download speed that is up to 100MBPS over LTE. iPhone 5 is light weight than Galaxy S3, it has less body volume and less size than Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple iPhone 5 High Resolution Images

Contact Numbers of Recruiting Agencies in Jeddah

You might think that this post no way relates to the topic of my blog however this is post based on request of one of the friends. It might be a useful post for job seekers as well. This list is posted by Alwarbah International - Overseas Employment Promoters. Which is a Pakistan based recruiting agency helping people in Pakistan to find jobs in overseas. Most favorite countries for Pakistani people these days are Saudi Arabia, UAE, other Gulf countries, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain and USA.

However the list below is only recruiting companies in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. I didn't confirm the telephone numbers and rest of the contact details personally, because it will be a huge mess to call so many recruiting agencies when actually I am not seeking a job. If you try any of the contact details and you got a good service or bad service please comment in the comment box below, Upon your feedback I will update the post accordingly. Soon I will try to publish recruting agency numbers in other cities as well, like Riyadh, Dammam, Khobar, Makkah, Madina, Hail, Yanbu etc.

September 12, 2012

First Look of iPhone 5 and its Specification

Apple's iPhone which is one of the world's favorite smartphone has launched its new model iPhone 5 today which is one of the biggest innovation happened with iPhone devices as Apple claimed. It is thinner, lighter and so much more than previous versions of the iPhone. It has most biggest screen among all previous smartphones of its series. A 4 inch Retina Display. The 4 inch Retina screen has a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels with 326 pixels per inch density. Apple didn't join the trend of biggest smartphone screen contest like Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Galaxy Note. They say it is not just bigger but it is just the right screen size a human needs and remain comfortable with that seems eventually true. My personal experience says that smartphones with too big Display size makes them difficult to carry and uncomfortable to use. Although it is more fun to play games and watch movies on bigger screens, but that is a seprate issue.

Another improvement in iPhone 5 is its ultrafast wireless connectivity, data upload and download which is; as per my knowledge fastest download in any available device yet. Apple also added 4G LTE connectivity which doesn't exist in any previous version of the iPhone. The figures are just awesome.

Short Comparison of Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S

22 Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy S3 that are making it better than Apple iPhone 4S

Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S both are brilliant smartphones of today's time. Galaxy S3 has huge fans and lovers as well as iPhone 4S has. There are a lot of people who love brand, not the specification or price. For example Apple lovers would love to buy Apple product without considering how much money they are paying for it, While Samsung lovers will not consider better features of iPhone 4S, rather they will buy a Samsung product.

There are some customers who strictly follow Features and Specification of smart devices, they are not worried about manufacturer and brand, their only consideration is to get best available device in best value. Such type of people love comparisons and read reviews before actually buying the device. This post is for the same type of people.

I got a lot of help from versusio.com in making this post, because they had done a simple, short and to the point comparison of iPhone4S and GalaxyS3.

September 5, 2012

Black Berry Mobile Phones Great Offers September 2012 Saudi Arabia

Black Berry is one of the most Favorite Mobile Phone of Saudi Youth. It has many Features Better than other Mobile Phones. Here is the Great Bundle Offer of Black Berry Mobile Phones, Presented by Jarir Book Store. This Offer is Valid in Saudi Arabia and Valid till Stock Lasts. Here is the more Detail of this Offer. You may also see other Updated Mobile Prices and Special Offers on Mobile Phones at Saudi Telecom News.

Black Berry Curve 9790

Price: 1799 SR + 300 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Curve 9360

Price: 1199 SR + 200 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Curve 8520

Price: 599 SR + 50 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Curve 9320

Price: 899 SR + 100 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Torch 9860

Price: 1099 SR + 100 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

Black Berry Torch 9220

Price: 699 SR + 50 SR Gift Voucher + 10 GB Internet sim for 1 Month

September 4, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB Best Low Price Saudi Arabia

The Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB offers enhanced performance, a lovely new display and very good improved design. It also adds many of sorely needed features, both by itself and through the iOS 5 update. Here I Presenting the Best Deal of Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB. This Best Offer is Available at Extra Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia. Extra is also Offering the Free Home Delivery. You may also see Best Samsung Galaxy S3 offer in KSA Yet ,  Apple Tablet PC Prices and other Apple Prices at Saudi Telecom News.

Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB 

Model No : MD235AE-A-TRK
Warranty 1 Year
Memory (internal) 16 GB
Battery Standby 200 to 399 hrs
Screen Size 3.5 inch
Battery Talk Time (hours) 8 to 10 hrs
Camera Resolution 8 to 9.9 MP
CPU Dual-Core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
OS (Operating System) iOS 5
Display Technology LED-backlit LCD,
Touchscreen, 16M colors
TV output, GPRS
Built-in Flash
Bluetooth, USB
Built-in Camera, Wifi, 3G
Games, GPS Navigation
Secondary Camera (video call)
Price: 2399 SR
Before 2699 SR
Now You can Save 258 SR

September 1, 2012

Saudi Arabia LG Optimus Mobile Prices and Specification

Smartphone market is getting wider and wider and opening opportunities for more and more manufacturers to build devices and offer in the market for selling. LG is a remarkable name in electronics products and manufacturing TVs, LCDs, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners and other electronics products. Manufacturing smartphones that are up to current standards is not an easy job, however LG is doing this job in a great way. LG developing many Android smartphone based mobile phones and smartphones. From long time I am publishing mobile prices in saudi arabia. A lot of my blog readers like to see latest mobile with price regularly. Mobile Prices is one of active category at my blog. Basically I am attached to a mobile shop so that it is very easy for me to post recent mobile prices on the internet. Few days ago I posted prices of Samsung galaxy in Saudi Arabia and my audience really loved that post. However obtaining mobiles prices from the local mobile market is not easy because no one likes to reveal his retail rates to his competitors. That is one of market tactics when you are involved in sales of mobiles.

August 30, 2012

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 offer in KSA Yet

eXtra Electronics Store is one of my favorite shopping centers in Saudi Arabia because they always offer something extra than rest of electronics retailers in the town. Their offers are just fabulous and unique, eye catching and amazing like this one I am sharing with you.

Samsung Galaxy SIII, the favorite phone of today's time is available at the least price in Saudi Arabia. Most of smartphone retailers are selling this smartphone in 2200 SR and plus. However at eXtra you can get this device in just 2099 SR. And this doesn't end here. You will get a Gift of 10GB STC Data Sim Card which is valid for 3 Months. This sim card has a value of roundabout 250 SR if you buy it from STC directly.

August 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab2 Prices in KSA August 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab2 is a 7 inch screen tablet pc from Samsung which has 3G support. That means you can insert your data sim card in this tablet and browse internet on the go via 3G network. It has powerful performance 1Ghz processor and Android 4.0 ice Cream Sandwich operating system installed in it. It has high speed connectivity to the internet HSPA 21Mbps. It has Full HD screen on which you can enjoy internet, movies and watch high resolution pictures. It has a 2 megapixels front facing camera for video calls and 3MP Rear camera for taking photos. It has 16GB Internal memory and it also supports Flash Player. Currently it is available in 1549 Saudi Riyals at Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia.

Samsung Mobile Prices Saudi Arabia 2012 (August)

Even after loosing the legal wars against Apple Inc, Samsung is getting on top of all smartphone manufacturers from point of view of Smartphone sales, smartphone manufacturing, quality, features and hardware specifications. Samsung is becoming a Giant in smartphone manufacturing. Samsung's Galaxy S3 is one of top phones of current times. Samsung Galaxy Beam is one of the best smartphones with a built-in projector inside it. Samsung's S Voice is an intelligent voice command system for samsung phones. You can tell Samsung GALAXY S III to turn off the alarm for a few minutes and let yourself sleep a bit more. Answer your phone (or reject a call), turn your music up (or down), and even tell the camera when to shoot. Samsung's Galaxy family of devices provide Extensive connectivity on the 3G network, Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g/n, and/or Bluetooth® 3.0. Samsung's Media Hub app brings all-star entertainment to the Galaxy S smartphones and the Galaxy Tabs. By joining with top studios, Media Hub gives you access to your favourite movies and TV shows.

August 27, 2012

Nokia Saudi Arabia Prices - Mobiles and Smartphones

As always, here are Nokia Mobile Phone Prices again. Nokia is still competing in mobile market with its best devices like Nokia 808 Pureview and Nokia Lumia Series. I collected these prices from Saudi Arabian mobile shops in locality and you might find a small difference in prices from 10 SR to 30 SR (max). These prices are in Saudi Riyal currency.


Nokia N9 64 GB: 1899 SR
Nokia N9: 1299 SR

August 26, 2012

Sony Xperia Smart Phones Best Low Prices Saudi Arabia

Sony Xperia Smart Phones doesn’t mind water or dust. Its'durable touchscreen has the highest level of water resistance. If you need to take it with you to the shower, just go ahead. And it is dust protected too. Saudi Youth Love Sony Xperia Smart Phones. It is easy to use and easy to Carry. Sony is the name of Warranty for Saudi Youngstrs, so I Presenting the Sony Xperia Smart Phone Best Low Prices with its Specifications for Saudi Youth Comfort. You may also see other Smart Phones Prices at .Saudi Telecom News.

How to Remove Windows Media Center Virus from Windows 7

Yesterday one of my office colleague encountered a very strange kind of virus in his personal laptop. The virus changes the behavior of exe files in Windows 7 and opens Windows Media Center upon opening any execute files, any programs and applications. Even you cannot run the Internet Explorer, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chrome etc. After searching the solution on the internet I found that actually this virus make some wrong entries in the Windows Registery and makes in inaccessible. I tried to open windows registery by entering 'regedit' in Run dialogh box but it opened Windows Media Center again.

August 24, 2012

Toshiba Tablet PC Prices September 2012 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

At introduction the Toshiba Thrive had Android 3.1 (Honeycomb), with a 10.1 inch touch screen. Toshiba Tablet PC can read e-books and 720p HD videos, play games, listen to music. It is powered by a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core mobile processor. It has three external ports: a full sized USB and HDMI and a mini USB port. It also has the Toshiba proprietary dock port. Here is Latest Prices of Toshiba Tablet PC. To see more Tablet PC Prices and Special Offers Visit Saudi Telecom News.

Toshiba Excite AT200 Tablet

Thin. Smart. And Built to Last.
Powerful Dual Core performance
Essential ports and smart features
Scratch-Resistant Corning Gorilla Glass Display
Dual HD Cameras
Android 3.1
Thanks to its long battery life, you can virtually go through your entire day worry free.
The ten-finger multi-touch screen design on this tablet lets you navigate and control your visual experience with ease.
This device combines stereo speakers with premium sound enhancements by SRS and Toshiba to bring your movies, music and games to life.
Warranty 1 Year
Price: 1799 SR

Buy LG Optimus L7 for SR 1199 and get SR 200 Gift Voucher Saudi Arabia

The LG Optimus L7 P705 is a smartphone that has been designed with care and precision and with the end user in mind. The phone has been spruced up with nifty features and a smart design that is sure to get heads turning. Jarir Book Store has Always a Great Gift Idea. Now it is Presenting LG Optimus L7 with 200 SR Gift Voucher. LG Optimus L7 Brings Pleasure to Your Eyes and Bring Style to Your Life. It is a great offer from Jarir. This Offer is Valid  till Stock Lasts and it is only Available in Saudi Arabia. Here is the more Detail of this Offer. You can see more Special Offers and LG Optimus Prices at Saudi Telecom News.

LG Optimus L7 Specifications

Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS
4.3 Inch LCD Touch Screen
4 GB Internal Memory
Processor 1 GHZ
5 MP Rear Camera
2 MP Front Camera
FM Radio, Wi-Fi
Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
Price: 1199 SR with 200 SR Gift Voucher Free

August 22, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S Prices with Gifts Saudi Arabia

Jarir Book Store has Always a Great Gift Idea. Now it is Presenting iPhone 4S with Belkin 8 in 1 Starter Kit which Worth is 199 SR. It is a great offer from Jarir. This Offer is Valid  till Stock Lasts and it is only Available in Saudi Arabia. Here is the more Detail of this Offer. You can see more Special Offers and iPhone Prices at Saudi Telecom News.

iPhone 4S Specifications

1080 HD Video
Dual Core AS Chip
8 MegaPixels Camera
iOS 5 and iCloud
and Introducing Siri
Retina Display
Face Ti
16 GB: 2599 SR
32 GB: 2999 SR
64 GB: 3399 SR

LG Optimus 4X HD Hot Offer at Jarir Saudi Arabia

Jarir book store is Offering a very low Prices LG Optimus 4X HD. The Specifications of this mobile is below. This Offer is Available in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Valid till Stock Lasts, so Hurry up.

LG Optimus 4X HD

1.5 GHZ Quad Core Processor
8 Mega Pixels Camera
4.7 Inch LCD Screen
Andriod 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich
Price: 1999 SR  15 GB Internet for 3 Months

See attached flyer for LG Opimus 4X HD

August 16, 2012

HUAWEI's 4G Wifi Router at Amazing Price from Jarir

4G is the latest technology for using Internet at home and office, because of Getting High Speed internet 4G is getting popular and popular these days. There are new devices available in the market which can provide access to Wireless Internet anywhere, either in home, office or on the beach or hills.

For the first time Jarir Bookstore is offering 4G LTE portable Wi-Fi rounter in Saudi Arabia manufectured by HUAWEI. It is a tinny device which can easily fit in your pocket, you just need to charge its battery, insert a 4G data sim and it is ready to provide WiFi Internet up to 10 users on the move, either you are traveling inside a vehicle or enjoying picnik at the beach you can connect to the High Speed Internet. The device HUAWEI E589 (mobile wifi) has a strong battery that lasts 10 hours. This device is available at any branch of Jarir Bookstore through out Saudi Arabia in SR 899. Additionally you will get 7GB X 2 (Total 14GB) monthly Internet data access up to 2 months.

So enjoy this amazing gift offer from Jarir and get benifit from the free Internet in Saudi Arabia.

For the customer who like to buy an iPad Jarir is offering below bundles at discounted Prices.

New iPad 16GB WiFi Black Color + 4G Mobile Wi-Fi + 14GB Internet: SR 2699

New iPad 16GB WiFi Black Color + 4G Mobile Wi-Fi + 14GB Internet: SR 2749

Take a look at the Flyer below.

August 15, 2012

Amazing Gifts offered with Samsung Galaxy S3 in Saudi Arabia

Jarir bookstore is offering amazing gifts when you buy Samsung Galaxy S3 from Jarir store. There is 5 in 1 accessory pack + 15GB Internet for 3 months + 16GB micro SD Card and a Leather Case. The device is available in 2399 Saudi Riyal. Jarir Store is offering these gifts until stock lasts, there is no expiry of this offer. Also you will get 1 year warranty of Samsung Galaxy S3.

This is the offer only for the customers inside Saudi Arabia. So hurry up and buy your favorite Galaxy SIII and get free gifts.

August 8, 2012

Save 400 SR on Fuji FinePix HS25 -Offer for Saudi Arabian Photographers

If you are a Photographer but not satisfied with your existing camera you may go for a Camera upgrade. Fuji Finepix HS25 Camera comes with so many features which I am going to describe.

Fuji FinePix HS25 comes with a Powerful 30x Optical Zoom and 60x Intelligent Digital Zoom. That brings Optimal image quality through Fujifilm's unrelenting supportive functions with Fujinon Lens powerful 30x zoom. Delivers high-speed shooting with brilliant image quality even when photographing up-close. It has 24-720mm Fujinon 30x Optical Zoom and Super Macro Mode. The bright, high-precision Fujinon lens boasts a maximum aperture of f/2.8 and an optical zoom range from wide-angle 24mm to 30x telephoto, while a remarkable 1cm Super Macro Mode opens up creative opportunities right under your eyes. Producing exceptional resolution across the image plane, from the center to the edges, this lens also delivers brilliant Fujinon optical quality across the entire zoom range. It also has Manual barrel zoom. The wide-angle 24mm to 30x telephoto optical zoom range is controlled by twisting the lens barrel, giving you speedy, intuitive control over magnification power. It has Electronic Viewfinder with Eye Sensor, Put your eye to the EVF and Eye Sensor automatically switches display from the LCD to the highly responsive viewfinder.

With these awesome features, HS25 is now comes with 400 Saudi Riyals discount at eXtra shopping mall. Instead of paying 1899 SR you can get this camera only in 1499 SR. When you buy from eXtra you will get a Free 8 GB Memory card and battery charger. If you place an online order at eXtra's website you will get free home delivery inside Saudi Arabia. For more offer keep visiting my blog.

August 6, 2012

HUAWEI Mobile Phone Prices Saudi Arabia 2012

Huawei steped into Smartphone industry 3 years ago, Huawei launched its first Android smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Spain. Later after one year in September 2010 Huawei has announced IDEOS, which was world’s first affordable smartphone with Google in Germany. Later in March 2011 More than one million C8500 smartphones were sold in China within the first 100 days of availability. Huawei kept growing and in January 2012 announced world slimest smartphone called Huawei Ascend P1. After a few weeks Huawei introduced world's first 10 inch quad-core Tablet named as MediaPad 10FHD.

That shows the growth of Huawei in a smallest duration of time. Today Huawei is one of the best smartphone brand in Middle East and rest of the world. Below I am presenting you the prices of Huawei smartphones available in Saudi Arabia.

Huawei U8850 Vision Smartphone

Operating System: Android OS, v2.3.4 (Gingerbread)
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8255-1 Snapdragon
Processor: 1 GHz Scorpion
Memory: 512MB Ram, 2GB ROM, 1GB Storage
Camera: 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, 720p Video Recording
Front Camera: Available
Screen: 3.7 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors
microSD: up to 32GB
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Price: 999 Saudi Riyal

Huawei U8650 Sonic Smartphone

Operating System: Android OS, v2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
Sensors Accelerometer, proximity, compass
Memory: 160 MB storage, 512 MB ROM, 256 MB RAM
Camera: 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels
Front Camera: Not available
Screen: 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors
microSD: up to 32GB
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Price: 599 Saudi Riyal

Huawei Ascend Y200 Smartphone

Operating System: Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread)
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7225A Snapdragon
Processor: 800 MHz Cortex-A5
Sensors: Accelerometer, proximity, compass
Memory: 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM
Camera: 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, VGA@30fps Video Recording
Front Camera: Not available
Screen: 3.5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors
microSD: up to 32GB
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Price: 499 Saudi Riyal

Huawei U8180 IDEOS X1 Smartphone

Operating System: Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7225
Processor: 528 MHz
Memory: 512 MB ROM, 256 MB RAM
Camera: 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, QVGA@24fps Video Recording
Front Camera: Not Available
Screen: 2.8 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors
microSD: up to 32GB
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Price: 399 Saudi Riyal

Huawei G5510 Mobile Phone

Dual SIM 2G Mobile Phone
Processor: 104MHz
Screen: 2.4 inch TFT
Camera:0.3MP (VGA)
FM Radio, Bluetooth
Memory: 32Mb RAM, 64Mb Rom
microSD up to 16 GB
Standby Time: Single SIM Standby Time : 830hrs
Dual SIM Standby Time : 625hrs
Talktime: 220 minutes

Price: 199 Saudi Riyal

Huawei Basic Mobile Phone

1.5 inch Color Screen
FM Radio, Radio Recording
Flash Light
MP3 Ringtones
Free 25 Saudi Riyal Sim Card
Price: 69 Saudi Riyal

There are 2 other devices, Huawei Honor U8860 and Huawei Ascend G300 which are not yet available in Saudi Arabian market. As soon as I get the prices of these mobile sets I will publish at my blog. For more offers keep visiting Saudi Telecom News Blog. Thanks

August 5, 2012

Read plus Listen Holy Quran with Misk Digital Device in Ramadan

MISK is offering a special version of dedicated Holy Quran digital device which helps you Read and Listen Holy Quran Anytime, anywhere in the Month of Ramadan. This is a Color Touch Screen device. Which enables you to listen Quran reciting in beautiful Othman calligraphy that is also linked with Ayas' tafseer and Quran words meanings. Including rules for reciting Quran (Ahkam Tajwed). This is also useful for Memorizing Quran, it has a dedicated application for Memorizing, it also has a recording function. This device also has Prayer times for hundreds of cities around the world with Prayer call (Azan for Mecca, Madina and Quds). This device also includes Hadeeth books including Bukhari and Muslem it also includes 4 Quranic Tafseer books.

This device Misk M1S also has Atlas Modern Dictionary English-Arabic Encyclopedic & Atlas Modern Dictionary Arabic-English with distinguished features, also includes Multimedia applications including Hajj and Umra and fasting and words prayers.

MISK M1s Digital Quran Main Contents

  • Holy Qur'an: Contains the applications: Holy Qur'an, memorize, and ahkam al-tajweed.
  • Prayer: A menu contains prayer times, prayer alarm, direction of qibla, and azan.
  • Islamic Miscellaneous: Contains ad'eya, Islamic gallery, and Islamic books.
  • Languages: A menu contains Atlas modern dictionary English-Arabic (Encyclopedic) and Atlas modern dictionary Arabic-English.
  • Multimedia: Contains MP3 player, video player, flash player, photo album, text reader, etc.
  • Organizer: Contains telephone, schedule, calendar, PC Synchronization, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: Contains local and world times, alarm, system setup, calculator etc.
  • Favorites: Include shortcuts list for your favorite applications.

MISK M1s Digital Quran Technical Specification

  • True Color Interface Application.
  • Hi-tech Touch Screen 240*320, 3.2 inch.TFT
  • Huge memory embedded inside the device "2.00 Giga byte" along with the additional SD memory card and "SDHC" till "4 Giga byte" enable the user to store all kinds of data files such as pictures and movies.
  • Device Dimensions: W112 x H65 x D12 cm
  • Rechargeable Battery: (Lithium Ion 3.7 V / 870 mAh)
  • Adaptor: DC 5V - 500mA

This device is now available in 595 Saudi Riyals at all Jarir book store branches in Saudi Arabia. Additionally when you buy it from Jarir you will get a free Prayer Times device as a Gift. For more information you may visit MISK website.

Huawei Ascend Y 200 Best Low Price at Jarir Saudi Arabia

Jarir Book Store is offeringg a very Best Low Price of  Huawei Ascend Y 200. The more Detail of this Model is Below. To see more Lowest Prices visit Saudi Telecom News.

Huawei Ascend Y 200

Faster Actions

Boot in 5 Seconds
Charge to full in 90 Minutes
High Speed HSDPA network

Simpler Operation

Easy for SNS & Group Contacts
One Click Backup and Recovery
Huawei Emotion UI

Stronger Visual & Hearing Experience

Dual Mics Noise Reduction
Loud & Stereo Speaker
IPS Screen Display
3.2 Camera
3.5 Inch Touch Screen
800 MHZ Processor
Andriod 2.3
FM Radio
Bluetooth + 3G + WI-FI
Price: 499 SR


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