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September 12, 2012

Short Comparison of Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S

22 Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy S3 that are making it better than Apple iPhone 4S

Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S both are brilliant smartphones of today's time. Galaxy S3 has huge fans and lovers as well as iPhone 4S has. There are a lot of people who love brand, not the specification or price. For example Apple lovers would love to buy Apple product without considering how much money they are paying for it, While Samsung lovers will not consider better features of iPhone 4S, rather they will buy a Samsung product.

There are some customers who strictly follow Features and Specification of smart devices, they are not worried about manufacturer and brand, their only consideration is to get best available device in best value. Such type of people love comparisons and read reviews before actually buying the device. This post is for the same type of people.

I got a lot of help from versusio.com in making this post, because they had done a simple, short and to the point comparison of iPhone4S and GalaxyS3.

Click on the Picture to See Full Size - Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S

22 Plus Points of Samsung Galaxy S3 over Apple iPhone 4S

  1. Galaxy S3 has 1GB Ram vs iPhone 4S has 0.5GB Ram which gives Galaxy S3 power to perform faster and load things faster.
  2. Galaxy S3 has 4.8 inch screen while iPhone 4S has 3.5 inch screen. The bigger screen of Galaxy S3 makes you enjoy HD movies, makes game play more fun and taking picture more exciting.
  3. Galaxy S3 has higher screen resolution (1280px X 720px) than iPhone 4S's screen resolution that is (960px X 640px)
  4. Galaxy S3's processor is 3.5 times faster than iPhone 4S. Galaxy S3 has Quad core 1.4GHz CPU while iPhone 4S has a dual core 0.8GHz CPU.
  5. Galaxy S3 has 11% smaller semiconductor that means a newer version of CPU
  6. The front camera of Galaxy S3 is 1.9 Megapixels however iPhone 4S's front camera is 0.3 megapixels, that is also an advantage of Galaxy S3
  7. Galaxy S3's camera has a buil-in HDR mode which enables you to take pictures with higher dynamic range while iPhone cannot do that.
  8. Galaxy S3 is bigger than iPhone 4S but still it is light weight than iPhone 4S
  9. Galaxy S3 is also thinner than iPhone 4S
  10. With Galaxy S3 you can watch Slideshows and movies wirelessely with your TV, LCD or LED with help of DLNA technology, however in iPhone 4S you cannot do this. 
  11. Galaxy S3 has an HDMI port which will enables you to watch HD movies on your TV but iPhone 4S don't have an HDMI port
  12. Galaxy S3 supports external memory. You can plug a microSD card of 32GB or 64GB to extend the memory of device but in iPhone 4S, if your device is 16GB, 32GB or 64GB you cannot extend it anymore. 
  13. Having microSD support in Galaxy S3 Smartphone is another plus over iPhone, you can take out your personal data, pictures and movies easily by taking memory card out.
  14. Galaxy S3 comes with NFC (Near-field communication) which allows wireless transactions like payments, transfering pictures and movies to other NFC supported device. iPhone 4S is losing the battle in this feature also.
  15. Galaxy S3 enables you to download up to 21MBPS while iPhone 4S maximum download speed is 14.4MBPS. It means Galaxy S3 can download data 46% faster than iPhone 4S
  16. Galaxy S3 has free navigation software provided with it which comes with free maps data, you don't need to buy a Navigation software neither need to spend Internet data bundle to download maps.
  17. Galaxy S3 can play Adobe Flash movies, games and greeting cards while iPhone 4S cannot do that.
  18. Galaxy S3 supports wireless charging while iPhone 4S don't support wireless charging.
  19. Galaxy S3 can be charged with Standard USB cable, connect USB cable with your laptop or PC and charge the device, however in iPhone 4S you have to get the charger when battery gets low.
  20. Galaxy S3 has a stronger battery than iPhone 4S. Galaxy S3's battery is 2100mAh while iPhone's battery is 1418mAh. That is 49% more powerful battery than iPhone 4S.
  21. In Galaxy S3 you can remove battery cover and can get the battery outside, so in case battery goes out of order you can change it at your own, but for iPhone 4S you have to take it to service center to replace the battery.
  22. Galaxy S3 is cheaper than iPhone 4S in most world markets. For instance take a look at most recent Samsung Galaxy Prices in Saudi Arabia and recent iPhone Prices in Saudi Arabia

9 iPhone 4S Plus Points over Galaxy S3

  1. Apple iOS provides free updates directly to every iPhone device so you got a better software support for iPhone 4S than Galaxy S3
  2. In Data uploads iPhone 4S is about 2 times faster than Galaxy S3. Maximum upload speed for Galaxy S3 is 3.0 MPBS while iPhone 4S can upload with a speed up to 5.76 MBPS.
  3. iPhone 4S comes with a Better Camera Lens aperture (f/2.4) vs Galaxy S3's (f/2.6) which enables iPhone 4S's camera to get more light and avoiding blur in pictures.
  4. iPhone 4S has less body volume than Galaxy S3. That makes carrying iPhone 4S easier than Galaxy S3 by 27%.
  5. iPhone 4S has a narrow body than Galaxy S3 which makes it easier for everybody to handle it.
  6. iPhone 4S is about 21.4mm shorter than Galaxy S3 so it can fit in a smaller space easily.
  7. Although Galaxy S3 supports a microSD but iPhone 4S comes with up to 64GB built-in memory so that you don't need to buy an extra memory card to manage storage of your phone.
  8. The app market of Apple got more number of apps than Android market, so you got more options when choosing apps. Currently number of apps in Apple store is 425 Thousands while in Google Play Store the number of apps is 400 Thousands.
  9. The screen of iPhone 4S has a higher pixel density 326 pixels per inch while Galaxy S3's screen can show maximum 313 pixels per inch.
Finally I don't say iPhone4S is better than GalaxyS3 or inversely. You may take a look at the features and plus points of both devices above and it will help you to decide which device is better suitable for you. Apple is also going to launch iPhone's new version iPhone 5 which will probably occupy the market with best and unique features which are a pride of Apple company. 


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