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April 19, 2011

3G Multi SIM Service by STC is best of its kind

This unique service by ALJAWAL is designed to help you keep up with life’s increasing demands. With Multi SIM, you will stay connected with others without having to buy different mobile numbers. Now, you can get two additional SIM cards for your current mobile number providing the same services and benefits as the main SIM. You can use any of them in another mobile device, in the installed car mobile, or with a computer.

Service Features:
  • You can make calls, send SMS or MMS messages, and use all other services with any of the SIM cards at the same time.
  • You can receive calls and SMS messages only with the activated SIM card
  • Fax and data services will be available only with the original SIM
  • Regular call charges apply to all SIM cards alike
  • One SIM card can be activated while roaming
  • You can use any of the SIM cards at the same time If you’re a JAWALNet subscriber
Service Activation:

  • To activate the current SIM, enter the following: *123#
  • You cannot use one SIM card to activate another
  • To inquire about SIM cards, enter the following: *123*#
  • If you send an incorrect code, you will receive the following message: “Incorrect Syntax,
  • Please Try Again”.

Service Fees:

  • Initial fee (one time only): SR 50
  • Monthly subscription fee: SR 4


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