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September 28, 2011

How to Cancel Facebook SMS Subscription

STC Facebook SMS

Facebook has a great notification system that send you Email and SMS notifications when your friends post any updates on the Facebook. However sometime these notification might annoy you because they could be up to 50/day when you have a bunch of friends on Facebook. It is easy to stop these notifications whether they are Email notifications or SMS notifications from your Facebook account setting. It is explained well here.

However when it comes to SMS notifications charged by Mobile Network Providers its not that simple. I have experienced it. I subscribed to Facebook SMS notifications on my STC prepaid Sim and after I find a lot of SMS in my mobile I turned it off from Facebook Account setting.

Then I got satisfied that now I will not be disturbed by these boring messages. But it was surprising for me when STC deducted 3 Saudi Riyal from my mobile balance next week.
You are still registered to STC Facebook sms service.
I thought probably STC didn't update their computers right now so I was charged. But STC kept deducting 3SR every week for the next two months. I was very busy those days so I didn't bother taking any action against it. Few times I tried to contact STC customer help line at 902 to let them solve this issue but due to long waiting time from STC customer service to respond, this matter never resolved.

However when STC deducted 3SR again last night It annoyed me and I thought even I have to wait for half an hour I must contact the help line. I dialed 902, then pressed 2 for English, then 3 for technical support and then 9 to speak to their agent. After 10 min STC customer support guy responded and I told him the issue. Because most of these guys are native Arabic speakers so it is a little hard to explain them in English. That's why it took me few minutes to make him understand. Once he understood he told me a simple solution

Send an SMS containing letter U (capital) to 86677 and your subscription will be cancelled immediately.

After doing that I have received 3 to 4 messages from STC about cancellation of STC Facebook Subscription. Users of other companies like Mobily and Zain can also try the same procedure for cancelling Mobile Facebook Subscription or Zain Facebook Subscription and stop receiving sms and stop bearing unnecessary charges. 


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