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July 16, 2010

How to make your Nokia phone a wireless access point

In HTC smartphones HTC HD2 was probabally first Smartphone that works as a Wireless access point. Using your 3G connection it enabales you to use Internet on your laptop or desktop PC. HTC HD2 is an expensive phone. To get this facility not everyone can buy HD2. Now it is possible for Nokia S60 (Symbian OS) phones users to turn their Nokia phones into a Wireless access point. It is only possible for Nokia phones that have Wi-Fi hardware buil-in on their motherboards.

Internet connection sharing from GSM/3G/Edge was possible already on many Nokia phones via Bluetooth connections and USB cable connections. But Wireless Tethering really makes a difference.

Just install JoikuSpot Light FREE Hotspot on your Nokia S60 handset. This application is available free and has some limitiations too. It shares your phone's 3G internet connection over WiFi (WLAN) to a single laptop or other WiFi device. The Light version supports basic internet browsing only. However Premium version that  comes in about 7.5 US $ has following additional features.

  • Connection Security
  • Full Internet Protocol
  • Better Performance than free version
  • VPN Support
  • POP3 and IMAP Protocol support for email
  • More Customized Settings
  • Multiple Device connection

This application has great importance as these days so many Gadgets come with Wireless Lan support like Gaming devices, iPhone, iPad, Netbooks and Notebooks. I have tested this application on Nokia E71. I hope it will work on many other Nokia models. Just visit Nokia's OVI store and check if your device supports it or not. Here is the JoikuSpot screenshot.

I have came to know the functionality and importance of this software when last year I visited Pakistan and tried to share Internet connection from my mobile to my laptop. I got Ufone's subscription. I installed Nokia PC Suite in my laptop, connected my Nokia to my pc via USB cable, adjusted Network operator setting and at the end It didn't work. Later on when I called Ufone's customer support it was really shameful that no-one from Ufone customer support could help me to solve this issue. After 2 months vacation when I reached back to Saudi Arabia I found reply email from Ufone that I simply ignored.


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