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July 21, 2010

How to Transfer Credit in Mobily

Mobily is the second largest Mobile Network in the Kingdom, from its start to today's date it has provided great services and benifits to customer. When Mobily started its services only STC was operating Mobile Networks in KSA. That time call rates were so higher compared to International standards, International call rates, sms rates and Internet data rates. Mobily has started a the trend of promotion offers and low-call rate packages to mobile users in Saudi Arabia that was never done before, in the result using mobile phone became easier for a lot of middle-class community and a big number of expatriates. Now calling outside the Kingdom is not an expensive deal. Expatriates from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philpines, Indonesia, Gulf and other arab countries are major mobile users.

Mobily is offering so many services that I can't desribe them all here. Here I would like to show the process of transfering credit from one mobily number to another. Please note that credit transfer is not possible among different operators, however it is possible internationally among different operators (this is because they have signed aggrements)

Transfer credit

All Mobily prepaid active subscribers can independently transfer credit from their mobile to another prepaid customer. Why would someone use a credit transfer?

In many cases you run short of credit while you have to make an emergency long distance call. Sometime you are away from the market and can't go and buy a Mobily voucher easily. In that case you may request any of your friend or family member to transfer you some mobily credit. The same case might happen to your friend or family member anytime and he ask you to transfer some credit to him, So below is the procedure.

How to Set up:

  • The service does not need to be activated, to transfer credit form your number to another one you should follow these steps:
  • Type in your mobile (There are no spaces in between, I put here spaces for the sake of understanding)
  • *123*( the mobile number where you want to send credit ) * ( Amount you want to transfer ) #
  • Then press CALL key.
  • If everything is done right you will receive a notification that credit transfer has been accomplished successfully.
  • Another confirmation message will be sent to the credit receiver to inform him about the new received credit and the sender number.

Other Information

The service is free of charge and available only for prepaid subscribers. The credit sender has to have enough credit in his balance to transfer credit to others. The amount of credit to be transfer is either 5, 10, 15 or 20 Saudi Riyals. You can repeat the credit transfer maximum 5 times in 24 hours, It means maximum amount of transfer per day is 100 SR.


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