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August 16, 2012

HUAWEI's 4G Wifi Router at Amazing Price from Jarir

4G is the latest technology for using Internet at home and office, because of Getting High Speed internet 4G is getting popular and popular these days. There are new devices available in the market which can provide access to Wireless Internet anywhere, either in home, office or on the beach or hills.

For the first time Jarir Bookstore is offering 4G LTE portable Wi-Fi rounter in Saudi Arabia manufectured by HUAWEI. It is a tinny device which can easily fit in your pocket, you just need to charge its battery, insert a 4G data sim and it is ready to provide WiFi Internet up to 10 users on the move, either you are traveling inside a vehicle or enjoying picnik at the beach you can connect to the High Speed Internet. The device HUAWEI E589 (mobile wifi) has a strong battery that lasts 10 hours. This device is available at any branch of Jarir Bookstore through out Saudi Arabia in SR 899. Additionally you will get 7GB X 2 (Total 14GB) monthly Internet data access up to 2 months.

So enjoy this amazing gift offer from Jarir and get benifit from the free Internet in Saudi Arabia.

For the customer who like to buy an iPad Jarir is offering below bundles at discounted Prices.

New iPad 16GB WiFi Black Color + 4G Mobile Wi-Fi + 14GB Internet: SR 2699

New iPad 16GB WiFi Black Color + 4G Mobile Wi-Fi + 14GB Internet: SR 2749

Take a look at the Flyer below.


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