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September 15, 2011

Everyone Claims First One to Launch 4G in Saudi Arabia

It seems quite funny when we look on to the websites of all 3 Mobile Network operators in Saudi Arabia (STC, Mobily and Zain) where they highlighted, "They are the First one to launch 4G (4th Generation) Network in Saudi Arabia. I don't know who we should believe now. You can see a snapshot of the banners placed on the websites of the Mobile Network Operators in Saudi Arabia.

However upon further investigation I found that it is STC who is basically behind all this. They have started testing this in beginning of 2010 and keep on testing it and after successfully completing this they have launched it.
This technology enhances the capacity and effectiveness of Mobile Network and gets the Internet download speed to 100 Mbps. The 4th generation technology also provides better connectivity while travelling at great speed in a train or bus.

The new LTE technology provides other attractive features such as high quality performance especially for mobile telecommunications at very high speeds and assists operators to enhance network capacity and strengthen network performance as the technology is 3 to 4 times efficient in terms of HSPA capability and is 2 to 3 times when transmitting data.

Mobily launched 4G with its Connect USB Device and Broadband Internet Modem for home, Connect is now called Connect 4G. Additionally if a customer subscribes for 12 months, he/she can get a gift of additional 3 months subscription. Mobily also announced that this service is not available in all the cities and the quantity of available subscriptions is limited. (Probably that is a marketing techtic to improve sales).

I didn't find much detail on Zain's website except the banner of 4G LTE Technology that brings High Speed Internet. If you are not aware how to subscribe for a Mobile Internet Package in Saudi Arabia you may look at this post where I have described all the Internet packages and their prices.How to Subscribe for Internet from your Mobile in KSA or you may also take a look at 4 Halala per megabyte internet package from Saudi Mobile Internet providers.


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