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June 19, 2011

HTC BlackBerry iPhone iPad2 and Samsung Prices in Saudi Arabia

I am publishing these prices little late, more than half month of June is passed now. This is because I was a little busy and was unable to find much time to collect these prices. So prices of HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung and Apple Smartphone in Saudi Arabia are here. These prices are collected from different shopping malls like Hyper Panda, Danube, Carrefour and Extra Stores.

  • Newest release from HTC is HTC Sensation. It is not launced in the market yet, however it is expected soon with a price around (SR 2600 to SR 2800)
  • Additionally another HTC Bundle (HTC Desire HD + HTC Wildfire + Car charger) is offered by Carrefour shopping malls in SR 2699

#Smartphone ModelPrice in Saudi Riyals
1HTC Desire S2199 SR
2HTC 7 Mozart + HTC Wildfire (Special offer from Jarir Book Store)2499 SR
3HTC Incredible S2490 SR
4HTC HD mini1490 SR
5HTC Viva650 SR
6HTC Desire HD2399 SR
7HTC Desire1649 SR
8HTC Wildfire999 SR
9HTC HD22490 SR
10HTC Wildfire S1190 SR


#Smartphone ModelPrice in Saudi Riyals
1BlackBerry Curve 8520790 SR
2BlackBerry Curve 93001050 SR
3BlackBerry Bold 97801650 SR
4BlackBerry Bold 97001500 SR
5BlackBerry Torch 98002049 SR
6BlackBerry Pearl 9105999 SR


#Smartphone ModelPrice in Saudi Riyals
1Samsung Wave II1199 SR
2Samsung Galaxy i90001849 SR
3Samsung Galaxy i90031449 SR
4Samsung Galaxy Ace S58301199 SR
5Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670799 SR
6Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570699 SR
7Samsung Galaxy S II i91002890 SR


#Smartphone ModelPrice in Saudi Riyals
1Acer neoTouch P300999 SR
2Acer Liquid1299 SR
3Acer beTouch E101599 SR
4Acer neoTouch S2001299 SR


#Smartphone ModelPrice in Saudi Riyals
1iPhone 4 16GB Black2439 SR
2iPhone 4 32GB Black2849 SR
3iPad2 16GB Wifi+3G2649 SR
4iPad2 32GB Wifi+3G3099 SR
5iPad2 64GB Wifi+3G3499 SR
6iPad2 16GB Wifi2099 SR
7iPad2 32GB Wifi2499 SR
8iPad2 64GB Wifi2899 SR


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