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September 4, 2011

HTC ChaCha Arabic Keyboard in High Resolution

Few days ago I got to design a flyer for latest HTC's smartphone HTC ChaCha. Actually it was for Middle Eastern community who read and understand Arabic language. For the sake of a printed flyer I got to prepare HTC ChaCha Arabic keyboard in High resolution. I tried to look for it on Photo banks and free photo sharing sites but it seems to me that only I am the one who require it, No body else needed it ever. After not finding it online, I took few pictures of HTC ChaCha Arabic keyboard as it was made available to me that time and then imported that photos in Photoshop but the idea didn't work because those photos were very poor quality and cannot be used in a Print ad.

So finally I created the Arabic Keyboard for ChaCha in Adobe Photoshop in high resolution specially for the advertisement. Now the flyer which I designed is printed.So I thought I should share the High resolution Arabic keyboard with other people too, so that people can utilize it in their designs if they need it.

I made it available at Vecteezy.com for free. Anyone can download it from the link below. Don't forget to rate it and provide your feed back. Thanks

HTC ChaCha with Arabic Keyboard.

Download it in EPS format from this link


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