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January 20, 2013

HTC Droid DNA - Taking you to the While new World of colors

Its undoubtedly the best HTC phone for a while now. With bullet fast quad-core processor, and a sleek eye grabbing 5inch screen display, it has a great camera and long battery life. This is an amazing deal at any price.


There are no two opinions about this one.  IT is the sexiest of smartphone released for a while now. At a glance, the slab-Shaped HTC is not similar to other common smartphones in the market but it has a lot to offer. While the handset is jet black and stealth bomber, it has red metallic stripes on each side of it. HTC says that it's an inspiration from the Lamborghini supercars.
5.6 inches and 2.7 inches wide screen, this device is really large and thin. At 0.38 inch thick and thinner edges makes it far less thin from Galaxy s3. its edges are sharp and no doubt that its metallic buttons on the side gives it a more sexy look than s3.


What further enhances the DNA's look and display is that how its glass is stretched to the edges of this phone.  Not only the screen is massive and with striking display there is a lot more in 1080p display and 440 pixels per inch display is the first in any phone as for now. The text and videos look really crisp and sharp and color vibrant. Moreover watching the HD videos takes it to the whole new level.

UI and Software

It’s a treat for android phone lovers. DNA comes with latest android OS jelly beans 4.1. So far it is the most advanced version of smartphone software Google has announced till yet.


HTC Droind DNA's 8megapixel camera does justice to the legacy of HTC producing some great results. It uses specially designed electronic circuits and functions to make your picture more vibrant and more powerful. it can capture the panorama, makes a 1080p video and that too is brilliant. You can also capture pictures really fast and also of moving objects.


Android jelly beans has come up with a lot of new improvements and outstanding features, but the stand out one is its speed. Also helping the HTC Droid DNA achieve buttery smoothness is its powerful 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB of RAM. The handset is really fast, blasting through menus and launching apps with ease. You can open as many apps you want and believe me it won’t hang a bit.

The Droid DNA notched a stratospherically high LINPAC showing of 401.6 MFLOPs (multithread). The performance of this quad-core processor is just over the top.
Overall it is a brilliant phone with outstanding features and it looks like a giant stealth black jet that is bullet fast and its screen gives you a detailed look of everything and that too at 440ppi which is quite rare when it comes to a smartphone screen.

Author Bio

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