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September 18, 2012

Samsung Attack on iPhone 5 and Reply from Apple Fans

Recently in a Print Advertisment Samsung targeted Apple's iPhone 5 Features and compared it with there best player Galaxy S3. The advertisement was published in a USA's newspapers few days ago. The purpose of this ad was probabally to show weak points of iPhone 5 and raise the powerful points of Galaxy S3. The ad says "It doesn't take a geniuos" and “The next big thing is already here.” Actually it was a bold move from samsung against apple to directly comparing their product with Samsung's product.

Advertisement from Samsung

The thing to criticize is Samsung has made the list of features one-sided towards Galaxy S3 and missed many important features of iPhone 5. Samsung has missed FaceTime, iCloud, and iTunes integration. Apple didn't show any response on this advertisement yet, however Apple's fan managed to answer Samsung in the same way Samsung targeted iPhone 5. Take a look at the answer from Apple fans to Samsung insulting Galaxy S3

Answer from Apple Fans


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