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June 9, 2012

Updated Nokia Mobile Phone Prices June 2012 Saudi Arabia

Again I bring you the latest Nokia Mobile Phone Prices for June 2012 in Saudi Arabia market. These prices have been collected from local mobile market in Jeddah city. The prices are in Saudi Riyals which is a stable currency. You may find these nokia phones at minor different prices in other middle eastern countries like UAE, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Egypt. Please note when I find multiple prices of Nokia phones I choose the lowest price.

This month the launch of Nokia 808 Pure View mobile phone in Saudi Arabia brought back Nokia in to smartphone competition. People having great interest in Nokia 808 Pure View because of its out standing 41 Megapixel camera. I hope with the launch of Nokia 808, the sales of Nokia will grow up again in the market. If you don't know where to buy Nokia mobile phones in Saudi Arabia and where are the cheapest Nokia deals available just drop me a line below in comment box and I will answer your query as per my capacity. Thank you.

Nokia 100 Color Screen mobile phone: 94 SR
Nokia Mobile Basic Phone 101: 99 SR
Nokia 202 Arabic mobile phone: 250 SR
Nokia 200 Arabic mobile phone: 269 SR
Nokia 7230 mobile phone: 339 SR
Nokia Asha 300 mobile phone: 349 SR
Nokia Asha 302 mobile phone: 399 SR
Nokia Asha303 Touch screen: 469 SR
Nokia Mobile Phone 500 Touch screen: 609 SR
Nokia 603 Touch screen mobile phone: 699 SR
Nokia 700 Touch screen mobile phone: 879 SR
Nokia 710 Lumia mobile phone: 1199 SR
Nokia Lumia 800 mobile phone: 1479 SR
Nokia 1616 mobile phone: 95 SR
Nokia 1280 mobile phone: 75 SR
Nokia 5130 mobile phone: 279 SR

Nokia X1-01 Blue mobile phone: 129 SR
Nokia X1-01 Red mobile phone: 136 SR
Nokia X2-05 Color Screen mobile phone: 215 SR
Nokia X2-02 mobile phone: 244 SR
Nokia X2-01 mobile phone: 259 SR
Nokia X2-01 QWERTY Keyboard mobile phone: 259 SR
Nokia X2 Color Screen mobile phone: 309 SR
Nokia X3-02 Touch And Type mobile phone: 519 SR
Nokia X7 mobile phone: 1060 SR

Nokia C2-06 mobile phone: 399 SR
Nokia C2-05 Slide mobile phone: 225
Nokia C2-01 mobile phone: 265 SR
Nokia C2 mobile phone: 218 SR
Nokia C3 mobile phone : 372 SR
Nokia C2-03 mobile phone: 299 SR
Nokia C5-06 Touch screen mobile phone: 529 SR
Nokia C5-03 mobile phone: 579 SR
Nokia C5 mobile phone: 599 SR
Nokia C3-01 Touch And Type mobile phone: 549 SR
Nokia C6-01 mobile phone: 899 SR

Nokia E5 Dark Gray mobile phone : 631 SR
Nokia E72 mobile phone: 899 SR
Nokia E7 mobile phone: 1399 SR
Nokia E6 mobile phone: 899 SR
Nokia N9 mobile phone: 1699 SR
Nokia N8 mobile phone: 1239 SR
Nokia N300 mobile phone: 379 SR
Nokia N200 mobile phone: 279 SR
Nokia N100 mobile phone: 109 SR


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