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July 10, 2010

Mobile phone connections reached 5 Billion mark world-wide

BBC news reported more than 5 billion mobile phone connections have been registered during last 18 months. This tally was conducted by an organization "Wireless Intelligence". There are many countries where mobile phone subscriptions reaches more than hundred percent. That means more than one subscriber got two connections at a time. Big mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, Apple and HTC got huge profits. Search engine Google has also taking part in this business by sponsoring android phone developments.

I have seen a mobile first time in 2001 when my brother purchased it from Saudi Arabia. It was first color screen device from Nokia and I showed it to my class mates and all of them got huge interest in it. Later on Mobile phone cameras developed, then WAP support mobile sets launched, 3G and 4G technologies introduced and now Mobile phone is need of everyone. From a 5 years child to an old man. This is an invention which is benifiting everyone. Huge Business has been generated and communication become so easy.


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