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September 29, 2016

How to Transfer Balance from Zain to Zain

In order to transfer your balance from Zain Saudi Arabia to Zain Saudi Arabia number, Write in a message

BT (Space) (Zain Number) (Space) (Amount) and send it to 702702.

In case you want to transfer 20 SR balance to 0591234567, so it should be in format like.

BT 0591234567 10

now send this message to 702702

After receiving the confirmation SMS on the transferred amount, the Receiver should send an SMS to 702702 containing: id (space) 10 digit ID number. In format like

ID 1234567890

now send to 702702

There are some rules for Balance Transfer which has to be followed

  1. After transfer your balance the minimum remaining balance in your SIM card should be 25SR
  2. The Minimum Amount per transaction is 5SR. The Maximum Amount per transaction Is 20SR
  3. Maximum Amount per Day is 250SR
  4. Per transaction will charge you 0.50SR
  5. The Balance transfer service is not available for Zain Max and Zain Noor Visitor package.


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