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July 28, 2012

HTC Mobile Phone Prices August 2012 (Saudi Arabia)

HTC is becoming one of the most popular mobile phone brands in Saudi Arabia due to maintaining high quality in hardware and software of the mobile phones. HTC has introduced few top quality market leader devices like HTC One X and HTC Sensation XL. These are android based smart-devices with dual core and quad core processors.

On so many requests from my blog readers I am publishing latest HTC Mobile Phone Prices in Saudi Arabia. These are retail prices of a brand new Middle Eastern version devices, this prices include 1 Year Limited Warranty with every device. These prices are for Genuine Box packing including all the Genuine accessories. Saudi Arabian mobile market is very close to the markets of Gulf / Middle East like Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu-Dhabi and Oman. You may convert these prices in to US$ by just diving it with 3.75 (check the updated rates online).

You may consult me to know market locations from where you can buy HTC smart phones. I will guide you to best smartphone retailers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Drop me a comment below or contact me via Saudi Telecom News Facebook page.

Mobile Phone Image Prices in Saudi Arabia
Available in White or Black Color
32 GB Memory
HTC One X Saudi Arabia SAR 2290
Available in Black Color
HTC One S Saudi Arabia SAR 1850
Available in Black or Grey Color
HTC One V Saudi Riyal SAR 1290
HTC Sensation XL

Comes with 16GB Internal Memory
HTC Sensation XL SAR 1800
HTC Rhyme

Comes with Full Accessories. Like Bluetooth, Call notifier, speaker and base.
HTC Rhyme SAR 1990
HTC Sensation XE Black or White color HTC Sensation XE SAR 1690

Includes original beatsaudio headset.
HTC XE LiteBlack or White color HTC Sensation XE SAR 1590

without beatsaudio headset.
HTC Explorer HTC Explorer SAR 590
HTC Sensation HTC Sensation SAR 1499
HTC Flyer Wifi + 3G 32 GB HTC Flyer 3G SAR 2590
HTC Incredible S HTC Incredible S SAR 1399
HTC ChaCha
Black or White color
HTC ChaCha SAR 699
HTC Wildfire S

(White, Grey, Purple, Red)
HTC Wildfire S SAR 699
HTC Desire C

(White, Red and Black)
HTC desire c SAR 899

HTC Original Accessories Prices

Update: I have published a recent post with HTC Genuine accessories and their prices. You may find it on below link. There are accessories like Bluetooth headsets, wired headsets, USB Cables, car chargers and home chargers are given on this post.


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