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August 3, 2011

Getting Adsense money in Saudi Arabia via Western Union

Finally on 21st July 2011, I have received my first Google Adsense payment via Western Union Quick Cash. Actually it was my second payment issued by Google Adsense. First payment was issued by check a few months ago. However I couldn't cash that check because Payee Name was not correct in that. Google Adsense suggested me to close my Adsense account and apply for a new one. I did the same way and Google Adsense sent my balance amount with wrong payee name. That check is still with me & it is more than 6 months old now. So I don’t expect I could cash it anymore.

Later on I created another account and it was approved hardly, this time I submitted correct Payee Name as per my local documents and also changed payment method from “Check” to “Western Union Quick Cash”
When my Google Adsense income reached 10 SU $, Google Adsense sent me a Pin via my postal address. That reached to me within 2, 3 weeks then I added that PIN into my account. That verified my physical existence to Google Adsense people. After that upon reaching 100 US $ balance finally I found that my payment was sent on 25th of the month.

As per my selection this time Payment was sent via Wester Union Quick Cash. I visited Western Union website and try to locate my payment with MTCN and sender name but website has give me following error.
W0131 We do not have an order with the provided information. Please verify your information and click Check Status.
That was little surprising, however when I selected the country “Ireland” from Western Union website, no error received. I discovered that my payment is ready to pickup. In Saudi Arabia “Enjaz Bank” has some kind of affiliation with WU. So I went there and asked from the clerk about my Adsense payment, he asked me to fill a form and go to Teller to collect my payment. It took me about an hour there and I received the payment from Western Union.

The conversion rate applied from US $ to Saudi Riyal is 3.735398, while market rate was 3.75 SR = 1 US $. That is not a big difference and after calculating the difference of final amount I found that I have lost only 2 Saudi Riyals because of this conversion rate difference. It is not a big deal. So it was a great day. I must say Thanks to Google Adsense and thanks to Western Union.


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