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September 17, 2012

15 Best Features of iPhone 5 that can beat Galaxy S3

No doubt Apple's recently launched iPhone 5 is one of the best smartphone with outstanding features and amazing sleek design that no Smartphone manufacture could think of. iPhone 5 is a package of outstanding hardware and software that beats most of today's best smartphones. Earlier with the launch of Galaxy SIII, its manufacturer Samsung claimed that "The next big Thing is already here". However this statement is not as much convincing as it should be. There are a lot of things which Samsung still has to improve in their best player S3.

For instance iPhone 5 has much better pixel density than Galaxy S3. iPhone 5 is lighter and can be carried easily as compared to S3. It has higher download speed, it has more internal storage, it has dedicated camera button, it has less start-up delay and it is equipped with 3 microphones for better voice reception. And what I really love about iPhone 5 is that it has better body construction that uses aluminium instead of Cheap plastic of Galaxy S3. Take a look at the detailed comparison chart of iPhone5 vs GalaxyS3 below.

Features iPhone 5 Galaxy S3
Higher Pixel Density 326 ppi pixel density 306 ppi pixel density
Light Weight 114g 133g
Higher Download Speed Up to 100MBPS over LTE Up to 21MBPS over HSDPA
More Internal Storage Up to 64GB Up to 32GB
Wide Aperture f/2.4 f/2.6
Dedicated Camera Button Yes No
Less Startup Delay 0.84 0.99
Shorter in Size 123.8mm 136.6mm
Less in Volume 55.1 cm3 82.9 cm3
Thinner 7.6mm 8.6mm
Narrower 58.6mm 70.6mm
3 Microphones Yes No
Direct OS updates by vendor Yes No
More Apps Available 425,000 apps 400,000 apps
Better Body Construction Almunium Body Plastic Body

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