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May 16, 2012

Nokia Saudi Arabia Mobile Price List May 2012

Nokia is still one of the liked mobile phone brands among the people who just want to use basic features of a mobile phone. Features like making and receiving phone calls, sending text messages, using calculator, alarm feature and few basic games. One of the most like feature in Nokia Mobiles is its ease of use and easy interface understanding. Being easy to use makes Nokia Mobile Phones favorite for labors and technical workers.

In this post I also added prices of few Nokia Accessories including Nokia Bluetooth headsets, Nokia Leather cases and carry cases.

If you are a Nokia fan you may follow Nokia Prices category at my blog. Where I publish recent Nokia prices monthly. If you want to know other brands mobile prices just follow Mobile Prices Category. In this category I publish all smartphone and basic mobiles prices from brands like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, iPhone and iPad, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry.

You may draw a comparison between monthly change in Nokia prices by taking a look at my last post on Nokia.

Nokia N Series Smartphones

Nokia Device Mobile Prices (Saudi Riyals)
Nokia N9 Mobile Phone SAR 1699
Nokia N8 Mobile Phone SAR 999
Nokia N97 Mini Mobile Phone SAR 925

Nokia X Series Mobile Phones

Nokia Device Mobile Prices (Saudi Riyals)
Nokia X7 Mobile Phone SAR 1099
Nokia X6 Mobile Phone SAR 815
Nokia X3 Mobile Phone SAR 400
Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type Mobile Phone SAR 519
Nokia X2 Color Screen Mobile Phone SAR 309
Nokia X2-01 QWERTY KB Mobile Phone SAR 259
Nokia X2-02 Mobile Phone SAR 244
Nokia X2-05 Color Screen Mobile Phone SAR 215
Nokia X1-01 Mobile Phone SAR 129

Nokia E Series Smartphones

Nokia Device Mobile Prices (Saudi Riyals)
Nokia E72 Mobile Phone SAR 899
Nokia E71 Mobile Phone SAR 700
Nokia E7 Mobile Phone SAR 1295
Nokia E63 Mobile Phone SAR 610
Nokia E6 Mobile Phone SAR 1069
Nokia E5 Mobile Phone SAR 659
Nokia E52 Mobile Phone

Nokia C Series Smartphones and Basic Phones

Nokia Device Mobile Prices (Saudi Riyals)
Nokia C7 Mobile Phone SAR 990
Nokia C6 Mobile Phone SAR 899
Nokia C6-01 Mobile Phone SAR 980
Nokia C5 Mobile Phone SAR 549
Nokia C5-03 Mobile Phone
Nokia C5-06 Touch Screen Mobile Phone SAR 529
Nokia C3 Mobile Phone SAR 369
Nokia C3 Touch and Type Mobile Phone --
Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type Mobile Phone SAR 549
Nokia C2 Mobile Phone --
Nokia C2-00 Mobile Phone SAR 199
Nokia C2-01 Mobile Phone SAR 265
Nokia C2-03 Mobile Phone SAR 329
Nokia C2-05 Slide Mobile Phone SAR 225
Nokia C2-06 Mobile Phone SAR 399
Nokia C1-01 Mobile Phone SAR 175
Nokia C1 Mobile Phone SAR 185

Other Nokia Smartphones and Basic Mobile Phones

Nokia Device Mobile Prices (Saudi Riyals)
Nokia 7230 Mobile Phone SAR 339
Nokia 5800 Mobile Phone SAR 749
Nokia 5250 Mobile Phone SAR 349
Nokia 5130 Express Musi Mobile Phonec SAR 299
Nokia 3720 Mobile Phone SAR 325
Nokia 2220 Slide Mobile Phone SAR 193
Nokia 1616 Mobile Phone SAR 95
Nokia Lumia 800 Mobile Phone SAR 1990
Nokia Lumina 710 Mobile Phone SAR 1199
Nokia 701 Mobile Phone SAR 1149
Nokia 700 Touch Screen Mobile Phone SAR 1059
Nokia 603 Touch Screen Mobile Phone SAR 67 9
Nokia 500 Mobile Phone SAR 609
Nokia ASHA 303 Touch Screen Mobile Phone SAR 469
Nokia ASHA 302 Mobile Phone SAR 399
Nokia ASHA 300 Mobile Phone SAR 349
Nokia 200 NV Arabic Mobile Phone SAR 269
Nokia 101 Color Screen Mobile Phone SAR 106
Nokia 100 Color Screen Mobile Phone SAR 94

Nokia Accessories Price List

Nokia Accessories Prices (Saudi Riyals)
Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-217 SAR 160
Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-218 SAR 145
Nokia Leather Hard Cover SAR 125
Nokia Carry Case SAR 60
STK Universal 2in1 Travel pack SAR 99
Nokia Car Charger without Cable SAR 50
Nokia Screen Protector SAR 35


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