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October 1, 2012

iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S Prices in Saudi Arabia October 2012

iPhone 5 Prices

Finally iPhone 5 is now available at eXtra stores branches in Saudi Arabia, eXtra stores sells iPhone 5 16GB in White Color and Black Color at a price  of 4500 Saudi Riyals, the starting prices was set to 4999SR however later on the prices is reduced by 500 Saudi Riyals, I hope it will soon come down more as soon as more retialers start selling iPhone 5.

iPhone 4S Prices

With the launch of iPhone 5 in Saudi Arabia, the prices for previous version of iPhone (iPhone4S) are also decreased. Now you can buy an iPhone 4S 64GB with 300 Saudi Riyals discount that is only in 2699 SR. Before same retailers were selling little expansive at 2999SR.

iPhone 4S 32GB also decreased by 100 SR and now it is available only in 2499 SR in both white and black color. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB is available at its new price 2299 SR in white color as well as black color.
So that was a small review of Apple Prices in Saudi Arabia for October 2012. Soon I will bring more recent prices. Thank you.

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