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April 26, 2011

HTC HD7 vs HTC Desire HD Comparison Chart

HTC HD7 is a great phone from HTC which is also known as HTC HD3, HTC Gold, HTC Diamond3 and HTC Mondrian. It is first Windows 7 smartphone from HTC. HTC has also released 2 more Windows 7 based smartphones along HD7. They are HTC 7 Mozart and HTC 7 Trophy. I think the purpose of releasing those smartphones is to provide smartphone user slightly low price smartphones with Windows 7 operating system with little less specification and size.

We may discuss other smartphones in detail later on. Currently my focus is Desire HD and HD7. The main difference between these two is operating system. HD7 is Windows based while Desire HD is android based that is supported by Google itself.

April 23, 2011

STC, Mobily and Zain are now offering 4 Halalas per MB

It has been started by Zain first of all. Zain has introduced a new data sim last week with free 300 MB internet. The price for this data sim was 30 SR. After utilizing your free data bundle of 300 megabyte every additional MB of internet will cost you 6 halala i.e 0.06 SR. Next to that Mobily has introduced even a better package. That was 300 MB in 30 SR sim and every additional MB costs 5 halala.

Next to that, Zain decreased the cost of 1 MB to just 4 halala and they decreased the price of Sim card to 20 SR. Again mobily tried to dominate this offer and they offered 500 MB of internet in Just 30 SR plus additional MB costs same 4 halala.

STC stayed away from this fight and they didn't offer anything. When 1 week passed and both mobily and Zain kept quite on more offers, STC has introduced a little different package. They offered 400 MB of internet data in just 25 SR plus additional MB costs same 4 halala like mobily and Zain.

Now all three of mobile operators in Saudi Arabia are providing the cheapest ever MB in Saudi Arabia. Once you buy the sim card in 20, 25 or 30 SR you could have internet at 4 halala per MB cost. I draw a comparison of intial free MBs and I found mobily is the cheapest among all three. As per my experience mobily's internet services are a lot better than all others.

Provider Package Name Initial Balance Price MB per 1SR
STC QUICKnet Light 400 MB 25 SR 16
mobily Connect 500 500 MB 30 SR 16.67
Zain Delight 300 MB 20 SR 15

These Sim cards are for data purposes. These sim cards cannot be used in your mobile for making or receiving calls.

You can also read one of my another post on How to Subscribe for Internet from your Mobile in KSA.

April 20, 2011

Jarir Bookstore offers HTC Wildfire for Free

Jarir Bookstore is recognized as the market leader in office supplies, school supplies, I.T. products and books and many Saudi cities. Jarir Bookstore is well reputed and highly respected in the kingdom among its customers and among the business community because it offers amazing offers for its customers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Currently Jarrir Bookstore is offering HTC Wildfire for Free with every purchase of HTC Desire Z, HTC Mozart and HTC HD7.I don't know if this is to end their stock of non-selling device or they are really showing their generosity to Saudi Arabian customers.

Nokia Ovi user will able to buy via Operator Billing in Saudi Arabia soon

Ovi Store is a leading mobile app store. Nokia mobile users can easily benefit from it by installing ovi app in their mobile handsets.Ovi Store has a variety of applications available, some of them paid and some of them are free. However soon Nokia Ovi users in Saudi Arabia will be able to buy paid apps via operator billing.

Nokia and Etisalat have announced that consumers across Middle East will soon be able to purchase content from the Ovi Store with billing directly to their mobile phone account. The service will either be charged as part of the customer's monthly bill for post paid accounts, or deducted from their Pre-Paid airtime credit.

April 19, 2011

3G Multi SIM Service by STC is best of its kind

This unique service by ALJAWAL is designed to help you keep up with life’s increasing demands. With Multi SIM, you will stay connected with others without having to buy different mobile numbers. Now, you can get two additional SIM cards for your current mobile number providing the same services and benefits as the main SIM. You can use any of them in another mobile device, in the installed car mobile, or with a computer.

Service Features:
  • You can make calls, send SMS or MMS messages, and use all other services with any of the SIM cards at the same time.
  • You can receive calls and SMS messages only with the activated SIM card
  • Fax and data services will be available only with the original SIM
  • Regular call charges apply to all SIM cards alike
  • One SIM card can be activated while roaming
  • You can use any of the SIM cards at the same time If you’re a JAWALNet subscriber

Download Free Universal Drivers Pack

Universal Drivers is a pack of 150000 Windows based hardware drivers.This pack is offered free of cost and without any kind of registrations. A one click download is offered by Virtual Zone Website. To download this pack please visit This URL and click on Download Link. Download size is 296 MB. It is in RAR format. To extract it you need WinRar software that is available for free.

More Discounts on Smartphones in KSA

Nasa Smart Devices is offering more discounts on top smartphones currently available in the market. This was published at Nasa Smart Devices's blog yesterday. Here are the offers.

April 16, 2011

HTC Smartphone Prices in Saudi Riyals (April-2011)

Here are the prices of Latest HTC Smartphones in Saudi Arabia. Please note that I don't promise the availability of these devices in the market. These prices were taken from Jeddah Market.

April 13, 2011

BlackBerry and iPhone Prices in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Here are the latest BlackBerry and iPhone Models prices in Saudi Arabian Market. These smartphones are available at different shops at Palestine Street Jeddah.Please note that you may find a variation of price from 10 SR to 50 SR at retail stores. Because these smartphones prices are renewed daily. These prices were takken on 10th April 2011. (I cannot gurranty availability of all devices and the prices.)

Mobile Phone Model Price
BlackBerry 8520 Silver 870 SR
BlackBerry 8520 870 SR
BlackBerry 9000 White 1370 SR
BlackBerry 9105 1020 SR
BlackBerry 9300 900 SR
BlackBerry 9550 1650 SR
BlackBerry 9700 White 1820 SR
BlackBerry 9700 Black 1740 SR
BlackBerry 9780 White 1700 SR
BlackBerry 9780 Black 1630 SR
BlackBerry 9800 2100 SR

April 12, 2011

Nokia Mobile Phone Prices in Saudi Arabia for April 2011

Here are the prices of Nokia Mobile Phone in Saudi Arabia. These prices are obviously in Saudi Riyals. A Saudi Riyal is normally has an exchange rate with US Dollar like this.
1 USD = 3.75 SR.

These prices have been collected from Palestine Street Jeddah. You can visit any good Mobile Phone retail store in Al-Ameer Center to buy any of the following devices with following prices.

Mobile Phone Model Price
Nokia 1280 90 SR
Nokia 1616 120 SR
Nokia 1661 130 SR
Nokia 1800 115 SR
Nokia 2220 180 SR
Nokia 2330 180 SR
Nokia 2323 210 SR
Nokia 2600 200 SR
Nokia 2630 245 SR
Nokia 2690 220 SR
Nokia 2700 265 SR
Nokia 2710 420 SR
Nokia 2720 220 SR
Nokia 2730 300 SR

April 11, 2011

Nokia Mobile Prices in Pakistan April 2011

Nokia Mobile Phone Prices for Pakistan for the Month of April, 2011. You can find a variation of Price between Rs 200 to 500 in different cities on different Mobile models.

NOKIA 1280
Rs  1850
NOKIA 1616
Rs  2250
NOKIA 1800
Rs  2450
NOKIA 2700
Rs  6500
NOKIA 5130
Rs  7900
Rs  2400
NOKIA C-1.01
Rs  4250
Rs  10,000
Rs  8600
Rs  7850
Rs  11200
NOKIA 5233
Rs  11500
NOKIA 5250
Rs  10800
NOKIA 7020
Rs  7530
NOKIA 7230
Rs  10250


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