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February 18, 2012

HTC in Saudi Arabia - Mobile Prices February 2012

HTC didn't release any new phone after HTC Sensation XL in Saudi Arabian Mobile Market. The last update was made before 2 months, that was Sesnation XL as I have mentioned it in last HTC Prices post. There are many other models of HTC available in United stats and Europe like HTC Velocity and Pyramid however in Saudi Arabia the range is little limited. Windows Mobile phones are getting less success so there are not much devices with Windows logo seen in the market. In next 20 to 25 days few devices are expected to arrive in Saudi Arabia. For the time being you may see the current HTC Mobile Prices below. Few devices like HTC Flyer and Sensation XL prices are less then before and many of them remain same.

HTC Smart-Phone Prices in Saudi Arabia. February 2012

HTC DEVICES PICTURE Prices in Saudi Riyal
HTC Sensation XL

16GB Internal Memory
HTC Sensation XL 2790 SAR
HTC Rhyme

With Full Accessories
HTC Rhyme 2090 SAR
HTC Sensation XE Black or White HTC Sensation XE 2580 SAR


Piel Frama Leather Case Free
HTC Explorer Blue HTC Explorer 780 SAR
HTC Sensation HTC Sensation 1990 SAR
HTC Flyer Wifi + 3G 32 GB HTC Flyer 3G 2590 SAR
HTC Desire HD HTC Desire HD 1499 SAR
HTC Incredible S HTC Incredible S 1980 SAR
HTC Desire S HTC Desire S 1500 SAR
HTC Desire HTC Desire 1299 SAR
HTC ChaCha HTC ChaCha 950 SAR
HTC Wildfire S

(White, Grey, Purple, Red)
HTC Wildfire S 950 SAR
HTC Wildfire HTC Wildfire 790 SAR

Hardly available anywhere now.
HTC HD2 2390 SAR
HTC HD mini

Hardly available anywhere now.
HTC HD mini 999 SAR
HTC Viva

Hardly available anywhere now.
HTC Viva 590 SAR


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