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February 22, 2012

Get Free Huawei Honor Smartphone with STC 99SR Package

STC continues its excellence of offers and offering Huawei Honor Smartphone with Android Operating System free for its customers who subscribe to 99SR monthly package for 1 year. The Huawei device has 4GB internal (phone) memory which means you are free from low phone memory tension. It has a great 8MP camera which has 3624x2448 pixels pictures size. Although you cannot compare it with Samsung or Nokia camera phones, still it would be enough to capture great pictures. Huawei device also has 4 inch touch screen and 1.4GHz processor. Overall it is great package for today's smartphone.

STC's 99SR (monthly) package also includes other monthly benifits too. Like 100 voice minuts, 100 sms inside network, 120 MB Internet data package, 100 video call minutes inside network and 100 mms.

February 20, 2012

Motorola Smartphone Prices Saudi Arabia February 2012

Motorola has a nice range of smartphones and basic mobile phones. Including leading Motrola Razr smartphone which runs Android 2.3.5 operating system and having 4.3 inch Super AmoLed screen having 16 M colors and a capacitive touch system. Reasonably it is a good competitor of latest smartphones like Sensation XL, Glaxy Note and iPhone 4S. It has 16GB internal storage and 1GB of Ram. Additionally it has a Cortex A9 CPU which is dual core and 1.2GHz speed. Following are the Motorola Mobile Phones available in Saudi Arabia Market. The prices are also given beside each model.

Motorola Prices in Saudi Arabia 2012

Motorola Smartphones Price in Saudi Riyals
Motorola Razr XT 910 2199 SR
Motorola Milestone 1875 SR
Motorola Atrix 1699 SR
Motorola Defy 1199 SR
Motorola Starling EX115 TIT 999 SR
Motorola XT5 999 SR
Motorola Fire XT 899 SR
Motorola Fire 599 SR
Motorola Starling EX115 449 SR

February 18, 2012

HTC in Saudi Arabia - Mobile Prices February 2012

HTC didn't release any new phone after HTC Sensation XL in Saudi Arabian Mobile Market. The last update was made before 2 months, that was Sesnation XL as I have mentioned it in last HTC Prices post. There are many other models of HTC available in United stats and Europe like HTC Velocity and Pyramid however in Saudi Arabia the range is little limited. Windows Mobile phones are getting less success so there are not much devices with Windows logo seen in the market. In next 20 to 25 days few devices are expected to arrive in Saudi Arabia. For the time being you may see the current HTC Mobile Prices below. Few devices like HTC Flyer and Sensation XL prices are less then before and many of them remain same.

Download Mobile Trend Magazine February 2012 for Free

Mobile Trend is an Arabic magazine that is released monthly in Saudi Arabia. It contains information regarding Mobile Phones and Smartphones, Mobile Operating System, Information Technology and other developments in Saudi Arabia.. Below is a copy of this February 2012 magazine in PDF format. This magazine has reviews of top smart phones in Saudi Arabia.

Click on the link given below to Download Mobile Trend Magazine (February 2012 edition)

February 15, 2012

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Prices Saudi Arabia 2012

A lot of visitors and Facebook fans of my blog asked for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Prices in Saudi Arabia. As Galaxy Smartphones are getting so much popular in Saudi Arabia every smartphone lover want to know how much is the prices. Moreover people compare prices and specifications of devices to decide best smartphone when they plan to buy smart-phone.

People in Saudi Arabia are now more concerned with staying in touch with family, friends and doing there basic office tasks from smartphones. Additionally they want to stay updated with Facebook updates and want to enjoy Youtube videos on the move.

The powerful capability of smartphone to run games on it make Saudi people addicted to games and you might see people playing games while traveling, doing shopping etc. So below are the prices of Samsung mobile phones and smartphones on your requests, I hope you will like them. These prices are in Saudi Riyals and they are most closer to Jeddah Mobile Market. Riyadh Mobile market and Al-Khobar mobile markets some time vary in prices from Jeddah market.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Prices (Saudi Arabia)

Samsung Galaxy S II: 2249 SR
Samsung Galaxy i9100:  2199 SR
Samsung Galaxy i9001 S Plus:  1499 SR
Samsung Galaxy 19003:  1199 SR
Samsung Galaxy i9103:  1799 SR
Samsung Galaxy S5360:  499 SR
Samsung Galaxy S5360 3G:  549 SR
Samsung Galaxy i8150:  1169 SR
Samsung Galaxy Note:  2749 SR
Samsung Galaxy Ace:  999 SR
Samsung Galaxy Mini:  649 SR

February 1, 2012

Nokia Mobile Prices Saudi Arabia Feb-2012

In last few years due to huge competition in smartphone Nokia lost its domination in many countries. Now other brands are also selling like Nokia phones and few brands sell more than Nokia. However Nokia didn't loose heart and they are still competing and introducing new features and devices. Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 710 are one of the most advanced mobile phones having Windows Mobile operating system. I hope Nokia would manage to come on top once again in future.

Below are the prices of Nokia phones currently available in Saudi Arabia. Starting from smartphones to low price mobile phones. In the post below you will find "Panda" appearing many times. Actually Panda is name of biggest supermarket in the Kingdom and they always have best offers. Panda is also a mobile retailer. So with any mobile phone price, you find (at Panda), it means that mobile phone is only available at the given price at Panda supermarket. You might find some smashing and unbelievable prices for few smartphones. Actually those prices are not permanent as I guess. These prices are spacial offers and only remain for few days.

Nokia Mobile Phones Prices in Saudi Arabia for February 2012

Nokia N Series Prices

Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia N9 SAR 2149
Nokia N9 (at Panda) SAR 1999
Nokia N8 SAR 1799
Nokia N8 (at Panda) SAR 1049
Nokia N8 Dark Grey SAR 1449


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