September 21, 2021

Air Show Held at Jeddah Water Front New Corniche

 On ocassion of Saudi National Day There is an Air Show held at Jeddah Water Front New Corniche on 20th Sep 2021. Below is the video of airplanes forming the shape of heart.

September 29, 2016

How to Transfer Balance from Zain to Zain

In order to transfer your balance from Zain Saudi Arabia to Zain Saudi Arabia number, Write in a message

BT (Space) (Zain Number) (Space) (Amount) and send it to 702702.

In case you want to transfer 20 SR balance to 0591234567, so it should be in format like.

BT 0591234567 10

now send this message to 702702

After receiving the confirmation SMS on the transferred amount, the Receiver should send an SMS to 702702 containing: id (space) 10 digit ID number. In format like

ID 1234567890

now send to 702702

There are some rules for Balance Transfer which has to be followed

  1. After transfer your balance the minimum remaining balance in your SIM card should be 25SR
  2. The Minimum Amount per transaction is 5SR. The Maximum Amount per transaction Is 20SR
  3. Maximum Amount per Day is 250SR
  4. Per transaction will charge you 0.50SR
  5. The Balance transfer service is not available for Zain Max and Zain Noor Visitor package.

May 20, 2014

Win a Real iPad Air in Saudi Arabia just with a Photograph

Its goanna be fun!!! 

Couple of days ago I saw an advertisement over Facebook regarding some “Photography contest” through Freshi Ice Stick company, Jeddah. Let’s participate and get a chance to win iPAD Air …. Yes iPAD Air really!!! And it is very simple to participate just click your picture with their Ice Stick and upload to their Facebook page simple. Trust me their Ice Sticks is really fabulas and tasty. So why you are waiting for just do-it now before other do it first.
For more detail just check this link :

April 15, 2014

Price of Nokia X in Saudi Arabia - Jarir Book Store

As I mentioned few days ago at my blog about the launch of Nokia X in Saudi Arabia, I would like to let you know the price of this smartphone in Saudi Riyals. Jarir Bookstore which is one of famous technology retailers is offering this device in 439 SR currently.

The price might be reduced a little in coming days once the device become a little old, as usual in Saudi market. You may request further mobile prices in comments and I will try my best to bring you the latest market price. Thank you.

April 2, 2014

Jarir launched First Nokia Android Phone in Kingdom

Jarir, a famous technology retailer in Saudi Arabia recently launched first android device from Nokia corporation "Nokia X" with Android operating system.

It is a dual sim smart phone with 4 inch screen, it is said to be having a separate app store than Google play store. It is a lightweight phone with 128.7 g weight. It seems an average to low budget smartphone with 3 MP camera, 1GHz Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and 512MB Ram . Nokia X is available in 6 colors from official manufacturer Nokia. Nokia X is a series of Nokia X family consisting of 3 models, Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. Microsoft and Nokia worked together and introduced a new app market for this where you can download various android os apps.Find full specification at Nokia's website

January 20, 2013

HTC Droid DNA - Taking you to the While new World of colors

Its undoubtedly the best HTC phone for a while now. With bullet fast quad-core processor, and a sleek eye grabbing 5inch screen display, it has a great camera and long battery life. This is an amazing deal at any price.


There are no two opinions about this one.  IT is the sexiest of smartphone released for a while now. At a glance, the slab-Shaped HTC is not similar to other common smartphones in the market but it has a lot to offer. While the handset is jet black and stealth bomber, it has red metallic stripes on each side of it. HTC says that it's an inspiration from the Lamborghini supercars.
5.6 inches and 2.7 inches wide screen, this device is really large and thin. At 0.38 inch thick and thinner edges makes it far less thin from Galaxy s3. its edges are sharp and no doubt that its metallic buttons on the side gives it a more sexy look than s3.


What further enhances the DNA's look and display is that how its glass is stretched to the edges of this phone.  Not only the screen is massive and with striking display there is a lot more in 1080p display and 440 pixels per inch display is the first in any phone as for now. The text and videos look really crisp and sharp and color vibrant. Moreover watching the HD videos takes it to the whole new level.

UI and Software

It’s a treat for android phone lovers. DNA comes with latest android OS jelly beans 4.1. So far it is the most advanced version of smartphone software Google has announced till yet.


HTC Droind DNA's 8megapixel camera does justice to the legacy of HTC producing some great results. It uses specially designed electronic circuits and functions to make your picture more vibrant and more powerful. it can capture the panorama, makes a 1080p video and that too is brilliant. You can also capture pictures really fast and also of moving objects.


Android jelly beans has come up with a lot of new improvements and outstanding features, but the stand out one is its speed. Also helping the HTC Droid DNA achieve buttery smoothness is its powerful 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB of RAM. The handset is really fast, blasting through menus and launching apps with ease. You can open as many apps you want and believe me it won’t hang a bit.

The Droid DNA notched a stratospherically high LINPAC showing of 401.6 MFLOPs (multithread). The performance of this quad-core processor is just over the top.
Overall it is a brilliant phone with outstanding features and it looks like a giant stealth black jet that is bullet fast and its screen gives you a detailed look of everything and that too at 440ppi which is quite rare when it comes to a smartphone screen.

Author Bio

Esme Craig a content writer and an entrepreneur write for Removals Companies and house removals that provide suitable solutions and amazing services for man and van London also.

December 8, 2012

HTC One X Vs Galaxy S3 – Which one is better

HTC One X VS Samsung Galaxy S3

At first glance the two models are very similar, both offering a premium smart phone experience, packing big screens, quad-core processors and Google's latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. However once you spend some time with devices, these similarities melt away and it becomes very clear that the two are very different, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Design and build

The Galaxy S3 houses one of the biggest screens seen on any Android handset, save for the Galaxy Note and Dell Streak, featuring a massive 4.8in Super Amoled display. However, the One X also packs its own fairly sizeable 4.7in capacitive touch-screen. The two devices are closely matched in size, with the S3 measuring in at 137x71x8.6mm and the One X is 134x70x8.9mm. The same is true in the weight stakes, with the S3 weighing 133g and the One X a slightly lighter 130g.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X V3

Despite being very similar in size, the two devices are quite different visually. While the One X has curved corners, it features significantly harder edges and lines than the S3, which has a much softer feel. Additionally the One X has a unibody design, while the S3 features a removable back plate. While having access to the device's battery is useful, letting you swap the phone's battery if necessary, we really aren't a fan of it on the S3.This is because the S3's back plate feels incredibly flimsy - to the point that we actually winced every time we removed it, concerned it was going to break.

Samsung Galaxy S3 back plate

The One X by comparison feels reassuringly sturdy, despite being made of polycarbonate as opposed to the metal in the S3. Beyond this, the most noticeable design differences between the two are the S3's use of a physical home button and metal trim.
The metal trimming surrounds the device's sides and acts as a barrier between its front face and detachable back plate, while the home button sits at the front of the device between the S3's capacitive back and menu buttons. Overall while the touches make the device look fairly nice they do give it a distinct iPhone like feel - something we don't like, preferring the One X's unmistakably HTC Android design.


When it comes to performance, both the One X and S3 are powerhouses packing powerful quad-core processors. On paper the One X looks slightly faster featuring a 1.5GHz quad-core processor backed up by 1GB of RAM, while the S3 has a 1.4GHz quad-core chip.
However, when tested with benchmarking tool AnTuTu the S3 scored 12,127 beating the One X which managed a still impressive 10,829. While this is interesting on paper, being blunt, we really didn't notice any differences between the two when it comes to speed. Using either device we managed to stream video, browse the internet on multiple tabs and play even the most power-hungry gaming apps available on the Play Store with no lag.
This is mainly because there really isn't that much demand for quad-core technology in a Smartphone at the moment. There are next to no apps in the Play Store that call for quad-core performance. This means that while quad-core is nice, its only real selling point at the moment is it future proofs the device, theoretically meaning that a quad-core handset has the extra power available if and when apps and the Android platform itself are able to take greater advantage of it.
The S3's 4.8in HD Super Amoled screen uses the same display technology seen in Samsung's Nexus and Note smart phones. The One X by comparison features a 4.7in 1,280x720 HD display. One factor that differentiates the two is the fact that the S3's display doesn't offer as high a pixel density as the One X's 312ppi display, running at a slightly lower 306ppi.
But again, when looking at the two next to each other, we really struggled to tell which was better, with both being very clear and crisp even in the most unflattering light conditions.

Operating system and software

While both devices run using Google's latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, their user interfaces (UIs) and features are noticeably different. This is mainly because both Samsung and HTC have loaded the devices with their custom Touchwiz and Sense software, respectively.
We're not a fan of either custom environment, as we feel that the basic Ice Cream Sandwich experience seen on the Galaxy Nexus is cleaner and more intuitive.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X operating system

That said, HTC's Sense 4.0 is the lesser of the two evils, packing fewer uninstallable custom apps and widgets. While Samsung has tweaked Touchwiz for the S3, removing several of the annoying widgets and graphical flourishes that plagued the S2, the UI still feels cluttered and is full of things you will never need or want to use. A particularly good example is its S Voice service. This aims to offer the same voice recognition and command capabilities seen with the Apple iPhone 4S's Siri.
However, we have found it unrelentingly tiresome to use, with it regularly taking multiple attempts to understand what you're asking it and then often taking several seconds to respond. It's usually quicker and less aggravating to just launch the service using physical commands.
The only saving grace we noticed regarding the S3 is that a select number of its features, like S Beam and Pop up Play, are pretty useful.

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Beam

S Beam builds on the basic Android Beam technology seen in the One X, letting users share everything from contacts, to movies and audio files using NFC. Samsung claims the S3 can send 1GB movies in three minutes and 10MB music files in two seconds using the technology. The application launches automatically when you touch two S3s together, but the devices must be back-to-back for it to work, simply touching the handsets' tops together will not work.
Pop up Play on the other hand lets you create a mini version of any video you're playing that can be placed anywhere on the UI. This means that you can keep watching a video while replying to a text or scanning Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, though these features are at times useful, they aren't enough to overcome the fact that Touchwiz isn't very user friendly. The UI is so full that it can confuse non-Samsung Android Smartphone users.
HTC's Sense 4.0 UI by comparison, though also a little too full of HTC's custom widgets, is significantly less cluttered and much easier to navigate.

Overall Winner: The HTC One X

Samsung and HTC's latest handsets are among the finest Android smart phones ever made, both boasting and showcasing the best technology currently on the market in the UK. HTC One x packs Ice Cream Sandwich and a quad core processor photo of the Phone's hub page. Anyone who picks up either device will enjoy a great user experience and won't regret choosing either device.
However, picking the rivals apart, the Samsung Galaxy S3 does have slightly more flaws than the One X, which itself isn't perfect. Chief among these is its bloat ware infestation and slightly cheap feeling chassis. While the device does look beautiful, albeit a little too iPhone-like, it doesn't feel sturdy enough, and we aren't convinced it would survive a drop or accidental spill unscathed.
Additionally, the sheer number of custom Samsung apps and widgets installed on the device can make it daunting to use for anyone unfamiliar with Samsung's Touch wiz, even for a veteran smart phone user. This adds up to our conclusion that while the S3 does beat the One X when it comes to battery, we have to give the title of best Android smart phone on the market to HTC.

Author Bio
Esme Craig a content writer and an entrepreneur write for House Removals london that provide suitable solutions and amazing services for man and van London also.

November 15, 2012

Full Mobile Price List Saudi Arabia 2012 - HTC BlackBerry Apple and Samsung

Dear All

Below are the recent prices of all brands mobile phones and smartphones in Saudi Arabia. These devices are offered by Nasa Smart Devices in Various Saudi Arabian cities including Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh, Khobar and Madina.

Take a look at Mobile Prices Flyer below. You may click on the picture to enlarge it.

October 11, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hot Offers October 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of most amazing smartphones from Samsung which is widely soled and liked in Saudi Arabia. This smartphone is kept selling at a price range of 2200 to 2400 Saudi Riyals for long time by various retailers including eXtra, Nasa Smart Devices, Jarir Book Store, Hyper Panda, Axiom Telecom and few others as well.

However this week (October 9 onward) might be considered best one for buyers because Saudi Arabian Mobile Market has seen huge an unbelievable offers on Samsung Galaxy S3. Below I would like to explain about all these offers.

I start from eXtra Stores offer on Galaxy S3 which is as per me one of the best offer yet. eXtra has started MEGASALE from 10 to 14 October 2012 in which up to 50% discount was offered at various electronics items, including LCDs, LEDs, iPhone, iPad, other tablets like Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab2, BlackBerry device, DSLR camera, Laptops, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners etc. eXtra Store is offering Samsung Galaxy S3 in 1899 SR with a 14% discount, its previous prices was 2199. This device is available in Blue and White color and 1 Year Golden Warranty. When you will buy this device you will get a 15GB Internet Sim Card for free.

The Next great offer on Galaxy S III is from Axiom Telecom Saudi Arabia, which is well known for best repairing and after sales service. Axiom Telecom is offering Galaxy S3 in 2299 Saudi Riyals with Free Samsung Digital Camera, the model of Digital camera was not mentioned however the picture given in the brochure makes me assume that it is a Samsung Camera with dual LCD, LCD on back and front, and it must be a prominent Camera models from Samsung. Axiom has exclusively offer 4 New colors of Galaxy S3 which are

  1. Garnet red
  2. Amber brown
  3. Titanium silver
  4. Sapphire black
Note: The image has been taken from Axiom Middle Eastern Site. I am not sure when these colors will be available in Saudi Arabia Stores of Axiom Telecom
Here is the snapshot from Axiom Telecom Publication, which has been released on 6th October, 2012. But I couldn't find if there is an ending date for this offer. This offer is about Samsung Galaxy S3 with Free Digital Camera.

The third and last offer as per my knowledge is offered by Jarir Book Store. Which is offering Samsung Galaxy S3 in 2199 SR after 200 SR discount. Jarir is also offering Gifts like 15GB Internet for 3 Months, a 16GB microSD Card and Belkin Accessories Kit, that includes a Premium Home and Car Charger, Set of Screen Protectors and Back Cover. The value of Belkin Accessories Kit is 269 SR, which is offered free with every purchase. However a little trouble I find at Jarir when I went there for purchasing, so many people were there to buy this and it was a long queue line in Front of the desk which was offering Free Sim Card.

For more offers on Telecom, Mobiles and Smartphones keep visiting Saudi Telecom News

Great Price Slash Apple iPhone 4S 64GB only in 2499 SR

Super Dhamaka Offer, Extra Shopping Mall is Offering a Great Price Slash of Apple iPhone 4S 64GB. it is only in 2499 SR, before it was 2999 SR. It is an Amazing offer by Extra. The model No of this Apple iPhone 4S 64GB is  MD258AE/A. See below to know the charctaristics of Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB.
Warranty 1 Year
Battery Talk Time (hours) 10 hrs & More
Battery Standby (hours) 200 to 399 hrs
Screen Size (inch) 3.5
Memory (internal) 64 GB
CPU Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9
OS (Operating System) iOS 5
Display Technology LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Its also Include TV outputs, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and Games. It has High Camera Resolution up to 8.9 MP. Superb Phone and Superb Offer by Extra. This Offer is Valid only during the Mega Sale in Extra, so hurry up otherwise you Lost the Chance. To see more Special offers and Smart Phone Prices Visit Saudi Telecom News.


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