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July 10, 2010

All new Digg is just about to arrive - Digg V4 Alpha

Digg.com has introduced new Digg V4 alpha. Digg team is inviting a few group of users, publishers and advertisers to new version of Digg. There are about 20,000 invitations send by Digg.

However still they have found troubles in Digg alpha. I have just started using it yesterday and it looks like not a lot of people are using it. Next to it I searched it in the google and I didn't find good result on that. Here I am quoting what Digg team is saying...

As we set out to redesign Digg, our first priority has been to improve the user experience by focusing on 3 areas: Speed, Personalization, Diversity of Content.
Speed:All product features, from submitting a story, to digging to commenting, are now done under a second. We hope this makes using the new Digg a pleasant experience.
Personalization:"My News" is the custom news page we build for you based on the people and/or sources of news you follow. Only stories that have been dugg or submitted by these sources will show up in My News. You can make My News relevant to you by choosing to follow people and sources that you consider tastemakers for your particular interests.
Diversity of Content:In addition to user submitted stories, we now feature stories submitted via RSS by large and small publishers. You can also add any RSS feed yourself. We want to make sure that if an important news story develops from any source, you get to read it on Digg
In addition to these enhancements, we have kept the familiar top stories home page showing you the most popular stories on Digg, as dugg by all users - this feature is now referred to as Top News.
Additional information for Publishers is here and for Advertisers is here.
That's it for now, we hope you enjoy this new version. We plan to iterate continuously so if you have any feedback or questions we'd love to hear them. You can use the links at the bottom of any page to submit your input.

I am using Digg from quite some time and I have found it great, A lot of my blog's visitors are coming from digg. Now I have started adding all new posts of my blog to digg immediately and it helped a lot. A lot of people are not using digg even very big sites. I think people are not aware of its usability and benefits. You can find new digg here. But I am not sure if you got permission to get into it.


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