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November 29, 2010

HTC Desire HD specification

HTC Desire HD

1 GHz
Operating System
Android™ 2.2 (FroYo) with HTC Sense™
Internal storage: 1.5 GB
RAM: 768 MB
Expansion Slot microSD™ card
Size and weight 123 x 68 x 11.8 mm (4.84 x 2.67 x 0.46 inches)
164 grams (5.78 ounces) with battery
4.3″, WVGA resolution Capacitive Touch Window with multi-touch capability
262K-color LCD

November 28, 2010

Saudi Arabia Internet Statistics

Internet was first introduced to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1994 when state academic, medical, and research institutions got access to it. Internet was officially made available in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1997 by a ministerial decision and the public access finally debuted in 1999.

In December 2000 there were 200 000 Internet users in Saudi Arabia. By 2005 the number of Internet users in KSA had grown to 2.54 million, making the growth 1170 % and KSA one of the fastest growing Internet markets.

2006 some major changes were made to the structure of Internet in KSA. These changes are likely to aid the expansion of Internet usage in KSA even more. it is predicted that the number of users will reach 3.8 million in 2007.

Internet Usage Statistics:
9,800,000 Internet users as of June/10, 38.1% of the population, according to ITU.

Facebook Users in Saudi Arabia:
2,575,740 as of August 31, 2010, according to Facebook.

November 26, 2010

What Does Icons Mean that appear on Nokia Sets

Nokia users often see different kind of icons beside the network signal indicator and on other different parts of Mobile screens. Let us see what does these icons mean.

November 22, 2010

HTC Desire Z specification

800 MHz
Operating System
Android™ 2.2 (FroYo) with HTC Sense™
Internal storage: 1.5 GB
RAM: 512 MB
Expansion Slot microSD™ card
119 x 60.4 x 14.16 mm
180 grams (6.34 ounces) with battery
3.7″ WVGA resolution
Super LCD
Capacitive touch screen

November 10, 2010

How Comm100 Email Newsletters work

Comm100 is providing free email newsletters to Small Business owners and Web Bloggers. If you are a legitimate business and sending Emails to your opt-in recipients, you are more than welcomed to use the free Comm100 Newsletter to reach your customers. You do not need to worry about the moderation process mentioned below.

If you are not, do not attempt to send spam email with Comm100 Newsletter.

In an effort to fight spam, we create the concept of Newsletter Status for Comm100 Newsletter. The three possible statuses for your newsletter are: Moderation Needed, Moderation Not Needed, Email Banned.

This newsletter status only affects the Email sending feature of your newsletter account. The status does NOT affect other features of your Comm100 Newsletter account or other Comm100 applications.

Moderation Needed

This is the initial status of your site account. Under this status, your Emails will be moderated manually by our customer service team after you requested to send out your emails.

November 3, 2010

Mobily launches new BlackBerry Torch 9800 in Saudi Arabia

Mobily further enriched the lives of its customers by launching a new BlackBerry handset, the Torch 9800, which helps users communicate and manage their businesses more smoothly. Research in Motion’s latest device takes the Canadian company’s user experience to a whole new level, with a feature set and user interface that are set to revolutionize the Smartphone industry. The 9800 easily integrates with social networking websites while offering powerful business tools with a classy, elegant appearance.

Along with the new handset, Mobily offers its buyers a three-month free subscription to the unlimited BlackBerry internet package. Subscribers only need to send the word “BIS3” to 1100, and they are set.

Navigating the device is via both its large touch screen and BB’s trademark trackpad, along with the 35-key sliding QWERTY keyboard, which provides ideal balance while texting. The handset supports 3.5G globally, which means that the 9800 offers Mobily’s subscribers unhindered connectivity around the world, as well as fully exploiting Mobily’s 3.75G home network, the biggest in the Middle East.


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