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August 15, 2010

Google Adsense help requires Macromedia Flash ???

I was just surprised to see name of Macromedia at Google ad-sense help page. They have put some training videos at Google Adsense help page and beside they wrote in brackets (Macromedia Flash required). I was a big fan of Macromedia Software company and I have started using their software back in 2001 at the time of Dreamweaver and Fireworks version 3. Later on probably after Dreamweaver 8 Macromedia has been sold to Adobe systems and its name vanished from everywhere, from the internet, from the Softwares itself and other media sources. I personally thing Macromedia was doing better job than Adobe systems, however still products like Dreamweaver and Fireworks are a great success even though Adobe are handling them.

For now just leave this story aside, my topic is why Google didn't update their help pages, instead of Macromedia, name of  Adobe Flash should be written there. Is Google team is that sleepy that they are not aware of Macromedia's ending or Is there some solid reason behind this to put Macromedia name there. Check the snapshot below. The page is located here.


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