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April 20, 2012

Comparison between HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab

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We will be talking about the two vital and most popular veterans in the tablet market. Yes, the sole objective is to judge the features of HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab, both are of 7 inches. It should be noted here that all the manufacturers are investing a lot in producing the latest technology and combining the tablets with some advanced specifications to entertain you. Though Samsung Galaxy tab is the older one but HTC has really came up with a new approach to define the tablet segment.

Physical size and form factor

It seems that Flyer is quite heavier than the Galaxy. The reason may be attributed to the metal building of HTC Flyer whereas the Samsung has built its Tab with plastic. The size goes with a similar pattern in both the tablets but Flyer is again bigger in size. The chunkier bezel on HTC has been provided to protect the screen even if you drop in on the ground. Unlike Samsung, HTC offers you the Flyer case with the handset and this is partly because you will have to keep the pen. Samsung feels pleased to just offer you a charger with the mobile.

Operating system

Galaxy Tab runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and can be upgraded to Gingerbread version. On the other hand, HTC flyer comes up with Android 2.4 Gingerbread OS version and offers you the user interface of HTC Sense to give you latest 3D home experience.

Battery life & Screen resolution

Samsung will offer you a surprising battery backup of 7 hours with screen resolution of highest 1024 into 600 pixels. On the other hand, HTC Flyer has got the screen resolution of 1024 into 600 pixels but its battery backup is less and it is up to just 4 hours.

Camera and video playback

Both the models have got 1.3 MP front facing cameras but Galaxy has been challenged in case of rear camera. HTC has got 5 MP cameras with sufficient power to offer 1080p video recording facility. On the other hand, galaxy Tab has is just capable of offering you 3 MP cameras but video playback is the same with better quality.

Processor and memory

Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and will offer you 16 GB of internal memory along with just640 MB of RAM. HTC Flyer will make use of 1 GB of RAM and will be powered by 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor.

Screen resolution and weight

Both the models have got the same screen resolution which is at 1024 into 600 pixels. In case of weight measurement, Galaxy is lighter despite of its 10 inch size. HTC Flyer weighs around 0.91 pounds whereas the Tab will weigh nearly 0.83 lbs.

Applications and other features

You will find preferable ThinkFree Office on the Samsung Tab but HTC prefers to make use of Polaris Office. HTC has further tried to incorporate some astounding applications like HTC Scribe Technology along with an awesome feature of Timemark that can capture audio for a document. Users will love the extra features in both the handsets.

Summary: - HTC has the guts to compete in the tablet market, which is crowded with many models from LG, Samsung, HP and Motorola. Most of the business persons will like to use Galaxy Tab but with pen option, HTC may be preferred in the coming feature.

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