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February 20, 2012

Motorola Smartphone Prices Saudi Arabia February 2012

Motorola has a nice range of smartphones and basic mobile phones. Including leading Motrola Razr smartphone which runs Android 2.3.5 operating system and having 4.3 inch Super AmoLed screen having 16 M colors and a capacitive touch system. Reasonably it is a good competitor of latest smartphones like Sensation XL, Glaxy Note and iPhone 4S. It has 16GB internal storage and 1GB of Ram. Additionally it has a Cortex A9 CPU which is dual core and 1.2GHz speed. Following are the Motorola Mobile Phones available in Saudi Arabia Market. The prices are also given beside each model.

Motorola Prices in Saudi Arabia 2012

Motorola Smartphones Price in Saudi Riyals
Motorola Razr XT 910 2199 SR
Motorola Milestone 1875 SR
Motorola Atrix 1699 SR
Motorola Defy 1199 SR
Motorola Starling EX115 TIT 999 SR
Motorola XT5 999 SR
Motorola Fire XT 899 SR
Motorola Fire 599 SR
Motorola Starling EX115 449 SR

Motorola Basic Mobile Phones Price in Saudi Riyals
Motorola WX395 210 SR
Motorola WX390 195 SR
Motorola WX295 185 SR
Motorola WX290 179 SR
Motorola WX288 169 SR
Motorola WX260 145 SR
Motorola WX180 83 SR
Motorola WX181 55 SR


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