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February 22, 2012

Get Free Huawei Honor Smartphone with STC 99SR Package

STC continues its excellence of offers and offering Huawei Honor Smartphone with Android Operating System free for its customers who subscribe to 99SR monthly package for 1 year. The Huawei device has 4GB internal (phone) memory which means you are free from low phone memory tension. It has a great 8MP camera which has 3624x2448 pixels pictures size. Although you cannot compare it with Samsung or Nokia camera phones, still it would be enough to capture great pictures. Huawei device also has 4 inch touch screen and 1.4GHz processor. Overall it is great package for today's smartphone.

STC's 99SR (monthly) package also includes other monthly benifits too. Like 100 voice minuts, 100 sms inside network, 120 MB Internet data package, 100 video call minutes inside network and 100 mms.

Actually 99SR (monthly) package saves you 56SR every month and 672SR in one year. This package is available to all customers who are with STC from 6 months time.

There are further conditions and terms that can bee seen from STC website. You can also see which STC Service Center offers this package in the URL below.



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