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September 21, 2012

New iPad Prices in Saudi Arabia September 2012

The new iPad3 is one of the favorite Tablet PC in Saudi Arabia these days because of its so many features, amazing touchscreen and bright display. There are huge sales recorded everyday at shopping malls and electronic super stores in Saudi Arabia. There are many stores offering Apple's products including iPhone 4S and iPad3.

iPad3 4G Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad3 4G 16GB: SAR 2349
  • iPad3 4G 32GB: SAR 2999
  • iPad3 4G 64GB: SAR 3399

iPad3 Wi-Fi Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad3 WiFi 16GB: SAR 1999
  • iPad3 WiFi 32GB: SAR 2499
  • iPad3 WiFi 64GB: SAR 2899

iPad2 3G Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad2 3G 16GB: SAR 2099
  • iPad2 3G 32GB: SAR  will be updated soon.
  • iPad2 3G 64GB: SAR 1900

iPad2 Wi-Fi Prices Saudi Arabia

  • iPad2 WiFi 16GB: SAR 1599
  • iPad2 WiFi 32GB: SAR 2229
  • iPad2 WiFi 64GB: will be updated soon.


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