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July 29, 2010

New Mobily Postpaid offer includes 3 months of free Internet

Mobily announced a new promotion offer for new postpaid subscribers. Which will relax them from monthly fees up to 3 non-consecutive months. This offer also includes a free 1 GB internet package on same criteria. Mobily website didn't clarify this so I called Mobily customer service at 1100.

To avail this offer new postpaid subscriber must have to pay 165 Saudi Riyals initially (100 SR: 1GB bundle fee, 45SR: postpaid activation fee, 20SR: monthly fee for postpaid). The next month subscriber can enjoy benefits provided in this offer and similarly he have to pay for 3rd month and 4th month he can enjoy this offer, then 5th month again paid and 6th month is free.

This offer is good for the people who are serious to use Mobily postpaid subscription. Mobily Khatti and Khatti plus subscribers are eligible for this offer.

Offer Details

New subscribers to postpaid bundles from Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) will get three months free of monthly fees, a vanity number, and 1 gigabyte of internet connectivity for three nonconsecutive months, the company announced on Monday.

The new promotion covers subscribers to the standard postpaid bundles of Khatti and Khatti Plus, as well as the location-based Mada and Dirati, lady’s bundle Nejmah, and Blue Wave, the bundle aimed at Alhilal Club fans.

The Middle East’s fastest-growing mobile and broadband service provider said that the latest promotion is ideal to help new subscribers get a taste of the goodness of Mobily’s services, such as lower on-network rates and the Kingdom’s lowest subscription fees, thus enriching its clients’ lives.They will also get a feel of the sheer joy of broadband internet connectivity as it should be, thanks to Mobily’s highly advanced broadband network, available at 586 town, village, highway and tourist attraction, covering 92% of the Kingdom’s population.

Mobily offers its subscribers a singular rate of 30 halalas per minute, regardless of the recipient’s network. Blue Wave subscribers enjoy the Kingdom’s lowest rate when they call each other: only SAR 1 for every five minutes.

Mobily is always announcing new promotions for its subscribers, which encompass national and international calls, messaging and – a favorite of Mobily’s clients – broadband. Earlier this week, the company launched the “Multiple SIMs” service, which allows subscribers to use up to five SIM cards for a single phone number, which users can configure for various services, such as voice, blackberry and connectivity, and can use on multiple devices simultaneously, doing away with the need to change out SIMs.

We are pleased to offer you mobily Khatty. You will benefit from the lowest monthly fee and still enjoy attractive rates for national calls. It is the easiest mobile plan that you can subscribe to! In addition you can explore the large variety of mobile services offered by mobily
plans table
plansmonthly feerate per minute, all national callsnational favorite numbersSMS(national / int’l)
Khatty20 SR45 halala/ min.n.a.25 / 50 halala
Khatty plus40 SR30 halala/ min.you can choose 5 mobily numbers that you can call at a rate of: 20 halala/ min.25 / 50 halala
Each subscriber in the all the above plans is eligible to choose one favorite international number to enjoy special discounted calling rate per each country applied all day and all week day
Additional services
MMS (per 50 kilobyte)
service activation
national MMS per 50 kB
40 halala
international MMS per 50 kB
75 halala
maximum size
400 kB
mobily 3lhawa / internet packages
PackageMobily Internet BasicMobily Internet 5Mobily Internet 20
monthly fee010 SR25 SR
Included Free MB per month05 SR20 SR
Price per additional KB in halalas0.4 halala0.4 halala0.4 halala
voice mail
service activation on request
convenient rate per minute
25 halala
(not included in bundled minutes)


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