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April 1, 2012

7 Ways Why People Use Blogger Instead of WordPress Blogs

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The blogger is a very popular and easy to use blog making service of Google. Though WordPress is also used to create many great looking blogs, it is still not as popular as blogger because of the following 7 reasons.

1. Easy to make blogs

It is very convenient to make blogs using blogger. It has many good looking templates and design to choose for. The interface is also very user-friendly. You can set up your own blog in minutes using blogger. In contrast it is comparatively more difficult to make a blog using WordPress as the interface is not easy for beginners to use.

2. Monetize

It is easier to monetize a blog made with blogger using Google AdSense. As both the services are provided by Google, there is one-click option to add AdSense to your blog. While in WordPress, it is difficult to integrate AdSense. If you are using WordPress.com then monetizing of your blog is not allowed. But in WordPress.org monetizing is allowed but you have to pay for your web hosting services.

3. No hosting required

Blogger doesn’t need any external hosting service to host the blogs. It provides its own web space where the hosting is provided for free to all users. Though WordPress.com has free webhosting, it has limited number of templates and doesn’t allow users to monetize. Hence it is not preferred over blogger.

4. Content management

It is very easy to add/edit content in blogger. You can even provide external links and comments on the articles. Anyone can leave their comment about the topic at the bottom of particular page. It is relatively more difficult to modify and add more content in WordPress.

5. Simplicity

Blogger is preferred over WordPress because of its simplicity. It’s very easy to find your way around blogger interface. Even a complete novice can make great blogs using blogger. In WordPress you would need to have skill and knowledge to make a good blogs. WordPress is mainly for making business websites which need content management while blogger is mainly for personal blogs.


As blogger and Google search are owned by Google, it has been rumored that Google search give preference to blogger over WordPress . As most of the traffic in a blog come from search engines, a blogger blog is much more accessible than a WordPress blog. Also in the recent time with the boom in the number of websites and blogs worldwide, SEO has become a very important tool in increasing popularity of a blog.

7. Free to use and edit

Blogger is completely free to use and also edit. If you have basic computer skills in HTML then you can edit the html of your own blog and modify it according to your whims and preference. You can even add custom made JavaScript to your blog to make it more interactive. Though you can do similar things in WordPress it is very difficult to do so as it would require an expert in HTML.

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