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May 2, 2011

Pakistan Nokia Mobile Phone Prices for May 2011

Nokia is the most popular mobile brands in Pakistan. Nokia mobiles are light weight, full of functionality and are cheaper in prices. They have nice after sale service and re-sale value. That's why it is among top seller mobile brand in Pakistan. Here I am sharing the latest prices for Nokia Mobile Phones. These prices are collected from Central Punjab cities and you will find a little variation in the prices when you actually go to buy them. Although these prices change every week and in the busy markets every day too. But this is the price range for month of May 2011.

So here it is.

Nokia Mobile Phone Prices in Pakistan
Mobile Picture Model No. Price in Pak Ruppee
Nokia 1280 Rs 1800
Nokia 1616 Rs 2100
Nokia 1800 Rs 2350
Nokia 2220 Rs 3930
Nokia 5030 Rs 2850
Nokia 2690 Rs 4999
Nokia 2700 Rs 6050
Nokia 2730 Rs 6700
Nokia 5130 Rs 7200

Mobile Picture Model No. Price in Pak Ruppee
Nokia C1-00 Rs 2330
Nokia C1-01 Rs 3950
Nokia C2-01 Rs 6775
Nokia C3 Rs 9650
Nokia C3-01 Rs 13350
Nokia C5 Rs 12575
Nokia C5-03 Rs 16224
Nokia C6 Rs 21020
Nokia C7 Rs 27750

Mobile Picture Model No. Price in Pak Ruppee
Nokia X2 Rs 8250
Nokia X2-01 Rs 7000
Nokia X3 Rs 10750
Nokia X3-02 Rs 11900
Nokia X6 (8GB) Rs 21900
Nokia X6 (16GB) Rs 28000
Nokia 5230 Rs 12850
Nokia 5233 Rs 11050
Nokia 5250 Rs 10360
Nokia E5 Rs 15750
Nokia E7 Rs 47800
Nokia E52 Rs 19000
Nokia E63 Rs 14100
Nokia E66 Rs 19200
Nokia E71 Rs 20100
Nokia E72 Rs 23500
Nokia N8 Rs 35400
Nokia N97 mini Rs 28320
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Rs 19650
Nokia 6303i Rs 10200
Nokia 6600i Rs 17175
Nokia 6600 Slide Rs 18900
Nokia 6700 Classic Rs 17950
Nokia 6700 Slide Rs 14100


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