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August 26, 2012

How to Remove Windows Media Center Virus from Windows 7

Yesterday one of my office colleague encountered a very strange kind of virus in his personal laptop. The virus changes the behavior of exe files in Windows 7 and opens Windows Media Center upon opening any execute files, any programs and applications. Even you cannot run the Internet Explorer, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chrome etc. After searching the solution on the internet I found that actually this virus make some wrong entries in the Windows Registery and makes in inaccessible. I tried to open windows registery by entering 'regedit' in Run dialogh box but it opened Windows Media Center again.

The solution to this is self running registery file which you can download from the link below. After successful download extract the zip folder and double click the file "fix_exe_application.reg"

It will correct the enteries in the Windows registry at the following location.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ FileExts \ .exe

If this solution doesn't work for you but you got access to Registry Editor, just browse the above path and Delete all registery entries related to Window Media Center.

Fix your registry entries for .exe files
Download from here. It is 445kb zip file.


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