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July 25, 2010


Mother is a great gift of god, the gift which is already there for us even before we exist. It starts when we are piece of flush, she starts caring us, and she starts feeding us, protecting us from dangers and troubles. That time we are senseless and we never know if she don't keep us insider her we can't survive. If she refuses us to keep we have no place to go, no place to live.

She makes us grow by providing us blood from insider her body and other needs. She gives us a peaceful place to sleep and eat. At the same time she face troubles in all her daily routines , in walking, in sitting, in eating but still she feels happy to serve us. She faces all these troubles till 9 months for us and also makes kind prayers to God that we remain healthy without any request. Finally she gets hell of pain to make us the part of this world from no existence to existence.

Still her job didn't end, she has to feed us again, and she has to care us more until we can stand up. Again day and night she starts another hard work. Cleaning us, dressing us up, and taking care of our rest and everything we need she do for us without a single penny.

Another period ends and we start walking, that day she become that happy as no one else in this world. After growing us physically now she starts growing us up mentally. She teaches us, she send us to school, she helps us learn things. Again hard work. She listens our stupid things we encounter in the day, she tells us stories so that we can have some entertainment then she makes us sleep in her lap.

Then we start going to school, she take us to school, she brings us back and with the passing time, we feel we have our own identity, who is mother ? She is just a kind servant whose duty is to take care of us. With the time when we finish school and go to college, now mother becomes second priority. We can decide in our matters ourselves, we can go anywhere we want. But she doesn't mind that and keeps giving us same love and care as still we are a kid.

Finally we start our life race, we start earning good money, and we got our own family with a loving life partner and a beautiful house. Mother is now gone far away from our priorities. We become busy and we have to earn, but still she is there for us making prayers. But we are still busy.

One day, she goes, she is no more there for us, we lose our sky who is protecting us from long time ago. Ahhh

She was important, some people realize and some people don't :-)
Take care of your mother if you can, because she is most beautiful relation in this world Allah has created.

My colleague’s mother died yesterday. He is Bangladeshi but still I am feeling pain as it was my mother. Please make prayers for her that Allah gives peace to her soul and patience to my colleague. Ameen.


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