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January 31, 2012

How safe is Your Business from a Social Media Shakedown?

Before we start our discussion upon the social media shakedown let’s discuss about the social media and its role in business trends. If we take some overview of social media responsibility to business and organizations than we come to know that social media is becoming a couch or phrase that is being pitched around a these days. Media is like an Instrument or devises to communicate like radio, newspaper. Likely we can say that social media is a social way or medium to communicate with people. Social media is the boost for the people which give the power to them. Like a weapon social media is used to protest against the anti-social movement with cooperating organizations and government. If we concern about the role of social media in business perspective so the social media platforms and proposals is still not omnipresent, but there are some industries and business organizations who are being assist from the social media by many of ways like by promoting their business apps and product inauguration using social media web sites.

How social media reflects to the business
These social media web sites have become a most promoting way to maintain the relationship between business as supplier and buyer as customer. When any crisis session comes towards the companies that time companies and business organizations have to respond to their market regulars. During this moment some social media websites may also become a way to amplify the rumors against the business organizations. These are social media shakedown to the business organizations that can reflect the position of industry in the market. There are some ways that could be used by social media for the shakedown


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