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July 17, 2010

HTC Desire Smartphone is launched in Saudi Arabian Market

The Android 2.1 Powered Smartphone from HTC has been launched in Saudi Arabian Market yesterday after long wait. It is an amazing charming device which carries all the latest features of Android Operating system. I have already covered a review on HTC Desire in one of my previous posts and also I drawn a comparison on HTC HD2 and HTC Desire smartphones. Nasa Smart Devices is first retailer who have released it.

The device is currently available in 3290 SR which is about 878 US $. This price is very close to other Windows Mobile device from HTC HD2. If we take a look at the specification we'll find both devices very similar, The main difference is OS.

There has been a lot of demand of this device in Saudi Arabia, It is expected to be available at Nasa Shops very soon.


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