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August 26, 2010

AdSense Tips explained by Lisa

Lisa Irby  is an expert of Blogging and she is also an affiliate marketer. She is running very nice blogs and making money with google adsense. I have watched her channel at youtube and I got inspiration from her lessons she is offering at Youtube. Although she is not offering any training series but just trying to help other people on the internet who got difficulties.

What is the most important thing I learned from her videos is, she is emphasizing on sincerity with your work and your customers or your blog visitors. I advise you to watch this video, you will learn quite a big stuff in a single video related to online earning, blog promotion and google adsense.

Even if you look at this blog post, you will learn, who is Lisa and why I am linking to her blog, website or you-tube video?

Because of quality. Quality of content she is publishing that make people link to her and appreciate her work and recommend her to others. So always be conscious about the quality and be sincere about your content.

Google AdSense tips for new members and people having trouble making money.


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