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August 30, 2012

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 offer in KSA Yet

eXtra Electronics Store is one of my favorite shopping centers in Saudi Arabia because they always offer something extra than rest of electronics retailers in the town. Their offers are just fabulous and unique, eye catching and amazing like this one I am sharing with you.

Samsung Galaxy SIII, the favorite phone of today's time is available at the least price in Saudi Arabia. Most of smartphone retailers are selling this smartphone in 2200 SR and plus. However at eXtra you can get this device in just 2099 SR. And this doesn't end here. You will get a Gift of 10GB STC Data Sim Card which is valid for 3 Months. This sim card has a value of roundabout 250 SR if you buy it from STC directly.

There are other retailers who are also selling this device at closer price to this however eXtra's 10GB STC Sim adds more value to it. Furthermore most retailers advertise the offer however when you go to buy the device you will find a simple answer, "Out of Stock" or you will not find the device in your favorite color.

So visit nearest eXtra Electronic Store branch now and enjoy this best deal on Galaxy S3 as well as enjoy 3 Years of free Internet Data Bundle.

Full details of the Galaxy S3 Offer

Price of Galaxy S3: 2399 SR
+ Free Gift Voucher: 300 SR
+ Free STC Data Sim

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