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July 11, 2010

How to Arabize your Smartphone for free

Arabize is a term means enabling Arabic support for your Smartphone. By enabling arabic support into your device you can read / write SMS messages in Arabic language. You can handle Arabic in documents like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also you can write calender entries in Arabic.

Arabizing your device opens a world of Arabic softwares like Quran, Prayer Times, Hijri Calender and many more for your device. To Arabize your device you need to install a new version of operating system to your device that comes with Arabic support. This version of Software is released by device manufacturer and doing this will not cause any harm to your device or its warranty. It is called ROM

Nasa Smart Devices is providing Arabic ROM for its customers in Saudi Arabia and Middle east. You need to contact Nasa Smart Devices customer support and first provide them necessary information regarding device. They will provide you a password for 1 time download genuine ROM from there website. Then visit this page you will be asked your name, your email address and a password, enter the password and choose your product model and click proceed. Download process will start. It takes time depending on your Internet connection speed. Once you completed the download, connect your device through USB cable to your pc and double click the downloaded file, it will start arabizing your device, Just follow the instruction and that's it.

Your device will be successfully arabized. Please note that latest models of iPhone 3GS are not required to arabize as they got this support by default. Similerly some BlackBerry models do that too.


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