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April 23, 2011

STC, Mobily and Zain are now offering 4 Halalas per MB

It has been started by Zain first of all. Zain has introduced a new data sim last week with free 300 MB internet. The price for this data sim was 30 SR. After utilizing your free data bundle of 300 megabyte every additional MB of internet will cost you 6 halala i.e 0.06 SR. Next to that Mobily has introduced even a better package. That was 300 MB in 30 SR sim and every additional MB costs 5 halala.

Next to that, Zain decreased the cost of 1 MB to just 4 halala and they decreased the price of Sim card to 20 SR. Again mobily tried to dominate this offer and they offered 500 MB of internet in Just 30 SR plus additional MB costs same 4 halala.

STC stayed away from this fight and they didn't offer anything. When 1 week passed and both mobily and Zain kept quite on more offers, STC has introduced a little different package. They offered 400 MB of internet data in just 25 SR plus additional MB costs same 4 halala like mobily and Zain.

Now all three of mobile operators in Saudi Arabia are providing the cheapest ever MB in Saudi Arabia. Once you buy the sim card in 20, 25 or 30 SR you could have internet at 4 halala per MB cost. I draw a comparison of intial free MBs and I found mobily is the cheapest among all three. As per my experience mobily's internet services are a lot better than all others.

Provider Package Name Initial Balance Price MB per 1SR
STC QUICKnet Light 400 MB 25 SR 16
mobily Connect 500 500 MB 30 SR 16.67
Zain Delight 300 MB 20 SR 15

These Sim cards are for data purposes. These sim cards cannot be used in your mobile for making or receiving calls.

You can also read one of my another post on How to Subscribe for Internet from your Mobile in KSA.

Get a prepaid QUICKnet Light SIM for only SR 25 with 400 MB free from STC

If you’re looking for internet that fulfills your daily needs at a reasonable price, STC offers you the prepaid QUICKnet Light SIM for only SR 25 with a free initial data allowance of 400 MB. Every additional MB used costs only 4 Halalas – without conditions or limitations. Enjoy internet at its best rate, only from STC

The service's features
  • Without conditions or limitations
  • Prepaid internet SIM
  • 400 MB for free
  • Only 4 Halalas for every additional MB
mobily's Connect 500

With "Connect 500" you'll pay per usage and enjoy the Internet with no constraints for SAR 30 only, in addition to an initial balance of 500 MB with no subscription or time limitation. After consuming the initial balance you'll be charged 4 halalas/MB.

Zain's Delight
Customers who would like to use internet on their computer, laptop or net book is given ample selection of packages based on their internet needs. Customer has the freedom to buy the Mobile Broadband SIM card only or buy the service along with the device of their choice (USB or Zain Fi)

  • Customers will receive the SIM card for FREE with the purchase of data package.Visit your nearest Zain Shop or Dealer to buy one!
  • For further inquires please visit your nearest Zain shop or call customer service on 0590000959 or 959 from your Zain line.
  • Customers can check the data balance by simply sending an SMS command BC to 700212 from their handset or USB Modem dashboard.


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