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February 1, 2012

Nokia Mobile Prices Saudi Arabia Feb-2012

In last few years due to huge competition in smartphone Nokia lost its domination in many countries. Now other brands are also selling like Nokia phones and few brands sell more than Nokia. However Nokia didn't loose heart and they are still competing and introducing new features and devices. Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 710 are one of the most advanced mobile phones having Windows Mobile operating system. I hope Nokia would manage to come on top once again in future.

Below are the prices of Nokia phones currently available in Saudi Arabia. Starting from smartphones to low price mobile phones. In the post below you will find "Panda" appearing many times. Actually Panda is name of biggest supermarket in the Kingdom and they always have best offers. Panda is also a mobile retailer. So with any mobile phone price, you find (at Panda), it means that mobile phone is only available at the given price at Panda supermarket. You might find some smashing and unbelievable prices for few smartphones. Actually those prices are not permanent as I guess. These prices are spacial offers and only remain for few days.

Nokia Mobile Phones Prices in Saudi Arabia for February 2012

Nokia N Series Prices

Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia N9 SAR 2149
Nokia N9 (at Panda) SAR 1999
Nokia N8 SAR 1799
Nokia N8 (at Panda) SAR 1049
Nokia N8 Dark Grey SAR 1449

Nokia X Series Prices

Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia X7 SAR 1399
Nokia X3 SAR 475
Nokia X3-02 SAR 519
Nokia X2 SAR 319 (Different color is 10SR less)
Nokia X2-01 SAR 319 (Different color is 20SR less)
Nokia X1-01 SAR 139

Nokia E Series Prices

Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia E72 SAR 999
Nokia E72 (at Panda) SAR 899
Nokia E7 (at Panda) SAR 1699
Nokia E6 SAR 1299
Nokia E6 (at Panda) SAR 799
Nokia E5 SAR 675

Nokia C Series Prices

Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia C7
SAR 935
Nokia C6 (at Panda) SAR 499
Nokia C6 SAR 840(without Touchscreen) | 740 (with Touchscreen)
Nokia C6-01 SAR 989
Nokia C6-01(at Panda) SAR 599
Nokia C5-03 SAR 799
Nokia C5-06 SAR 599
Nokia C3 SAR 399 (Different color is 10SR less)
Nokia C3 (at Panda) SAR 369
Nokia C3-01 SAR 609
Nokia C3-01(at Panda) SAR 549
Nokia C2 SAR 299
Nokia C2-00 SAR 249
Nokia C2-00(at Panda) SAR 215
Nokia C2-01 SAR 289 (Different color is 24SR less)
Nokia C2-03 SAR 359
Nokia C2-05 SAR 309
Nokia C1-01 SAR 185
Nokia C1
SAR 155

Other Nokia Models Prices

Mobile Model Price in Saudi Riyals
Nokia 7230 SAR 369
Nokia 7230 (at Panda) SAR 359
Nokia 5130 SAR 319
Nokia 5130 (at Panda) SAR 289
Nokia 101 SAR 159
Nokia 100 SAR 109
Nokia 1800 SAR 93
Nokia 1616 (at Panda) SAR 95
Nokia 1280 SAR 69
Nokia 701 SAR 1199
Nokia 701 (at Panda) SAR 949
Nokia 700 SAR 899
Nokia 603 SAR 899
Nokia 603 (at Panda) SAR 739
Nokia 500 (at Panda) SAR 649
Nokia ASHA 300 SAR 399


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