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May 21, 2011

HTC Desire HD vs iPhone 4 Video Review

Few months ago I published iPhone 4 vs HTC Desire HD Comparison Chart that become very popular among my blog visitors. It become one of my top posts during last few months. From that I observed, a lot of people are confused by the specifications of iPhone 4 and HTC Desire HD and they got difficulties in choosing better device to buy for themselves. Then I search it myself and found a very nice Video review done by gsmonlinepl. So I thought to share this video at my blog, so that people can get more idea on these devices (iPhone 4 and Desire HD). "ElNinoLalibre" who wrote one of most liked comments on the video says.
Apple iPhone is like Nintendo. Remember when Nintendo owned the gaming market and everyone thought it was unbeateable. Then came Sony and Microsoft and took over the gaming market. The same thing will happen to iPhone as HTC, Samsung etc close in. I still respect Apple since they have created this business, BUT I am confident that they will get out-thought by others. The iPhone is a great phone but the HTC Desire is superior in quality and performance.
Please take a look at the video below.


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